Revlon – Modern Grace

1 coat Seche Rebuild (base)
1-2 coats Revlon – Modern Grace
1 coat Essie – Good to Go! (top)

I was so damn excited when I saw this at a Walgreens in Rehoboth Beach, DE of all places!  I frantically searched for another for Jess who also needs one, but couldn’t find another:( So my search for this color isn’t over but I’m really happy to have secured this color for myself.  It was well worth the wait- as it’s one of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Blurple is a good way to describe it. Creme blue-purple.  Goes on like butter in 1-2 coats.  This is definitely my favorite Revlon color for its color and versatility.

Essie – Good to Go! top coat is also really nice.  It’s a fast dry top coat that doesn’t dry as fast as Seche Vite (try tripling dry time) but when it does dry, it’s nice and shiny and not as thick as SV.  It’s not often that I actually like a top coat that isn’t SV but this one is very good and works well if you’re tired of SV.  Again, doesn’t dry as quickly as SV but it’s still pretty good.

More purpleness under the cut.

Look how purple it gets in the sun! 😀

So just a word of caution, this is pretty hard to find in stores these days.  But if you come across it and hate it please get it anyway, because Jess still needs it! UPDATE: Jess has it! Thanks everyone!



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  1. talking about fast drying top coat did you ever used Sally Hansen Insta Dri? It works very good on me and its a great alternative from SV because doesn’t got toluene and its look thinner.

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