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Milani – Hi Tech

You can’t go to a rooftop birthday dinner in Manhattan without fabulous nails. You also can’t go and not take pictures like this one to drool over:

But back to the nails haha. I wanted something a little crazy and playful but generally simple;  Milani – Hi Tech fit the bill. It is a light green holo, which I know sounds scary, but I feel like most skin tones could rock this. Butter London released a light green holo this fall, so it’s also a drugstore version of a on-trend color. It’s just a little brighter green than the BL.


I did two coats then sealed it with Seche Vite and it’s beauuuutttiiffulll. Kinda like this weather (seriously, can September last forever? this weather has been amazing, I want it around always). I love holos because somehow they capture fun and funky but somehow maintain a little bit of class. I know my version of professional nails is basically “if it’s a well done mani, why should I restrict my colors?” but I think this could be a widely accepted office color in business casual environments. Over all, it’s a quality polish, quality color, and I felt like my nails at least attempted to shimmer as bright as the lights of New York at dinner, so wins all around.

I did add an accent nail of Ying’s Nails – Starry Meteor because I picked it up at a street fair last weekend and couldn’t resist. This shot also shows Hi Tech with flash and all of it’s holo goodness.


Some Rockefeller Glitz: Milani – Red Sparkle and NYX Girls – Gilded Glitter

It’s Christmas time in the cityyyyy… New York to be precise, and I thought I should do a little exploring. To get in the spirit before I went out wandering, I took a cue from Mel and did a festive mani 🙂  I did one layer of Milani One Coat Glitter – Red Sparkle topped with NYX Girls – Gilded Glitter and a little floral stamping in Sinful Colors – Snow Me White all sealed with Seche Vite. My nails were glittery explosions that went quite well with all the holiday sparkle 🙂 I love Milani One Coat Glitters because they ABSOLUTELY live up to their names. They also aren’t total top coat eaters! Gilded Glitter really added a little pop to it too. It’s a great layering glitter, no need to fuss with where flecks end up being placed and I love the effect. I’ll have to share it again soon on a mani that highlights it; in this instance it really made the red glitter pop because of how it caught the light, but it didn’t stand out too much on it’s own. Despite me being lazy and not doing a basecoat (didn’t think I’d end up wearing it to work… glad the “festive” clause worked in my favor 😉 ) it wore like iron and lasted three full days with minimal wear, mainly just the tip area.

Now, my “nail adventure” pics that had my nails in them turned out like crap, buttt that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna share some NY Christmas magic 😉 Here’s a few pics from my holiday explorations! Enjoy!


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Milani – 3D Holographic: Hi-Res

I have yet to be disappointed in a Milani polish; as is the case with Hi-Res, they usually exceed my expectations. This purple holo is absolutely GORGEOUS. The pictures will really have to do the talking for this post!! It’s subtle enough that I’d wear it in a professional setting, the fact that it’s a pure holo gives it a little more of a smooth classiness than some of my high intensity holo glitters. It’s also bold enough to catch your eye and make you stare at your fingers I think it’s going to be my favorite day to night polish!

I had been dying to try out my Sinful Colors Verbena, so I decided to an accent nail in a way I hadn’t really done before. Instead of my ring finger being the one to pack the glittery, shimmery punch, it was the reserved solid color. It actually felt a little weird at first haha. I had to resist putting nail art on it for the first few hours, but it grew on me. And Verbena is simply a stunning color, why mess with it? haha.

To see Hi-Res in other lighting and a macro shot, click to read more!


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Milani – Fresh Teal

Shocker alert! A post where I actually have a solid color mani! Since I love Milani glitters soooooo much (hello, Milani Gems!) I decided to branch out to other colors in the line and Fresh Teal just screamed my name. I do need some manis in my repertoire that can be done in a moments notice, especially since sometimes my nail art cuts into my sleepage on work nights haha.

I looks a little blue on my fingers in the picture, but when it fully dries, it becomes the color of the bottle. I know colored bottles can be a little misleading sometimes, but on this it actually comes in handy. The wet polish is far bluer than the dried teal, so the color of the bottle makes you know what you’re actually getting 🙂

1 coat Seche Repair, 2 coats Fresh Teal, 1 coat Seche Vita

Simple, fast, and beautiful! To see how I spiced it up with Milani Gold Glitz on the 2nd day, read below the jump 🙂


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