Revlon – Whimsical !!! (over OPI – Planks A Lot)

1 coat Seche Rebuild (base)
2 coats OPI – Planks A Lot
2 coats Revlon – Whimsical
1 coat Essie – Good to Go! (top)

Revlon definitely wins brand of the year for this one.   Those of you that know me know that my biggest lemming of all time is Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter in the Air.  There’s something about that cotton candy-like light blue and pink hex glitter (with blue and silver micro glitter) floating in milky blue base that makes me drool.  I could look at swatches of it alllll day.   What doesn’t make me drool is the cost of one Deborah Lippmann polish ($18-$20).  I know they’re worth it, but I was waiting for a sale to happen (ANYTHING) and it just wasn’t going happening in my area.  When I first heard about Whimsical being a GiTA dupe, I knew this had to be mine!!

More, more, more under the cut…

If you search for Whimsical swatches online, you’ll find it is a definitely a dupe for GiTA but the creamy blue base is actually a tiny bit more pigmented in Whimsical which makes it better than GiTA (in my opinion). I don’t actually have GiTA to compare it to, but if I compare my swatches, it definitely looks the same.

Whimsical, like GiTA is a pretty sparse glitter so you’ll probably need about 2-3 coats for  adequate coverage.  It is so beautiful though and so worth any amount of coatage you may need.

^^ For anyone curious,  this is 2 coats of OPI – Planks A Lot by itself.  One of the prettiest light purples I own. I loooove it.  Formula is great, though I have to thin it out a tiny bit.  I love this color by itself and I love it even more when I layered Whimsical over it:

It turns into a Revlon – Modern Grace like blurple color! Looove it

This sounds silly, but Whimsical is a dream come true for me. I had tried (and miserably failed) frankening GiTA *sigh* mixing white creme, blue creme, and Party of Five glitters is just not the same, lol.  Thank the heavens this is one of Revlon’s newest core colors (along with Revlon – Stunning) and rumored to be in Walmarts and Walgreens next month.  It’s pretty hard to find at the moment, I struck out at plenty of Bed Bath & Beyonds and a few KMarts before finally scoring the last one at the KMart in another town.


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  1. I am so excited about whimsical also!! I love a good glitter and can’t wait to do some layering experiments. For a direct comparison of GitA and Whimsical:

    • thanks, yeah I saw that link too, got me really excited for Whimsical before I had Whimsical, lol. Lmk of more awesome layering combos if you find any others 🙂

  2. I need Whimsical in my life ASAP!!!

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