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Revlon – Starry Pink (now released as Popular) gets Color Club – Orna-Minted!

When Starry Pink was first released, I think all three of us were excited. Then we put it on and were all a little mehhh. Mel did the first write up, here, and we both wondered if using it as a top layer over something else would make it more user friendly.

revlon - popular nail polish swatch swatching mani manicure

Well, the answer to that is yes, at least when it comes to formula. I layered it over two coats of Sinful Colors – Easy Going and it worked much better as a top coat. The glitter was easier to maneuver and it made it a normal thickness on my nail instead of the 3-4 coats of goopy thickness it was on it’s own. However, still not sold on the color. The shade is just nqr on my skintone. Since it’s original release, it’s been renamed as Popular and is out in the new Revlon displays that include all sorts of other goodies like Whimsical, Stunning and Naughty. All colors the Clique LOVESSSS.

To jazz it up a little, and because I felt like smelling minty fresh all day, I did an accent nail with Color Club – Orna-Minted. Loved the pop it gave to my ring finger and how it brought out the silver on my other nails too! I loovveeeee the smell of Orna-Minted. It’s a perfect mint smell, and a perfectly proportioned smell. It’s not over powering like some scented nail polishes I’ve tried, and it doesn’t fade super fast either. Lasted through my whole work day 🙂 Also, added relatively scientific bonus? Spearmint is an aphrodisiac, and this def has some spearmint scent mixed in 😉 I didn’t get to use that particular bonus, but hey, maybe one of you will get the chance to haha.


DEAL ALERTS- December 4-10


  • Essie Cocktail Bling Collection now on sale.
  • Buy ANY 2 Revlon cosmetics or Beauty Tools, get $6 EC Bucks w/ EC Card. Limit 1 per household w/ card. Includes nail polish.
  • REVLON TOP SPEED Nail Polish, on sale for. $3.99, get $3 Register Rewards. Limit one per printed offer.
  • Essie Luxeffects should now be in store, $8.
  • Not Nail Polish Related, but $1 off coupon for EcoTools Brushes/Set. These are my fave drugstore brushes.
  • Jingle Cash Starts!!! (See image for details)

Rite Aid

  • Sally Hansen Nail Glam Party Pack, pay $9.99, get $3 in +UP Rewards w/ card.
  • Wet n Wild Little Luxuries set (9 minis), pay $4.99, get $2 in +UP Rewards w/ card.
  • BOGO50%OFF Nail Enamel, choose from Sally Hansen, Crackle, LA Girl Crackle, CG, Chameleon, Petites or Color Fevers. Possibly Sinful Colors since the picture is shown, but brand not listed. That’s irritating.
  • Jesse’s Girl and Styli Style Cosmetics BOGO50%OFF, and get $2 +UP Rewards when you buy $10 worth of JG or SS products.
  • ALL Revlon cosmetics or Beauty Tools are BOGO50%OFF.

Ulta (12/3-12/24)

  • B2G1FREE on Orly and China Glaze Nail Enamel. CG Eye Candy and Orly Mineral FX lines now in store. 
  • Butter London Nail Polish in Yummy Mummy and Powder Room Polish Remover set, $15 (a $19 value).
  • Butter London Holiday Glitter Trio, $36 ($42 value)
  • OPI Holiday Dynamic Duos $14.95. Includes a polish and matching lip gloss.
  • OPI Glamour Duos, $14.95. Two full size polishes and a set of toe separators. 
  • Buy 2 OPI polishes, get a free base or top coat.
  • OPI Best of the Best 10pc mini packs (2), $24.95 each. 
  • Ulta Paint the Town or Glitterati 4pk Mini-polish sets, $4.99 each.
  • Ulta Lust in Lace 5pc mini pack, $9.95 (LOOKS GORGEOUS)
  • Ulta Brand cosmetics/nail polish BOGOFREE, PLUS FREE GIFT

Sally Beauty Supply

  • Free Wallet with Purchase of any 3 Finger Paints nail enamels
  • China Glaze nail enamel, 2/$10 (excludes crackle, metallic crackle, and Eye Candy)
  • Stripe Rite Paint, $2.99
  • $.99 Sally Girl Holiday Collection
  • $1.99 Mini Bottle of China Glaze Ruby Pumps
  • $7.99 for Beauty Secrets hard case 5pc manicure set.
  • $9.99 Orly Sets, 3 FULL SIZE bottle of polish, and either a purple suede wristlet (Birds of a Feather Set) OR a pair of mittens.
  • $9.99 China Glaze Holiday Spirits set, 3 shades and a wine stopper.
  • $7.99 China Glaze gift sets
  • $9.99 As Seen On TV Nail Stamping set
  • Nicole by OPI Nail Color or Texture, $6.50

Sinful Colors – Daddy’s Girl Goes Argyle

I’ve been meaning to post this color since September when I picked it up. I had the retardedly cutesy notion that I could post it on my Dad’s bday haha (not that he reads the blog, but just because I could). I actually did the mani, but my pics were lost in the Great Computer Meltdown and I finallllyyyy got around to using the color again this past weekend.

I love this color, and would be surprised if Sandy didn’t own it, being our resident purple girl. It’s a fairly sheer purple jelly, so it takes 3 coats to get the deep royal purple you see here, but it’s a decent enough formula that the extra layer isn’t a problem for application or drying time. I couldn’t quite get a picture of it, but the shimmer in it actually is a gold-ish color which really makes it pop.

Now, I’m sure Mel has been patiently reading through this wanting to know about that awesome argyle accent nail… guess she’ll have to hit the jump to find out how I managed it!

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Sinful Colors- Winterberry

Winterberry is one of two new colors in the Destination America collection, the other being Slate. It’s a gorgeous icy-grape purple, with a silver shimmer that isn’t really evident in these pictures. You can sort of see it in the bottle though. So far, I believe this display has only been spotted in Rite Aids. It hasn’t even hit my local RA, I had to go to the really nice one up by my parents.  The formula is excellent and I only used two coats. I really think I’m getting away from the three coat rule. The same day I picked this up, I picked up Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength Aisle Be There from their newly redesigned release. It’s this gorgeous duochrome pinkish shimmer, but here it just looks like a regular pink shimmer. It’s really pretty though, and looked great with Winterberry. Definitely pick both of these up if you can find them. Winterberry is $1.99 at Rite Aid, and Aisle Be There was $3.97 at Walmart!  

Jess’ Five Fall Favorites

A day late and a dollar short… well, in this case, a computer short haha. This past week my (very) old computer decided to finally pass on over to the land of scrap components, without my consent of course. But! I have a new one now 🙂 so I’m bbaacckkkkk! Admit it, you missed me haha.

What’s a better place to start a fall list than with a glow-in-the-dark pumpkin polish??

Jack O' Varnish - Devina the Trollop (Meijer's pumpkin polish - named by me with a monster name generator)

Now, Devina may take a few coats to wear on it’s own (8 to be exact…) but it’s a perfect pick me up on those dreary days of fall. Being such a thin polish, it’ll be a great top coat too. And it GLOWWWSSS! Just like Gralch the Hag and Drakos of Winged Death, this polish is pure fall fun! (and will get a full Halloween worthy review soon!)

Hit the jump for my four other fall favorites, and maybe even some snuck in fall nail art 😉

❤ Jess

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The X-Factor!! (wet n wild fast dry- teal of fortune)

Time for a Fun Mel Fact!! After living in England for a year in 2007-2008, I’m a huge fan of their reality television series, The X-Factor. This year, Kelly Rowland, of Destiny’s Child fame, is on the panel of judges. I think she’s been doing a great job taking over for Danni/Cheryl. She’s talented, funny, knowledgeable, and a fantastic style. I’d noticed over the past two episodes that she has this really cute, semi-unique manicure. Some fairly shallow research led me to learn that her’s is a Shellac manicure (something I really want to try!) but I figured I could find two colors in my somewhat extensive collection to recreate this super cute manicure!

I used:
1 coat Seche Base Coat
2 coats Wet N Wild- Teal Of Fortune
2 coats Sinful Colors- Beautiful Girl
1 coat Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

I think this turned out pretty well, don’t you? The colors aren’t exactly spot-on, but they are pretty close considering I used what I had and I didn’t go out and buy anything to attempt this look. As you can see in the picture of my inspiration, on Kelly’s one hand, she has the accent nail on her index finger. Scandalous! I stuck with the traditional ring finger here. Jess already reviewed Beautiful Girl, which I’ve linked you to. I will admit, I disagree with her review, but only because I AM a plain old pink kinda girl. This is 2 coats of Beautiful Girl, and I think it’s near perfect. The formula wasn’t difficult for me, and I like this shade. But that’s why we have 3 girls with 3 different opinions on here! I think the only thing I would do differently next time would be to use 3 coats of Teal of Fortune, which I have reviewed below the jump.

Also, the US version of The X-Factor debuts tonight on Fox at 8pm. The concept and format is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles better then American Idol, so watch it if you can! I’m hoping Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger can provide more manicure inspiration!
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Maryland Football Matte Black Helmets Manicure (feat. Wet n Wild – Ink Well)

maryland football matte black helmet mani

This is been an insanely crazy posting week due to On the Prowl but there’s no way I’m not gonna take the time for this manicure because you all already know I’m a huge Maryland football fan.  I know I’ll never top my first one of the season, so I’m not going to even try.  But I should also mention that that Maryland Pride manicure was the ALL TIME most viewed post here at The Varnish Clique!!  I’m so proud that people have Maryland pride, or are at least interested in it!  So, thank you readers for making that post such a success (and I really did nothing to spread the word about it).  My friend Cathy shared it on facebook but that’s about it.   I’m just really glad you guys enjoyed it. 🙂

I did get some feedback that it might be too complicated, so I think this matte black helmet manicure is perfect because you only need to draw the Calvert (black and yellow) and Crossland (red and white) crests just once:)

More under the cut!!

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Sinful Colors- Innocent

In the final day of Sinful Colors Sale Week Reviews, we have Innocent. I’m genuinely torn over this color. On the one hand, it’d make a great pedi color, or base for some nail art. On the other hand, it’s dangerously close to looking like the Seattle Sounders electricity kits, that I feel a little traitorous wearing it (VAMOS UNITED!!!) It’s a bit more green on the nail than it is in the bottle. This is 3 coats, which is NEEDED for full opacity. The formula is a bit thick, so it does need some babying. I’ll probably keep it in my collection and only wear it in the summer, on days when Seattle AND DC United are not playing. I’m superstitious like that. Now, you may be going “but Melissaaaaaaaaa, DCU ARE PLAYING SEATTLE THIS WEEKEND.” Yes, they are. But I’m not actually wearing this polish at this exact moment. It’s the one totally out there, not Mel color I bought during the last sale, and the current sale is going on during #HateSeattleWeek so it’s just inconvenient timing.

The Walgreen’s Sinful Colors $.99 sale ends tomorrow. At the time I composed this post, I hadn’t yet stopped in. But today IS payday, so I can’t promise that by the time this post goes live, I won’t have stopped in for a little looksie loo.

Sinful Colors- Glass Pink

In Day 4 of Sinful Colors reviews, we have Glass Pink. This is a VERY pale pink base, with small silver and gold glass flecks!!!! This is 3 coats of Glass Pink, so as you can see, it’s probably meant to be a 1 coat layering polish. However, I can’t help but like the look of my ring finger. I like how my nail line shows through with this color. So I’m thinking it could be a top coat to give a french manicure a little something extra. It’s also a nice polish in general, giving you a little bit of bling on your tips. One of the major upsides of this polish is chips don’t show because it’s such a light color. I actually left it on for several days because I didn’t notice any chipping. Hit the jump for a macro shot of the glass flecks. So pretty!

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Sinful Colors – Beverly Hills tipped in Paradise

I’ve recently been made aware that my nails were starting to resemble Sandy’s. This fact was, of course, brought to my attention by Sandy haha. And it gave me a brilliant idea 🙂 There has been a video circling around the nail polish web spheres about oval french tips for fall, and since Sandy loves her ovals but wasn’t sure she could ever pull off a french mani with them, I decided to fully commit to the oval nail shape and try it on myself to show her it’s totally do-able and looks FANTASTIC.

I really love this look, and the best part? If you’ve ever wrapped your nails with your polish, you’ve already got the basic idea! The main trick is to keep it thin; just having the edge done makes keeping it tidy easier (I did freehand this. On both hands.) and helps draws the eye down the nail making them look longer. Also, make sure you curve it all the way down to the edge of the nail to accentuate the oval shape 🙂 I know my twist is probably a little too cotton-candy for some, but like in the video, this can be done to be totally professional too!

It even made my broken thumb nail look longer!!

One of the things I really love about writing on this blog is we get to show each other and our readers all the possibilities with our nails. Nail art can be as easy as a glitter gradient or as difficult as spending a couple hours recreating a classic Piet Mondrian composition haha. A little creativity can add a whole lot of fun to your nails and give you endless possibilities for your colors.

In keeping with Sinful Colors week reviews, make sure to check out below the jump for reviews on the polishes, not just the nail art 😉

❤ Jess

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