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Clique Love: My Birthday Gift From Mel! <3

Since my previous post was kind of a downer of a bday post, I wanted to share what I got from Melissa for my bday… NAIL POLISH GOODNESS!! 😀

Mel got me a couple polishes I had been having trouble finding up here (Confetti – Tasmanian Devil and Wet N Wild – Correction Tape) as well as a couple surprises from @Rickys_NYC’s Mattese Elite line: Soft and Wet & Hard Edge from the Orgasmic Collection!! I’ve been lemming that collection since I came across swatches of it, which sadly was a while after it came out, so she got me the two they still have in stock and I am VERY excited to review it 🙂 I’m totally expecting them both to be OH MY VARNISH worthy. Also, look at that amazing wristlet! The perfect accessory to rock with my collection of Deborah Lippmann – Happy Birthday dupes haha.

The L’Oreal at the bottom, which has probably been confusing Mel haha,  is part of my gift from my Aunt Nancy… The Project Runway LE line!! I’m currently wearing Raven’s Strength, so expect a review of it super soon 🙂

THANKS MEL!!! And Nancy! And everyone else who’s made this birthday so enjoyable with their well wishes ❤ haha


Confetti – Purple Reign (My Lucky Ravens Mani!)

When I saw the name of this polish, I decided it was a great polish for the Raven’s season, and what better game to try it out than the season opener against Pitt! It’s a little more plum than true Ravens purple, but with a little Baltimore nail art added, it does the job quite nicely 🙂

I usually don’t like highly pigmented jelly formulas, but this one was actually really easy to control. 2 coats for solid color, but I did 3 and it went just a hint darker which, for it’s purpose, was more ideal. The one thing I would warn is be careful with your clean up; your gap can go from ideal to massive in one swipe do to the jelly formula. The B was done with Sinful Colors – Flower Girl (a handy nail art color which just so happens to be on sale this week at Walgreens!) and a Claire’s black nail art pen. This picture was taken at a local sports bar because I have become shameless in where I will take photos haha. Got a couple strange looks from the dudes at the bar, but they were watching the Lions game, so obviously I didn’t worry too much about their judgment of me 😛

Judging by the outcome of today’s game I have high hopes for this being a lucky Raven’s mani! I mean, look at this awesomesauce:

Definitely chose the right team, haha. Can’t wait until I can get to a game with Sandy! I would totally rock this nail polish, haha. Might even attempt to draw the Ravens logo for that event 😛

Couple more shots of the color under different lighting after the jump!

❤ Jess

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Confetti- Paradise Pink

Aahhhh, I love technology. My laptop is in the other room, and my picture isn’t download onto my iPad, so I’ll just blog from bed on my phone on this fine Sunday morning. No big deal.


I used:
1coat Orly Nail Defense
3coats Confetti Pink Paradise
1coat Seche Vite Fast Dry Top coat

Paradise Pink is right up my street. It’s a pale pale almost white pink. I did this manicure the day I got back from the lake and my weekend of swatching. I wanted a break from bold colors, and had a meeting at work the next morning, so I decided to use this. As you can see, even after 3 coats there’s still a VNL, but in the polish’s defense, I have really white nails most of the time and you can’t actually see the VNL in most lighting situations. Perhaps this wasn’t the best polish to use on the day because, as you can see, my nails are still stained green from a particular polish used in my swatchathon and this polish didn’t do a very good job hiding that. But I really liked this polish, especially at $1.99. It’s a great formula, doesn’t streak or leave bald spots (without user error), and has a great shine on the finish, even without the SV top coat. I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite nude, but I really like, and it will get plenty of use.

Just Your Average Tuesday CVS Spree

I went to CVS today with $2.18 in hand to buy Ebony Hates Chris (left) for a bit of nail art. Jess has raved about it, and I figure it’ll do me well until I can get my hands on Essie’s Licorice. And then while roaming around, I found Confetti’s Tazmanian Devil (right) and it was in my basket before I knew what happened. So I figured, since I was already going to have to break out the plastic to pay for this (its the second week of the pay period 😦 ) I might as well get a nail strengthener. I wanted Nailtrition but they were out, so I got the Nail Defense instead. And I will admit, I am not pleased that I am stuck with another bottle of this WnW Fast Dry Top Coat. Jess’ review of it was pretty spot on. It will be my pedicure top coat. But only Seche Vite for the fingers!