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Mattese Elite – Baise Moi (still drooling over this mani!!)

Blog readers, I’ve been holding out on you. I want to say I’m sorry, but I’d like to think it’s a good thing on this one (and, you know, not just work/travel/life insanity haha). I’ve been holding out on this OH MY VARNISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GLITTER EXPLOSION from Mattese Elite. With all the spring collections that have hit, I hope my delay in posting makes you remember to add this to your list, especially if you are a glitter / happy birthday dupe hoarder like me 😉

Baise Moi is part of the Me Amour collection released in February from Mattese Elite. It’s a multi-sized multi-colored glitter that is super fantabulous. This is one coat over one of Mattese Elite’s new core collection colors Cream Me Up. I was torn between trying both colors the night I put it on, so I decided to rock them together and was BEYOND pleased with the results. The light color of Cream Me Up really made Baise Moi pop. Seriously, this was the mani that I was most sad about having to change during my Feb Mani-a-day challenge. I even wore it into work, profesh colors be darned, I was rocking a party on my nails haha. Pictured is one coat, and on the grand scale of layering glitters, it was really easy to get it how/where I wanted it. It also wasn’t much of a top coat eater, I did two coats of Seche Vite and was pleased with the smoothness. I know, this review is full of corny and non-dictionary superlatives but I really do love this polish. It may be the crown jewel of my multi glitter / happy birthday dupe collection. Cream Me Up is awesome as well, but I will show it in it’s full glory on another post. (side note: I’ve been falling in love with a lot of nudes lately… may have to challenge myself to finish my “favorite nude” polish quest for this blog and do a top 5 post soon!)

I do apologize for the slightly awkwardly cropped photos though, I um, had a minor incident of “crafting gone wrong” that involved lighting acetone on fire and consequently am trying to crop out the gross burns I got on my hand :/ Just appreciate the pretty polish, haha, my hands are nearly healed, no need to worry about me!

Since this was a polish I used during the challenge, I had to update it after one day of wear, so hit the jump to see it Marshmallowed!!

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Mattese Elite- Je T’Aime & Je T’Adore

Today I wanted to share 2 of the new shades from Mattese Elite’s new collection, Me Amour. I’m posting them together, rather than giving them each their own post like we usually we do, because I think they compliment each other really well.

Je T’Adore is a very basic nude color, which a really subtle shimmer. It’s so unfortunate that it gives me mannequin hands because as one who rocks nude shades a lot this would have been a really nice addition to my collection. that’s not to say that it’s not a great polish for one who was gifted with the right skin tone to pull this polish off. Per usual for a Ricky’s polish, the formula was pretty fantastic. 2 coats for full opacity and it goes on smooth and with out brush strokes. This is a really classy looking polish, something one would wear for a highly formal event.

Je T’Aime is an “iridescent Molten glitter,” which is a much more apt description than I could ever come up with! The silver and gold glitter will pair nicely with colors in the brown/taupe family, something I haven’t had much luck with. It applies really well for a glitter of its size and doesn’t eat top coat. I’m showing y’all a picture with flash, as well as a slightly unfocused natural light photo so you can get an idea of the true effect of the holo glitter. I thought this looked really pretty together.

I know Jess made it her mission in life to own this entire collection, so I shipped these two up to her earlier this week. Do NOT get the wrong idea, they are both great polishes, I just don’t think they work well with my Casper skin tone. So I think it’s better that they go to a good home where they will get a lot of use!  You can pick up the Me Amour collection at any Ricky’s NYC store, or online at for $5.99.

Mattese Elite – Gold Glitter (and Blue Star) + Times Square = A Spectacular NYE

So, life since I moved to NYC has been a bit of a whirlwind, although most of it hasn’t been city livin’ related. I’ve been traveling to MD and MI to get my stuff, trying to organize my room, and settling into my job. Moving is hard work y’all!

BUTTTT all that craziness made my NYE weekend extra super special 🙂 One of my girlfriends from MD came up for the celebrations and scored us vip passes (read: we had an FBI escort, it.was.awesome. And only slightly ego inflating haha) to the Times Square festivities, and it was just an all around fantastic weekend. Of COURSE we had to have amazing manis for the night! So we busted out some Mattese Elite and had a mani party before we hit the town.

I rocked Mattese Elite – Gold Glitter, which is sheer amazingness. It does take a couple coats to get full coverage, 2-3 depending on how much patience you have moving the glitter, but with it being gold, small gaps only show up under a microscopic view. (I will admit in the photos below the cut that in my rush to get ready, it got pushed back on the tips a bit. Didn’t realize it until the photos though) Also, it could work as a top coat too! It’s a clear base with gold hex glitter and holo flecks. I’ve worn it several times since picking it up, and my roomie even added it to her lemming list. The holo flecks really add dimension and movement to the gold glitter; it makes the glitter dazzling. It’s been a while since I had a “OH MY VARNISH” glitter come into my life, this one certainly fits the bill! If you are a glitter lover, this should be on your wish list.

Tori had brought a polish with her, but seeing as she wanted little monster worthy paws to put up when Gaga came on, I let her raid my stash for something fun. She grabbed the new Mattese Elite – Blue Star crackle; her good taste is one of the many reasons we’re best friends haha. I suggested she put Funky Fingers – Sand and Stilettos underneath it, and when she said on the subway for the 5th time that she couldn’t stop staring at her nails, I knew we had chosen well 😉 Blue Star was one of the new ME crackles released in December and I had played with it a few times before doing Tori’s nails. It’s honestly one of the best crackles I’ve ever used. It’s super easy to put on; you can even play a bit if you want thin or thick coverage, both ways it will crack! It’s also just a unique color for a crackle, the gold microflecks in it make me stare at the bottle, let alone when it’s on a mani 😛

If you need a little vicarious NYC living, hit the jump for a gallery of my fave NYE pics as well as some shots of the Mattese Elite – Blue Star bottle and Mattese Elite – Gold Glitter in various lighting!

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Mattese Elite- Carnaval Collection

Lovelies!! Look what just landed in the Varnish Clique inbox!!!!


The Collection includes:
-Rei Momo
-Desfiles de Samba
-Samba Enredo

These colors look glooooooooooooorrrious! These will be
landing at Ricky’s NYC stores “mid-January.” Cannot wait!! I’m pretty sure I will need every color and will be snatching them up when I go visit Jess in a couple of weeks. What color are you most excited for?

Mattese Elite Crackalacquer – Deep Purple

1 coat Seche Rebuild
3 coats Mattese Elite – Intoxicating (magenta shimmer)
2 coats Mattese Elite – Passion (glitter)
1 coat Gelous
1 coat Seche Vite
1 coat Mattese Elite Crackalacquer – Deep Purple
1 coat Seche Vite

I had a very Mattese Elite Thanksgiving holiday which is why there’s so many layers.  I literally did not have time to do my nails again after I had on Passion. It was an extraordinarily busy holiday, and if I can offer some advice: don’t offer to host Thanksgiving… ever! lol

But Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday and the Ravens were playing that night so adding on this deep PURPLE Crackalacquer on top of the many layers I had seemed logical.  Honestly, even though there are so many layers, it didn’t really feel abnormally heavy or thick.

I know the crackle polish trend is heading south, but if your nail polish is chipping and you don’t have time for a full manicure, buck the trend and slap on some crackalcquer!  The effect is always cool. Seriously, how does it work?!?  How does it separate and make your nails look like a dinosaur egg?!!  lol  I actually love how this polish didn’t crackle toooo much so it looked like a solid purple with a hint of glitter peeking out in some angles.

My favorite thing to layer under any crackle polish is glitter, of course.  Mattese Elite just came out with some good ones *wink*  😉  Crackling with this polish requires a medium thick coat, and after a few minutes like magic, it crackles.  The crackle itself dries matte so a shiny top coat is a must on top of it all. 🙂

Deep Purple Crackalacquer is new crackle polish by Mattese Elite.  You can pick up Mattese Elite online, or at any Ricky’s NYC location for $5.99.

Mattese Elite Seductive Winter Wonderland – Seduction

This polish super SUPER surprised me. This is two coats of Mattese Elite – Seduction. This is two coats over yesterdays mani, and you would never even know it! Two coats to pure glitter coverage= instant love, but it didn’t stop surprising me there. Since Mel had tried to protect her holo by not using a top coat, I wanted to show mine with. I used 2 coats of Seche Vite, and my nails are pretty smooth! They look smooth, you really only get a slight rumble when feel them. I’m sure a coat of Gelous or another of Seche Vite would give you complete smoothness, but honestly, 2 coats and it didn’t bother me a bit. Also, and more importantly, I don’t think it even remotely tainted the GORGEOUS holo! It’s probably the most intense holo in my collection, and I love it. The only suggestion I have for anyone wearing this polish is WRAP YOUR TIPS. It’ll make the wear a lot more comfortable if the edges of your nails aren’t rough with glitter. Then enjoy spending all your time staring at your nails! haha

I have a few more pics for you after the jump, including some shots that show the “a lavender-based explosion of iridescent sparkle” 😉

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Mattese Elite Seductive Winter Wonderland – Passion

Here’s my purple glitter! (I really love purple if you couldn’t tell)

So at first this seems like your standard super dense glitter.

1 coat Seche Retain
3 coats Mattese Elite – Intoxicating
2 coats Mattese Elite – Passion
1 coat Gelous
1 coat Seche Vite

That is, until I turned my kitchen lights on (I have bright kitchen lights) and washed my hands…

More under the cut…..

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Mattese Elite Seductive Winter Wonderland- Mysterious

This was the polish that, when we first received the press release in our inbox, I said “I WANT THAT ONE!” because I love mint green, which is what I originally thought it was. Ricky’s describes it as “blue meets green in this polychromatic, holographic glitzfest” so I wasn’t too far off base! But this glitter is beautiful, and may just become one of my favorites.

I Used:

1coat Orly Bonder
1coat Mattese Elite- Temptation
1coat Mattese Elite- Mysterious

A mysterious temptation indeed! I did not use a top coat mainly because I had read somewhere that top coat reduces holo effects, something I haven’t had a lot of experience with.  But it wasn’t something I wanted to risk. Be aware, this is a dense and thirsty glitter, so be prepared to use several coats of top coat. Sandy has a great top coat formula for this. My one coat is a thick coat of Mysterious. But that thick coat has full coverage, without any bald spots, and applied easily. I love the color combination of Mysterious and Temptation and I’m really pleased that I ended up with these colors.  I cannot wait to try this over other colors. And I’ll be sure to share pictures!!

I love that this is a subtle holo shimmer. I feel like a good deal of holographic glitters look like a leprechaun puked rainbows all over your fingers, and this one does not. It’s still not “work appropriate” but that’s okay. It’s multi-colored gorgeousness. There are not many colors I have a backup of, but this may become one of them.

You can pick this up at Ricky’s NYC online or any of their store locations for $5.99. They are currently running a 20% off Mattese Elite products, so get. on. it. And a huge thanks to Ricky’s for providing these polishes for our review.

**Apologies for the label shot as the main swatch. I had a little oopsie boo boo 
while swatching and got polish all over the front of the bottle. I didn't want to
risk my mani by doing immediate clean up, so here we are. After taking a main
swatch, I cleaned up the bottle for a "holo shot." You can see the holo
clearly in this shot, as well as in the slightly blurry picture.**

Mattese Elite Seductive Winter Wonderland – Uninhibited

When I saw this color was part of the collection, I knew it was one of my “must haves”. And I got SO much more than I bargained for! It’s by far the most versatile  in this collection, and while the snowy opalescence is definitely winter appropriate, it’s also a color that can be a year round staple. The best part of it’s versatility? It’s totally work appropriate, even Mel would agree!

The best place to start on this polish is the formula. It’s a great easy flowing, not too thin, not to thick consistency. Also, one coat goes on smoothly with no bald spots. Now, the actual color is a little thin, which is why I wanted to show it as a french mani. My VNL was annoying me and as you can see on my pinkie, I have a little bit of staining that shows through 😦 On it’s own, it takes a good 3 coats to minimize the VNL, and I say minimize because I didn’t want to go thicker and it was still showing in some lights.  I guess it could be a downside, but I think that’s a person by person call. Besides, I had other things in mind for this polish. For people with shorter nails, I don’t think it would really won’t be an issue, and you may even get by with 2 coats. Or for people that want to just slightly fancy up a bare nail look, one coat would be perfect. I also think this color would be a great way to frosty up other colors! So, this color is a win in my book.

What I did for the pics was is 3 coats over a french tip. And I used my new nail stamp kit and Mattese Elite – Vig to make it wintery and fun! For complete mani review (and to see what color this has replaced in my stash!!), hit the jump!

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Mattese Elite Seductive Winter Wonderland – Intoxicating

I’m usually the purple person so I really wanted Intoxicating because I thought it’d be purple. WRONG, it’s actually magenta, with slight blue/pink shimmer that isn’t really visible to the naked eye.  At first when I put this on, it felt LOUD because I’m not used to a jewel toned magenta but it’s probably good for me to be out of my comfort zone every once in a while.

1 coat Seche Retain
3 coats Mattese Elite – Intoxicating
1 coat Poshe top coat

More, including a better look at the blue/pink shimmer under the cut…

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