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Happy Ho Ho Holidays!!

Today we have another mani inspired by my friend Gina. She was a fellow reindeer at Santarchy this weekend, and she did some awesome nail art for the occasion. I’m not ambitious or talented enough to attempt the reindeer art, but even I was able to attempt the Santa suit portion of the manicure. I happen to resemble a candy cane with my outfit today, so between that, and my nails, I am possibly the most festively dressed person in the DMV area. For a tutorial, and an “artsy fartsy” shot of my manicure, hit the jump!

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My Varnish BFF: Why You Should Invest in a Basecoat!

You’d probably never guess it, but I wasn’t always the kind of girl who wore nail polish every day. There was a time where, while I loved the concept of polish, I didn’t know the tricks of the trade and found myself with stained nails, chipping polish, and worse yet, constantly broken or peeling nails. Okay, so I still break nails occasionally because I love them long but like to do stupid crap without thought of them (latest cause for casualty? Tug of war with my pup, haha) BUT I wanted to share the key step that took me from an occasional wearer with ehhhh nails to a varnish lover and blogger:


I know, it seems simple, but it’s true! Addicts know this secret: a good basecoat will give you healthier, stronger nails, keep them from getting stained, and give you the kind of wearablity that makes your investments in polish so much more worth it.

It’s little things like this that can make all the difference in a mani, and the three of us want to help new comers in on all we’ve learned through our addictions. We’ll be adding some tips and tricks posts to our regular blogging line-up, so be on the look out! Who knows, maybe even some of you old dogs could learn some new tricks 😛

If you’re like I was and need a little edumacation on basecoats, enjoy our first post in our “Beginners Series” after the jump 😉

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