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Wet n Wild – On the Prowl (2011 Halloween Limited Edition) Collection swatches

Jungle Fever, Buy Me a Drink, Ready to Pounce, Tangled in My Web, Behind Closed Doors, Correction Tape, Cougar Attack, Ink Well

Now that we’ve reviewed the entire collection and to make it easier on anyone just surfing in our blog, I wanted to make a post with the links of all the On the Prowl swatches and reviews.  Plus, it’s nice to see the whole collection together since the posts are scattered.

Overall, I think I speak for the blog when I say, this is one of the best collections ever.  Wet n Wild has really outdone itself with this one.  You can’t beat the price at 1.99 each and the search for them (though difficult at the moment) is worth it!   Melissa and I personally found ours at CVS but I’m hearing of random sightings at Rite-Aids (drug store) and Harris Teeters (grocery store).  It’s a limited edition collection for Halloween 2011, and flying off the shelves so you may have a hard time finding them.

I wasn’t disappointed in a single polish in the collection, especially the glitters.  I’d pay 5x the amount for the glitters in this collection, they are that awesome and OH MY VARNISH worthy:)  The colors are gorgeous and nothing to sneeze at either but the glitters are what makes this collection truly unique.

Links and pictures under the cut!

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Wet n Wild – Cougar Attack (!) over China Glaze – Ingrid

wet n wild cougar attack on the prowl

The last to be reviewed in our On the Prowl collection of reviews: Cougar Attack!!!  The name doesn’t really have any explanation points but it totally should.    It’s a very dense coppery glitter, and it’s amazing.  I’m such a sucker for layering, especially with glitters.  And I usually know my glitters well, but this one was quite the surprise!  I thought I was outsmarting it by putting 2 coats of Ingrid under it, yeah, lol at me.  A few brush strokes of Cougar Attack on the nail totally covered up Ingrid and you wouldn’t even know Ingrid was there.  Awesome.  So yeah, a base color is unnecessary for this one!  Yay!  Moreover, I think CA is just gorgeous.  It’s what Sally Hansen’s Pumpkin Spice should be, and what all other sparse glitters should aspire to.

1 coat Seche Rebuild (base)
2 coats China Glaze – Ingrid
1.5 coats Wet n Wild – Cougar Attack (I went over the nail in a few strokes)
1 coat Seche Vite (top coat)

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Wet n Wild On The Prowl- Jungle Fever

This is the last of my half of the On The Prowl reviews, and I think I saved the best for last. I actually find it surprising that this was my favorite of the four polishes I reviewed, because of the 4 I reviewed, it was likely to be my least favorite.

I used:
1 coat Orly Nail Defense
2 coats WnW Jungle Fever

I tend to keep away from “strange” colors on my nails. And full disclosure: I only swatched this, I didn’t wear it for very long. But I have a few outfits I could wear this polish with, so it will actually get a decent amount of wear this fall. And it’s a great fall color. It’s a mossy-army-olive metallic green. It’s a bit on the thin side, so you’ll need 2-3 coats, BUT it doesn’t drag and streak and leave imperfections. I used 2 semi-thick coats and thought coverage was perfect so it all depends on application technique. I also think high shimmer in polishes like this do a decent job of disguising bald spots. And since I was doing things in between coats, I can tell you that Jungle Fever dries really quickly. Forgive the ding on my middle finger. That was a clean up eff-up, nothing to do with the polish in any way. I just have terrible hand-eye coordination.

Hit the jump to see a macro shot of Jungle Fever, plus a shot with flash to see how the color changes!! Read the rest of this entry

Wet N Wild On The Prowl- Behind Closed Doors

This was THE polish I wanted from the On the Prowl collection as soon as the press release hit my computer. This blog has helped me step outside my box and get into the glitter game, and then this is RED glitter. All of my teams are red. This would get so much use, so it was a definite must for me!! And when CVS had it earlier this week, I did my happy clap and skipped up to the register to pay for it!

I used:
1 coat WnW Ebony Hates Chris
2 coats WnW Behind Closed Doors
2 coats Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat (1 will do, but I wanted it to be smooooooooth)

So this is going to be a keeping it real post. First of all, I love this glitter, just like I thought it would.  But it’s a labor of love polish. Click the jump to find out why.

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Maryland Football Matte Black Helmets Manicure (feat. Wet n Wild – Ink Well)

maryland football matte black helmet mani

This is been an insanely crazy posting week due to On the Prowl but there’s no way I’m not gonna take the time for this manicure because you all already know I’m a huge Maryland football fan.  I know I’ll never top my first one of the season, so I’m not going to even try.  But I should also mention that that Maryland Pride manicure was the ALL TIME most viewed post here at The Varnish Clique!!  I’m so proud that people have Maryland pride, or are at least interested in it!  So, thank you readers for making that post such a success (and I really did nothing to spread the word about it).  My friend Cathy shared it on facebook but that’s about it.   I’m just really glad you guys enjoyed it. 🙂

I did get some feedback that it might be too complicated, so I think this matte black helmet manicure is perfect because you only need to draw the Calvert (black and yellow) and Crossland (red and white) crests just once:)

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Wet N Wild- Ready To Pounce

My original intent was to post Behind Closed Doors today. But because of the way the draw fell, I ended up with Ready To Pounce, and Sandy really wanted to see it. So I did a swatch, and got so excited about how much I liked it, I ended up painting both hands!!! That’s never happened to me before!!

I used:
1 coat Orly Nail Defense
2 coats WnW Ready to Pounce

Because this was swatched, there’s not a top coat. But that’s a high shine without one! Ready to Pounce is a glorious deep royal purple. The color play in the lights is varied.  It’s clearly purple in direct light, and appears black in low level lighting. This has a very subtle pinkish shimmer which is so gorgeous. The formula REQUIRES 2 coats for full opacity, but 2 thin coats. It’s also not streaky, which polishes of this nature can be. I forsee this color getting A LOT of wear within the Clique. We all like purple up in hurr, some more than others 🙂

For an accent nail, Confetti’s Tazmanian Devil would look AMAZING with this, as would Wet N Wild’s Correction Tape, which Sandy reviewed yesterday. The black glitter in Correction Tape won’t be evident, but the other colors would pop.

In case it hasn’t been made clear, I’m really a fan of this color. I can’t wait to see what Sandy and Jess can do with it and their fantastical nail art!!

Buy Me A Drink- Wet n Wild Fast Dry On The Prowl Collection

I will not lie. I listened to T-Pain’s Buy You A Drank on repeat while writing this review. I can’t help that I’m this lame sometimes. But that song holds fond memories, so I’m going with it!

As you saw previously, Sandy and I have secured the On The Prowl collection from Wet N Wild, and we are super excited about it. My friend Gina even managed to snag a bottle of Cougar Attack for me! So we are having a grand ‘ole time swatting these colors for y’all!! Sandy’s already blogged two of the glitters, Correction Tape and Tangled In My Web. First up for me is Buy Me a Drink (you have NO IDEA how hard it is not to type “drank” there).

I used:
1 coat Orly Nail Defense
2 coats WnW Buy Me a Drink
2 coats Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat (this was due to the brush falling out of the handle and having an uneven first coat.)

Click the jump for the review, and a pic of Buy Me a Drink paired with Correction Tape!

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Wet n Wild – Correction Tape (over Essie – Coat Azure)

wnw correction tape over essie coat azure

1 coat Seche Rebuild (base)
2 coats Essie – Coat Azure (blue)
2 coats Wet n Wild –  Correction Tape (glitter)
1 coat Seche Vite (top coat)

Damn I love On the Prowl!   Especially the glitters, as glitter is definitely my thing.  I love it! (I also don’t mind glitter removal)  Here’s another swatch from Wet n Wild’s Halloween collection, Correction Tape.

Why I love Correction Tape:
1. Black square glitter
2. Pink square glitter
3. Gold hex glitter
4. Blue hex glitter

In that order!

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Essie – Going Incognito with Wet N Wild – Tangled in My Web

wet n wild fast dry-tangled in my web over essie - going incognito

wet n wild fast dry-tangled in my web over essie - going incognito

So how awesome does this look?  I decided to layer Tangled in My Web immediately over my current mani, Essie – Going Incognito. LOVE.IT.

1 coat Seche Rebuild (base)
2 coats Essie – Going Incognito (coulda probably used 1 thick coat)
1 coat Seche Vite (top coat)
2 coats Wet n Wild – Tangled in My Web

I’ve always always always wanted a black glitter.  To be honest, I was a little scared off by some of the swatches I saw of Tangled in My Web online, but still… it’s BLACK GLITTER!!!

I am so happy to have found it (along with the rest of the On the Prowl collection) because it’s exactly what I envisioned a black glitter to be. You need 2 coats for adequate coverage shown above and you do have to manipulate the glitter a bit, but it’s worth it.  I really can’t wait to layer this over more colors.

My review of Essie – Going Incognito under the cut!

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