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Mob Week Finale: Mattese Elite – The Boss

The head of the family is perfect polish to end the week on. The boss is a statement maker; a dark metallic gray that is a real eye catcher. I loved this color in the bottle enough to win me over to the metallic formula.

Typically I get a little scared of them. Even the mildest streakiness can turn me off of a polish, despite my love of the actual color. So, while I tested a finger, and 3 patient coats can give a solid finger, I did a little trick to control and speed up the results ūüôā In between my basecoat of Orly Nailtrition and my coat of The Boss I did one coat of Ebony Hates Chris (Wet ‘N Wild). Making sure to leave a reasonably wide gap between the color and the edge of the nail. This Ebony coat made The Boss opaque in one coat, meaning I had less chance of streaks ūüôā And made my mani done in 2 color coats!

PS – That’s one of my aunt’s dogs, Chloe. She was adamant that she needed my attention while taking pics, so I¬† decided she needed to say hello to the blog haha.

To see The Boss with a little sparkle, follow the jump!

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MOB WEEK: Mattese Elite – Consigliere

I had no idea what a consigliere (or “counselor”) was until I looked it up on wiki.¬† Basically, it’s a position in the Mafia.¬† Depending on who you ask it’s either the Boss’s right hand man/adviser/confidant or it could be the number three person in a three man administration consisting of the boss, the underboss, and the consigliere. The Consigliere is most definitely an important figure in any Mafia.

Moreover, Consigliere the nail polish by Mattese Elite totally rocks and should be an important part to your collection especially¬† if you’re into these types of colors.¬† It’s a really pretty light blue creme with greyish undertones.¬† Just look at the picture!¬† So lovely.¬† I actually put this on before putting on Whack and was very very (extremely) sad to take it off.

1 coat Poshe basecoat
3 coats Mattese Elite – Consigliere

See it more macro’d after the jump!

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Mob Week: Mattese Elite – Vig

Vig (short for Vigorish) in simple terms is the bookie’s take on a bet. In more in depth terms, well, look it up on Wiki because it’s a whole lotta math and numbers haha.

What caught my eye (besides this polish!) was that having this color related to a Loan Shark concept was totally brilliant ūüôā It’s really got a powerful feel, and being blue, come on, like that didn’t make you go “hah, amusing”¬† haha.

When I say strong blue, I mean more of a empowering blue, if that makes sense. You just kinda feel bad ass with it on. Pictures don’t quite capture it, although my macro shot at the end of the post gets close. It’s got some gray and a bit of teal undertones, and the total effect is one where I just couldn’t mess with it! No glitter accent, no nail art, just gorgeous Vig! Also, kudos to Mattese Elite, IT’S A ONE COATER! If you check out this pic and the next, I only have one coat on all my nails except for my thumb. And that was mainly to see if it got darker with more coats, which it doesn’t. I love me a polish that lasts me a while, and knowing how much I will be wearing this color, having it be a one coater means more bang for my @Rickys_NYC buck! (aka, Ricky’s you rock!) The formula is so easy to apply too.¬† I totally rate this a “OH MY VARNISH!!” haha.

Small word of warning, have a damp wash cloth near by when doing your clean up. Since it is a dark pigment, it does give you a pseudo stain around the nail as your cleaning (I say pseudo because it’s not a true “stain”, it will wash off, but it’s thinned down dark pigment that looks like you watercolored your cuticles haha). Nature of the beast, not a fault of the polish. You can either wait for a shower, wait and scrub your nails, or do the handy trick I did and just use a damp wash cloth as I was cleaning up with my brush and acetone to remove it while the acetone still has the excess slightly wet. ūüôā

For more pics, hit the jump… you know you want to ūüėČ

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MOB WEEK: Mattese Elite – Whack

I’m kind of (really) excited about the Cosa Nostra collection.¬† And this is only the second day of our reviewing!¬† When the rest of the Varnish Clique and I were divvying up the collection to review, I HAD TO HAVE THE PURPLE ONE!¬† And when I opened it up, it was love at first sight.

The purple one is called Whack.¬† Of course, in mob speak, when you whack someone, it means to kill them.¬† So in that sense, yes, this polish is definitely killer ūüôā

just LOOK at the purple goodness:

1 coat Poshe basecoat
2 coats Mattese Elite – Whack

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MOB WEEK: Mattese Elite- Goomah Comare

Goomah (comare, or coma in conjugated Italiano) means mistress, or girlfriend. What a perfect name for this color! Mob mistresses (not that I know any and am going solely on what I’ve seen in the movies) are flashy, and bright, and garner attention wherever they go. That’s exactly what this polish does. When I was out doing my weekend round of polish shopping, I received several comments on my nails. And boy do I love this color.

I Used:
1 coat Orly Nail Defense
3 coats Goomah Comare
1 coat Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

After the magicalness of Capo, I was prepared to be let down by Goomah. I wasn’t let down per se, but the formula is a little trickier than Capo. You can’t just slap it on your nails and come out with a perfect manicure. But the effort of careful painting and doing a necessary third coat are worth it. This is quite possibly my favorite pink in my collection. It’s so bright and pretty, and even tho my manicure wasn’t perfect, I couldn’t stop staring at it AND kept it on for 2 days. The lighting in the picture doesn’t really do it proper justice. This is a bright magenta pink, and it has purple undertones, which you can see in the pics below the jump. Even though I just had it on, I may wear it again later this week. Perhaps with a little Tazmanian Devil accent nail?

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MOB WEEK: Mattese Elite- Capo

First of all, we just want to express our supreme gratitude to Ricky’s NYC for sending us the new Cosa Nostra line to review. As a new blog, we appreciate the opportunity!! To show this, we are dedicating the blog this week to Mattese Elite. From today through Saturday, there will be one post a day, reviewing a polish from the Cosa Nostra line. Normal blogging activity will resume on Sunday ūüôā

Please disregard the dark marks along the edges of my nail, I was having some lighting issues.

Now, for a quick History/Mob/Language lesson:¬†A¬†caporegime¬†or¬†capodecina, usually shortened to just a¬†capo, is a term used in the¬†Mafia¬†for a high ranking¬†made member¬†of a crime family who¬†heads a¬†“crew” of¬†soldiers¬†and has major social status and influence in the organization. Caporegime is an Italian word, which is used to signify the head of a family in¬†Sicily, but has now come to mean a ranking member, similar to¬†captain¬†or¬†sergeant. In general, the term indicates the head of a branch of an¬†organized crime syndicate¬†who commands a crew of soldiers and reports directly to a¬†boss¬†or an¬†underboss. (Thanks Wiki!!)

This is the perfect name for this shade. This shade makes a statement, is solid, and yet, is still not the most powerful, or flashy shade of the collection. It’s a great late summer/early fall color.
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