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Salute to Our Troops: Camo Mani

As a political science major, I have enough politics in my life, so I’m not trying to debate views here on the blog haha. Buttt as the resident army brat, I thought today was an appropriate day to say thanks to those that serve and thanks to the families that support their loved ones in all branches of the military. And, while this mani doesn’t really visually represent them, I’d be remiss to not also thank local service members in fire, EMS, and police departments.

My camo mani was actually quite simple 🙂 I started with Seche Rebuild basecoat, then 2 layers of Sinful Colors – Seaweed. (Which, I know Mel’s review was eh on it, and with how much I’ve encountered it on shelves I guess most agree, but I l-o-v-e this polish on me! I may even go so far as to say I love it on me more than Open Seas… Needs to get me a back up!!) I let Seaweed set under a coat of Seche Vite, then using the same eyeshadow brush I use for clean up (memo to self: do a post on that haha) I made random designs using Sinful Colors – Nirvanna, Envy and a little bit more of Seaweed in places I needed to even out. Topped it off with another coat of SV and I was good to go!

To celebrate this fabulous mani (which lasted 3 days mind you!) and how amazingly redneck I felt (I am a fredneck after all! ❤ Frederick MD) Nancy and I went on a photoshoot through Bass Pro 😀

To see the amazing results (and some hilarious shots of me playing the shooting arcade game :P) hit up the gallery below the jump!

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R-O-C-K in the U.S.A!

For my USA mani, I decided to go a little abstract with the red white and blue. And surprisingly, this means I went all classy on this theme!

I toyed with a couple designs before settling on this one and this made me feel like I just stepped out of a salon, so I went with it 😀 The dusty blue of Mattese Elite Vig made me think of a that vintage/classic patriotic look, so I went with that for my color scheme. I do LOVE Vig on it’s own, but I’m also loving how adaptable it is! Sally Hansen’s Red Carpet is the red glitter stripe, Sinful Colors’ Fashionista is the silver, and Revlon’s Coconut Crush was what I used for the dots. Coconut crush is SUPER scented, I haven’t been brave enough to use it for more than dots yet haha. (Shout out to Mel for finding me the dotting tool though! Loves it!!)

I did go with a little different design on the thumbs. It was another one from my trial hand.  Since my left thumb had a tragic accident this past week and got a crack below the quick so I had to cut it suuuppppeeerrr short :(, I liked how this design looks better on it’s proportions. I loved this mani enough to wear it for two full days, and it might have made it the whole weekend if I hadn’t gone to the peach festival in Romeo, MI yesterday and wanted a themed mani for it haha. The design was actually pretty easy to do on both hands. A major plus!

Along with my sample hand, there is also a swatch of Vig with Ulta’s After Party post-jump. I had done it just before I took off Vig during mob week to see what it looked like and thought I’d share for those who wanted a simple patriotic fix 😉

❤ Jess

PS – Yeah, I was raised on John Cougar Mellencamp, what of it? I also may or may not have a mini JCM youtube-fest directly after typing that title haha…  But really, who doesn’t wish Mellencamp’s sweet dance moves in Crumblin’ Down were still socially acceptable? 😛

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Happy Labor Day! Sandy’s USA manicure

I love being patriotic so I was excited that The Varnish Clique was doing USA manis.  I wanted an elaborate, intricate design but felt I didn’t really have the time so I designed this instead…

1 coat Poshe antimicrobial basecoat
2 coats Nicole by OPI – Sea How Far You Go
Stripes: Sinful Colors Nail Art – Pretty Cool (red) & Sinful Colors Nail Art – Bad Chick (white)
1 coat Seche Vite

1 coat Poshe antimicrobial basecoat
3 coats China Glaze – Eyes Like Sapphires
1 coat Sinful Colors – Hottie
Stars: Sinful Colors Nail Art – Bad Chick (white nail art pen)
1 coat Seche Vite

I wanted to give it the illusion the the flag was waving around, so the drawn on stripes didn’t have to be perfect for it to look that way.  It just had to start where the previous nail’s stripes left off.  I absolutely love how this turned out and I wished I had a USA soccer game to go to, lol.

I also drew the stars because this mani was definitely “missing something” without them.  I think it looks great even though the stars aren’t absolutely perfect.

Happy Labor Day everyone! I’m going to the Terps football game tonight, and tailgating for the day.  We’re facing Miami and it’ll be the first game where we wear the sexy new Under Armour uniforms! Woooo Go Terps!!

USA Ain’t Nothing to F*ck With!

So, as I believe I’ve mentioned on here, I’m a pretty big soccer fan. Like, you might call it obsessive. I’ve taken 12 hour bus rides to Boston for an overnight trip to see the USA play, and I’m taking a bus up and back to Philly for the DC United match at the end of the month (I’ve got a mani idea for that, to be on the lookout!). Last month, the American Outlaws: DC Chapter took a bus trip to Philly to watch the USA play Mexico in a “friendly.” I wasn’t about to miss the opportunity to hang out with my peeps and watch my boys take on our rivals. And naturally, this was a perfect opportunity to try out some nail art! I think it turned out alright for a first attempt, but there are a few things I would change next time. First, I would definitely put the stars and blue on the thumb. And I’d use a different nail pen. The Sally Hansen one I used wasn’t very good. Overall, though, I like how it turned out. And it got a lot of compliments. I can’t wait for another game to perfect my technique.

Hit the jump for the colors I used, and the step by step tutorial!

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