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Oh.My.Varnish! Orly – Cashmere Cardigan with Essie – Shine of the Times flakie top coat!!

I spent all summer longing for Revlon – Modern Grace, and while searching for it, I learned that Orly – Cashmere Cardigan was a very close dupe. Or rather, MG is a dupe of CC since CC came out first, but that’s minor detail my friends, minor details. The point is, both colors were Limited Edition and when I saw that Ricky’s still had Cashmere Cardigan for sale on their website, I was ecstatic! It was discontinued before I even found out about it, so it was a pretty exciting score for me.  When it finally got here, I was thrilled, and then amazed… I think I actually love Cashmere Cardigan more than Modern Grace! Mel had found me Modern Grace months ago, and I had even found a back up when I got to NYC last month, but I still had to have Cashmere Cardigan. Both colors are ones I’ll get plenty of use out of, but will be super sad when they are gone, so I try to use them for really great manis.

The formula is fantastic, one to two coater depending on patience. The color is just slightly more purple/greyed than Modern Grace, boardasnails does a great comparison here! It’s magic on it’s own, and a top 5 in my collection (massive honor haha), but it’s straight up OH MY VARNISH with Essie – Shine of the Times on it. I started with an accent nail, but I had to do a full mani of it. I took the picture above so you could see CC on it’s own, but right after the pic, SotT was all over all 10 digits. Topped it all off with Essie – Good to Go (yes, look at me trying out a non-Seche Vite top coat!) and let the awesomeness sink in. Pretty sure I my productivity at work that day took a dive because all I remember is staring at my nails all day haha.


Happy Ho Ho Holidays!!

Today we have another mani inspired by my friend Gina. She was a fellow reindeer at Santarchy this weekend, and she did some awesome nail art for the occasion. I’m not ambitious or talented enough to attempt the reindeer art, but even I was able to attempt the Santa suit portion of the manicure. I happen to resemble a candy cane with my outfit today, so between that, and my nails, I am possibly the most festively dressed person in the DMV area. For a tutorial, and an “artsy fartsy” shot of my manicure, hit the jump!

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DEAL ALERTS- December 4-10


  • Essie Cocktail Bling Collection now on sale.
  • Buy ANY 2 Revlon cosmetics or Beauty Tools, get $6 EC Bucks w/ EC Card. Limit 1 per household w/ card. Includes nail polish.
  • REVLON TOP SPEED Nail Polish, on sale for. $3.99, get $3 Register Rewards. Limit one per printed offer.
  • Essie Luxeffects should now be in store, $8.
  • Not Nail Polish Related, but $1 off coupon for EcoTools Brushes/Set. These are my fave drugstore brushes.
  • Jingle Cash Starts!!! (See image for details)

Rite Aid

  • Sally Hansen Nail Glam Party Pack, pay $9.99, get $3 in +UP Rewards w/ card.
  • Wet n Wild Little Luxuries set (9 minis), pay $4.99, get $2 in +UP Rewards w/ card.
  • BOGO50%OFF Nail Enamel, choose from Sally Hansen, Crackle, LA Girl Crackle, CG, Chameleon, Petites or Color Fevers. Possibly Sinful Colors since the picture is shown, but brand not listed. That’s irritating.
  • Jesse’s Girl and Styli Style Cosmetics BOGO50%OFF, and get $2 +UP Rewards when you buy $10 worth of JG or SS products.
  • ALL Revlon cosmetics or Beauty Tools are BOGO50%OFF.

Ulta (12/3-12/24)

  • B2G1FREE on Orly and China Glaze Nail Enamel. CG Eye Candy and Orly Mineral FX lines now in store. 
  • Butter London Nail Polish in Yummy Mummy and Powder Room Polish Remover set, $15 (a $19 value).
  • Butter London Holiday Glitter Trio, $36 ($42 value)
  • OPI Holiday Dynamic Duos $14.95. Includes a polish and matching lip gloss.
  • OPI Glamour Duos, $14.95. Two full size polishes and a set of toe separators. 
  • Buy 2 OPI polishes, get a free base or top coat.
  • OPI Best of the Best 10pc mini packs (2), $24.95 each. 
  • Ulta Paint the Town or Glitterati 4pk Mini-polish sets, $4.99 each.
  • Ulta Lust in Lace 5pc mini pack, $9.95 (LOOKS GORGEOUS)
  • Ulta Brand cosmetics/nail polish BOGOFREE, PLUS FREE GIFT

Sally Beauty Supply

  • Free Wallet with Purchase of any 3 Finger Paints nail enamels
  • China Glaze nail enamel, 2/$10 (excludes crackle, metallic crackle, and Eye Candy)
  • Stripe Rite Paint, $2.99
  • $.99 Sally Girl Holiday Collection
  • $1.99 Mini Bottle of China Glaze Ruby Pumps
  • $7.99 for Beauty Secrets hard case 5pc manicure set.
  • $9.99 Orly Sets, 3 FULL SIZE bottle of polish, and either a purple suede wristlet (Birds of a Feather Set) OR a pair of mittens.
  • $9.99 China Glaze Holiday Spirits set, 3 shades and a wine stopper.
  • $7.99 China Glaze gift sets
  • $9.99 As Seen On TV Nail Stamping set
  • Nicole by OPI Nail Color or Texture, $6.50

My Varnish BFF: Why You Should Invest in a Basecoat!

You’d probably never guess it, but I wasn’t always the kind of girl who wore nail polish every day. There was a time where, while I loved the concept of polish, I didn’t know the tricks of the trade and found myself with stained nails, chipping polish, and worse yet, constantly broken or peeling nails. Okay, so I still break nails occasionally because I love them long but like to do stupid crap without thought of them (latest cause for casualty? Tug of war with my pup, haha) BUT I wanted to share the key step that took me from an occasional wearer with ehhhh nails to a varnish lover and blogger:


I know, it seems simple, but it’s true! Addicts know this secret: a good basecoat will give you healthier, stronger nails, keep them from getting stained, and give you the kind of wearablity that makes your investments in polish so much more worth it.

It’s little things like this that can make all the difference in a mani, and the three of us want to help new comers in on all we’ve learned through our addictions. We’ll be adding some tips and tricks posts to our regular blogging line-up, so be on the look out! Who knows, maybe even some of you old dogs could learn some new tricks 😛

If you’re like I was and need a little edumacation on basecoats, enjoy our first post in our “Beginners Series” after the jump 😉

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Jess’ Five Fall Favorites

A day late and a dollar short… well, in this case, a computer short haha. This past week my (very) old computer decided to finally pass on over to the land of scrap components, without my consent of course. But! I have a new one now 🙂 so I’m bbaacckkkkk! Admit it, you missed me haha.

What’s a better place to start a fall list than with a glow-in-the-dark pumpkin polish??

Jack O' Varnish - Devina the Trollop (Meijer's pumpkin polish - named by me with a monster name generator)

Now, Devina may take a few coats to wear on it’s own (8 to be exact…) but it’s a perfect pick me up on those dreary days of fall. Being such a thin polish, it’ll be a great top coat too. And it GLOWWWSSS! Just like Gralch the Hag and Drakos of Winged Death, this polish is pure fall fun! (and will get a full Halloween worthy review soon!)

Hit the jump for my four other fall favorites, and maybe even some snuck in fall nail art 😉

❤ Jess

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Watermarbling – Romeo Peach Fest Mani

I had hyped on our twitter that I was getting my birthday ride on a hot air balloon yesterday and had a fierce 99 Red Balloons mani in store for it. Well the mani happened, but the winds were too strong for the balloon to go up 😦 That mani will still get posted because it’s pretty sweet! (If I do say so myself haha) Buttt since I promised a nail adventure post, I thought I’d catch up on one in my backlog 😀

Over labor day weekend, my aunt and I went to the Peach Festival in Romeo, MI. So of course I had to do a peach mani! I wanted to use my Revlon – Peach Smoothie since is smells like peaches (like, REALLY smells like peaches. It smells like you dipped your hands in peach yogurt for about 24+ hours haha) but I wanted a little nail art fun to go with it… so in came watermarbling and Orly – Rock the World!! Peach Fest was pretty delicious, even if we spent 80% of our time on the shuttle. (Really, if you ever go, avoid the shuttle. It was beyond annoying) These nails were a BIT of work for me, haha, but I think they went perfectly with the day 🙂

Pictured with deep-fried peach cheesecake!

For an explanation of watermarbling and some swatch shots, check out the jump!

❤ Jess

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Orly- Star Spangled

Since we’re posting patriotic manis today, just one more post. Tomorrow, the USMNT plays Belgium in a friendly. Since I’m off tomorrow as well, I was really excited to have a chance try out another USA mani. I didn’t want to do anything intricate or “time-consuming” as the other mani I posted today took me about 2 hours. Plus, I was inspired by Jess’ mani and wanted to use my dotting tool. I also wanted to use this new Orly I picked up last week, with a perfectly patriotic name!! Read the rest of this entry

Sinful Colors – Why Not (Take Me Out to the Ball Game)

Tuesday I saw on Twitter that the Tigers were offering deals on seats for the games against the Royals this week, and since my Aunt Nancy has been wanting to go all summer and it was a really nice day weather-wise, we decided it was a fabulous idea. Nancy decided we needed to be closer to the action than the cheap seats, haha, so we ended up directly in line with 1st base 20 rows up. I don’t know much about baseball haha, but I thought they were pretty killer seats 😛

Since it was a spur of the moment decision, I had to whip out another spur of the moment mani, Tigers themed of course. I went for Sinful Colors – Why Not as my blue and then Orly – Truly Tangerine with Sinful Colors – Bad Chick tiger stripes for my accent nail. Cute, quick, and apparently a good luck mani seeing as we won 😀 (on a homerun too! would have preferred the HR when the bases were loaded, but hey, still got to see my first HR, so WOOT for that haha)

For some pretty suburb nail adventure pics, including the ultimate creeper shot courtesy of my Aunt, and info on my potential baseball hubs, click below the jump! (oh, yeah, and my step by step nail info is there too :P)

❤ Jess

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Orly – Truly Tangerine (My love of all things mini pays off!)

I honestly have no idea why I have a thing for mini nail polish bottles, but I do. Sandy makes fun of me every time I tell her I’ve added to my collection and it still doesn’t stop me. I fully realize that 8/10 times you actually end up paying MORE for less polish when you get a mini, but I can’t help it. I find them cute little sample sized bottles of goodness haha. So, when there was a random Orly mini in a display at CVS a couple weeks ago, Turns out, the universe thought I needed it too bc it’s upc wasn’t in the computer and the sales clerk must have been having a bad day sooooo I got it at an unheard of discount haha. Oops 😛

Can we just pause a moment and absorb that photo? I’m actually fighting the urge to put this color back on looking at it! It was the perfect formula, and such an amazing color. I actually need to go pick up a regular size bottle because I love it that much. The mini may have drawn me in, but this color is too fabulous to only have .18oz of haha. 2 coats, no fuss, easy clean up, and I now have in my collection a new go-to super fun / super fast mani! This particular orange is definitely a versatile one. I think I forget sometimes that a good orange can be that in-between completely crazy (read: my neon blues or happy birthday dupes) and subdued (read: my pale pinks and growing collection of nudes).

I’ll keep this short since you’ll probably be seeing this color a lot on me…. it’ll be perfect for some pumpkin nail art, dontcha think?? 😉

❤ Jess

Layering Weekend: Orly – Fowl Play over Sinful Colors – Amethyst

I knew Orly – Fowl Play was going to be the hot color for fall, and when I grabbed the last one at Ulta, I was suuuper excited.  For one, it’s part of their Birds of a Feather collection, and all the sports teams that I root for’s mascots are birds (Orioles, Ravens, Capitals).   Moreover it’s supposed to be PURPLE based (of course) so the potential for a Ravens manicure is there.  Not to mention, the glitter and duochrome flakies definitely don’t hurt.

1 coat Seche Rebuild (base)
2 coats Sinful Colors – Amethyst
1 coat Orly – Fowl Play
1 coat Seche Vite (top coat)

Much, much, MUCH more under the cut. (Warning: picture heavy!)

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