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10 Professional Nail Lacquer – Birthday Suit

On one of my CVS trips hunting down the WNW LE polishes back in early September I picked up this polish and another 10 polish. I thought birthday suit would be a cutely named polish to wear on my bday so I had been holding off on wearing it.

Well, this morning I woke up and was 24, so 10 Professional Nail Lacquer – Birthday Suit finally came off the shelf. I knew it would be a sheer polish, so I decided a classic french mani would be an appropriate “grown up” mani for the day. I super impressed myself with my ability to freehand my tips with Sinful Colors – Bad Chick nail art pen, and thought Birthday suit was a really pretty color as it went on…… and then it n.e.v.e.r dried. Really, I don’t think I’ve ever had a polish that dried this slowly. I tried Seche Vite. I tried my Seche UV top coat and lamp. I tried my Nail Life Aromatherapy Drop On speed dry oil. And then I just tried waiting… and an hour later it was still denting without much pressure.

I’m sure your inclination is to ask me how many coats I used: ONE. It was a moderately thick coat, but it was just ONE. The color was nice, but after an hour, it wasn’t worth my time. My nails ended up going to my birthday dinner in their legitimate birthday suit instead.  There are dozens of similar colors out there if I want this effect, so I don’t think I’ll bother again with this one. I still have one more polish from them to try, and I don’t want to judge the whole line on one manicure, but I’m really glad I didn’t buy this at full price ($8 for a polish that I can’t wear because it won’t dry?? really?).

Thankfully this didn’t set the tone for my whole bday and I enjoyed a nice relaxing day and a deliccciiiooouusss dinner at The Lion’s Den :D (in Waterford; their french onion soup is foodgasmic! Also, Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore apparently ate there while  in MI shooting LOL, which makes me feel like I’m all trendy and whatever, even though it’s really just an upscale sports bar with good – and reasonably priced – food :P)