Wet N Wild On The Prowl- Behind Closed Doors

This was THE polish I wanted from the On the Prowl collection as soon as the press release hit my computer. This blog has helped me step outside my box and get into the glitter game, and then this is RED glitter. All of my teams are red. This would get so much use, so it was a definite must for me!! And when CVS had it earlier this week, I did my happy clap and skipped up to the register to pay for it!

I used:
1 coat WnW Ebony Hates Chris
2 coats WnW Behind Closed Doors
2 coats Seche Vite Quick Dry Top Coat (1 will do, but I wanted it to be smooooooooth)

So this is going to be a keeping it real post. First of all, I love this glitter, just like I thought it would.  But it’s a labor of love polish. Click the jump to find out why.

A) The blackish gray base is pigmented enough that you don’t have to layer. But that means that you have to put AT LEAST 4 coats on, so than you have a thick sheet of polish on your nail. Plus, the base is dark enough that if you do that, the bottom layers are covered by the topping layers, and you can’t see the bottom layer of glitter either. You can see the top layer clearly, and the layer under that you can see but it’s dull. Basically, that defeats the purpose of having glitter polish on, which is why you are only seeing the swatches of it over Ebony Hates Chris. Because you want to see how to make this polish POP, not look meh.

B) You will need 2 coats of this on top of a base color to get fairly even coverage. Im not one who is too concerned with “placing” my glitter because I like the randomly scattered look. But to get an adequate amount of glitter, you’ll still need two coats. And the first coat, if you concentrate too much on placement, you may end up removing the base color you put on your nail. Nail polish also removes nail polish because the brush is so stiff. I had that issue on one of my swatching fingers, which is why you are seeing a swatch of my right hand, and not my typical left hand. Luckily, the base of BCD covered up this little snafu.

C) People weren’t kidding when they said this was a beast to remove. And it really is. To the point that I had to chip/scrape it off my nails with my nail. And that was with 2 coats. The 4 coat swatch I did wasn’t that bad because I removed it while it was still wet.

I know this sounds like I hate this polish. But I don’t. I actually LOVE this polish. It’s just that it requires extensive patience and babying, and some effort to make it look good. You don’t often see a sheer-ish dark gray jelly with a really bright glitter. I wore this to work on Friday, and it got a lot of compliments! It also works great as a DC United mani. Every other time I’ve done a DC mani on here, my shirt has been at the bottom of my hamper… not this time!!! Here is the crest of the club of my heart, and my DCU themed mani.

Looks fabulous!! A word from the now wise though. Make sure, with this polish, that you do a clean up after each coat of polish. And to place any errant glitter before the polish dries, because Acetone fails in this arena. But this is definitely a polish that is a must in any collection. Add to that, it’s a nearly IDENTICAL dupe to Deborah Lippmann’s Ruby Red Slippers. If you are like me and think $18 is a bit outrageous for a bottle of nail polish, Behind Closed Doors is your friend. As we’ve warned, though, On The Prowl is a limited edition line and isn’t guaranteed to be found near you. So good luck!!


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