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Studio M – Neon Caution

This is the gloriousness that I woke up to yesterday 😀 My first NY snow day!! Loves it. Also love that fact that my newest flatmate, Katie, and I had a mini mani party Friday night and I decided to rock Studio M – Neon Caution as my “it’s the weekend and I can get away with anything” color haha. I’ve had this color in my stash since last summer, and used it a couple of times (without posting… oops…). I had initially planned to use a flakie over it, but Katie helped talk me out of it. Glad she did, it’s got so much wow factor on it’s own! I had done it matte and with nail art before, so I was glad she got me to use it on it’s own. Was a nice flashy touch on a snowy weekend.

The formula is great, especially for a yellow. 2 coater, and while I’ll probably thin it out a little next time I use it, that’s for personal preference. It wasn’t hard to manage as is. I will admit it doesn’t wear as well as some of my other polishes, but for the occasional one to two day eye catching mani, it’s a good choice. Yellow is a big color for this spring, so I foresee getting lots of weekend use out of it. I’ll need to pick up a back-up next time I’m in MI!! And maybe one for Mel, since she’s been tweeting about her lust for the perfect yellow 😉 Studio M is a Meijer’s brand polish, so if you’re lucky enough to live in a state with Meijers, I highly suggest picking this up.


For Sandy: A Review of Wet ‘N Wild Fastdry Top Coat

Since Sandy has been bugging me for weeks to get to this, and she oh-so-kindly did Ivy League for me, I decided last Friday I’d give it a go… and try out Frenzy by Studio M 🙂

Good news? Frenzy is a great polish. Good formula, good color, good price even! Bad news? I wasn’t thrilled with the WnW topcoat. Here are it’s decent points: it’s thin, easy application, and moderately shiny. BUT it’s just no Seche Vite 😦

For one, I woke up in the morning with my nails looking like basketballs. Aka, tons of groves and impressions from my sheets in the polish. And this was even after watching an entire episode of Glee between finishing them and going to bed (don’t judge, haha) I had only done 2 thin coats of Frenzy even. I had, however, added dots of Sinful Colors Let Me Go to my ring finger and coated it with Seche Vite… while watching my show. Not a single issue with that nail. The other nails also started chipping the next day with normal wear and tear. So, my final conclusion? Go ahead and use it over Wet N Wild fastdry colors. Or possibly even over super fast drying one coaters. I did love it over WnW Ebony Hates Chris. But in most other cases, if you want lasting, glossy, fast drying nails? Stick with Seche Vite.

PS, the dots made me really happy. I need to invest in a dotting tool… haha

❤ Jess

Nailgasm…. Ebony Diamonds!!

I am never taking this mani off. And that’s a pretty powerful statement coming from this big of an addict, haha. I’ve been envying swatches of flakies over darks for a while, this lived up to my expectations and then some 😀  I love it! Other than that I’m gonna let it speak for itself!

1 coat Seche Repair

1 Coat Seche Clear (wanted to be SURE to prevent staining haha)

2 coats Wet ‘N Wild Ebony Hates Chris (still think the name is ridiculous, but loved the polish. Good formula, and shiny in it’s own right which is rare for a black. Dries quick too!)

1 coat Studio M Covered in Diamonds (bought this flakie about 2 months ago and have loved it since first try. This mani however brought it to new heights, and I fell in love with it all over again!!!)

1 coat Beauty Secrets (I *gasp* deviated from Seche Vita for a moment. I was actually impressed with how quick it set Diamonds, considering it’s a pretty thick polish. It is, however, a very thin topcoat. Would work great for flat colors, but with glitter…)

1 coat Seche Vita (I have the dredges left in my old bottle and it came in perfect for smoothing over the flakies. )