Mob Week Finale: Mattese Elite – The Boss

The head of the family is perfect polish to end the week on. The boss is a statement maker; a dark metallic gray that is a real eye catcher. I loved this color in the bottle enough to win me over to the metallic formula.

Typically I get a little scared of them. Even the mildest streakiness can turn me off of a polish, despite my love of the actual color. So, while I tested a finger, and 3 patient coats can give a solid finger, I did a little trick to control and speed up the results 🙂 In between my basecoat of Orly Nailtrition and my coat of The Boss I did one coat of Ebony Hates Chris (Wet ‘N Wild). Making sure to leave a reasonably wide gap between the color and the edge of the nail. This Ebony coat made The Boss opaque in one coat, meaning I had less chance of streaks 🙂 And made my mani done in 2 color coats!

PS – That’s one of my aunt’s dogs, Chloe. She was adamant that she needed my attention while taking pics, so I  decided she needed to say hello to the blog haha.

To see The Boss with a little sparkle, follow the jump!

I did add a little of my newest glitter Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – Night Lights [ a gift from Mel 🙂 ] to spice it up a bit after having it on it’s own for a bit. And I adored the results. It had also been over a week since I had on glitter, and I have to say, my nails were missing it haha.

Thanks once again to @Rickys_NYC!! I know we are all grateful for the chance to review these polishes 🙂  I’m glad we all loved them so that we could write such great reviews! haha. My favorite posts are ones where I can rave about colors and formulas and tell everyone to go get the polish too and I think we all had the chance to do that with this collection.


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  1. yeah. i need this.

  2. haha cute dog and i love this color!!

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