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Hangin with Lil Jon at Ricky’s in Soho!

*Disclaimer: This post has pretty much nothing to do with nail polish, but it is full of awesome! To be fair, I had every intention of this being a “nail adventures” post, but patience was not on my side this morning and what is usually a quality polish turned into a blotchy mess, and well, it just wasn’t going to do it justice to post the polish. Hopefully all the pictures of the actual adventure make up for it!

When I got an email from Ricky’s earlier this week announcing that Lil Jon was going to be at their Soho location to promote his Halloween mask collaboration with the store, my first thought was “uh, heck yes”. Well, okay fine, it was “YYEEEAAAYYAHH, WHHHAATT” haha. I pretty much scheduled my whole Sunday around it.

And I wasn’t let down, it was a great event. I got a couple pictures with Lil Jon, got him to autograph a mask for my best friend Erin (who also visited this weekend!), got to shake THE Ricky’s hand (yeah, I’ll admit it, I was more awestruck meeting him than Lil Jon. I mean, come on, he’s RICKY), and got to meet the lovely LeAnna in person, which was quite the treat after basically being Ricky’s pen pals for the past year! (she’s the one that sends all the awesome Ricky’s blogger blasts, FYI) Pretty much the only thing that could have made it better would have been if Mel was in town to enjoy it with me 😉

Oh, and in case you were wondering, turns out Lil Jon likes a good “hello” haha. While being interviewed, he was asked if he was a little over people stealing his catch phrases. His answer: “Yeah, yeah I am. You know, you can just say ‘Hi’ you know, ya don’t have to scream at me!” Which made him seem really down to earth, but was then followed up with “It’s hard to be me” hahaha.

Jump below the cut for a gallery, or enjoy the slideshow below 🙂 If you want one of the Lil Jon masks, they are available at Ricky’s stores or online at for $12!

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Essie – Nice is Nice

So, a couple of weeks ago it was my bbbiirrfffddaaayyy and I made a trip home to MD to see my family and friends, including the lovely Melissa 🙂 The day before I left I also got a promotion (!!!) so I had a lot to celebrate. I ended up doing three different bday manis, haha, but this one wins the “blog official” bday mani.



Mel’s present to me was a basket of nail goodies and a rummage through her purge pile. Essie – Nice is Nice was in there, as well as Spoiled – Jewelry Heist, which I used as the accent. NiN is a nice jelly lavender that took two easy coats to full opacity. I think it’s actually going to go in my favorites pile! (Insert “one woman’s trash…” joke here, haha) I thought that Jewelry Heist’s color suited Nice is Nice really well, and that it gave it a look that could be classy or fun.

My parents took me to Renn Fest while I was down, and my nails looks fabulous toting around my cider and raspberry wine 🙂


Btw, these were the other contenders for bday mani, the second of which was done by my best friend Erin (with help from Antony!)



Obama Polish by Richard Blanch of Le Métier de Beauté

A couple weeks ago I posted that I had discovered that the Obama campaign was selling nail polish, and that I needed it. Wellll yesterday it arrived and I had to give it a try. Disclaimer: This post is not a review of his person, campaign, or politics. But it is a review of this polish. I suppose a more fair way to review it is to call it Richard Blanch of Le Métier de Beauté’s polish, seeing as he is the designer behind it.

The perks? The bag it came in is great. (My boss almost stole it haha) The bottles, while tiny, are a cute mini cube shape. The colors themselves are classics. And with the logo on them, they’re gonna look cute sitting on my desk at work, right next to my framed picture of Washington Capitals Captain Alexander Ovechkin sitting in the oval office. (I’m special, I’m aware) And the mani I did with it ended up pretty cute, I felt very patriotic and chuckled with coworkers a couple times about it being Obama polish. All the colors are glossy, and I have pictures of them without topcoat below the cut, but I used Butter London’s matte topcoat for today’s look.


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Ruby Wing – Meadow (New UV Color Change Polish!!)

Crackle, Caviar… Color changing? The newly released Ruby Wings line is a brand of polish that changes color when exposed to the sun. Now, I know, there’s been mood polishes for a while now, but this is the first I’ve seen of UV based color change. When I saw the colors the line would be carrying, there were about 5 on my “oh that looks awesome list”, but the color that stood out as a “I must try this now!” was Meadow.

Meadow is a beautiful silver as it’s base color, and when exposed to the sun (or UV light in general I would assume), it turns into a lovely lavender metallic. I know, I’m fawning over it. I can’t even disguise it, I wore it for 5 days. Here, let me show you why:

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Milani – Hi Tech

You can’t go to a rooftop birthday dinner in Manhattan without fabulous nails. You also can’t go and not take pictures like this one to drool over:

But back to the nails haha. I wanted something a little crazy and playful but generally simple;  Milani – Hi Tech fit the bill. It is a light green holo, which I know sounds scary, but I feel like most skin tones could rock this. Butter London released a light green holo this fall, so it’s also a drugstore version of a on-trend color. It’s just a little brighter green than the BL.


I did two coats then sealed it with Seche Vite and it’s beauuuutttiiffulll. Kinda like this weather (seriously, can September last forever? this weather has been amazing, I want it around always). I love holos because somehow they capture fun and funky but somehow maintain a little bit of class. I know my version of professional nails is basically “if it’s a well done mani, why should I restrict my colors?” but I think this could be a widely accepted office color in business casual environments. Over all, it’s a quality polish, quality color, and I felt like my nails at least attempted to shimmer as bright as the lights of New York at dinner, so wins all around.

I did add an accent nail of Ying’s Nails – Starry Meteor because I picked it up at a street fair last weekend and couldn’t resist. This shot also shows Hi Tech with flash and all of it’s holo goodness.

Taxi Cab Nails: with Cover Bands – Sticks and Stones

I’ve been sick as a dog this week, which mainly means being curled up watching Netflix and painting my nails trying not to sound like I’m dying of consumption (I know, I’m starting off on a real upper!). But that meant I had time to sit around and think about what to start back on the blog with and I decided on doing a taxi themed mani! Something a little New York, even though I usually am more likely to be cheap and take the subway or call up a gypsy cab… Anyway!

I am in love with Sticks and Stones. I probably use it at least 3 times a month, and I always get rave comments when I wear it. The yellow I used is some random bottle I picked up at a beauty store on Flatbush, but it’s probably my favorite yellow ever. The brand is called “NK Nail Enamel” and the color is Amarillo. Formula is amazing; a two coater for coverage, but no hassle at all! and it’s YELLOW, not a neon yellow or a yellow leaning red or white. Why are good yellows so hard to find? haha. If I can find it again, it’s going to end up in Mel’s next care package.

Overall, I think I hit pretty close to my inspiration, don’t you?

I’m not sure where NK – Amarillo can be found, but Sticks and Stones can purchased at for $9. (expect to see it a few more times on here!) She also has the great feature where you can get email notifications for restocks, so sign up to keep tabs on it if you can’t score it immediately!

“My name is Barack Obama and I endorse this… nail polish?”

Okay, yes, I work in politics. And, yes, this post pretty much reveals which side I’m supporting this November. And yes, I am loving that, thanks to members of the beauty industry like Marie Claire, and Anna Wintour, and the other gazzilion “go get ’em!” girls who have been rallying the troops this year, being politically informed is now in full fashion.  But, really, all I’m here about today is to say that Obama has his own nail polish. And I want it.

According to the “Runway to Win” website, which is part of Obama’s campaign store, the set, designed by Richard Blanch includes: “Red-y To Win Red – A delightfully deep red, a bold pop of color that makes a statement; Victory White – A soft, clean white perfectly polished for every day wear; and Bo Blue – A shimmering sapphire blue, a fun take on the classic navy.” And to seal the all Americana feel, four little words: “Made in the USA”. It’s even on sale, marked down from $40 to the totally splurgable amount of $25.

I know, I know, we all have like 20 dupes of these colors in our collections, but I need this. If POTUS puts his seal of approval on these colors, that’s like an executive order on nail polish trends or something, right? (You know, I type these things and then I realize I come across like Elle Woods, before she realized smart was sexy too…) I’m sure non-polish addicts will look at this and go, “uh, really? why would a campaign seriously sell that?” But since I am, in fact, a polish addict, I’m pretty sold on it being a fabulous concept, and I am seriously considering getting it. Basically, the real reason I need this is because I love the fact that I can support something with my weekly nail polish splurge for once, and I love the fact that I can wear it long-term. If someone wants to say something about it being silly, I’ll gladly quote the NYT discussion on how nail polish is the new lipstick of economic indicators and that, really, it’s kind of an ingenious move. The fact that it’s not a metal button with “made in china” on the back is a perk too.

Who am I kidding, my debit card is already in hand. I’ll let you know how a political polish turns out 😉

xo- Jess

Mattese Elite – Baise Moi (still drooling over this mani!!)

Blog readers, I’ve been holding out on you. I want to say I’m sorry, but I’d like to think it’s a good thing on this one (and, you know, not just work/travel/life insanity haha). I’ve been holding out on this OH MY VARNISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GLITTER EXPLOSION from Mattese Elite. With all the spring collections that have hit, I hope my delay in posting makes you remember to add this to your list, especially if you are a glitter / happy birthday dupe hoarder like me 😉

Baise Moi is part of the Me Amour collection released in February from Mattese Elite. It’s a multi-sized multi-colored glitter that is super fantabulous. This is one coat over one of Mattese Elite’s new core collection colors Cream Me Up. I was torn between trying both colors the night I put it on, so I decided to rock them together and was BEYOND pleased with the results. The light color of Cream Me Up really made Baise Moi pop. Seriously, this was the mani that I was most sad about having to change during my Feb Mani-a-day challenge. I even wore it into work, profesh colors be darned, I was rocking a party on my nails haha. Pictured is one coat, and on the grand scale of layering glitters, it was really easy to get it how/where I wanted it. It also wasn’t much of a top coat eater, I did two coats of Seche Vite and was pleased with the smoothness. I know, this review is full of corny and non-dictionary superlatives but I really do love this polish. It may be the crown jewel of my multi glitter / happy birthday dupe collection. Cream Me Up is awesome as well, but I will show it in it’s full glory on another post. (side note: I’ve been falling in love with a lot of nudes lately… may have to challenge myself to finish my “favorite nude” polish quest for this blog and do a top 5 post soon!)

I do apologize for the slightly awkwardly cropped photos though, I um, had a minor incident of “crafting gone wrong” that involved lighting acetone on fire and consequently am trying to crop out the gross burns I got on my hand :/ Just appreciate the pretty polish, haha, my hands are nearly healed, no need to worry about me!

Since this was a polish I used during the challenge, I had to update it after one day of wear, so hit the jump to see it Marshmallowed!!

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Goodness on the horizon…

Just before February rolled into town, I started realizing I had a million untried polishes in my collection. Well, slight exaggeration, but the concept gave me an idea of doing an “do an untried polish every day challenge” for the month. I mentioned it to Melissa and our friend Gina, and they decided to jump on the challenge too. (Always nice to have a reason to be held accountable haha.) We’ve been swatching some great polishes and having fun with it, so I thought I’d give you all a preview of the awesome reviews that are soon to show up on the blog.










And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!!! So many great polishes. Mel and I just got in Mattese Elite’s new Me Amour collection, so expect some GORGEOUS swatches of that in the next few days.

Excited? We are too 🙂 Next month may have to be a “blog every day” month to get me caught up haha!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, I wouldn’t exactly call Valentine’s Day my favorite holiday, but we all know I love any excuse to do some nail art. I also happened to score the very appropriately named Revlon – Lovestruck (appropriately named for both the color and the holiday!) when Mel and I went to the Cosmetics Market during her visit to NYC. It’s such a dusty gorgeous color, subtle but amazing. The shimmer in it along with how well it complimented my skintone made me really really happy.

The nail art really popped on it too since it was a nice muted color. I will say however that hearts are not my nail art bff. I think I’m just too much of a perfectionist about them. (Actually, thinking about it, I’m that way with drawing them too… maybe I’m just ocd about hearts. Add that to my list of idiosyncrasies haha.) But over all I really loved how this turned out 🙂 I see me getting a lot of use out of this color, so I may have to go back and grab a back up.

This shot better shows the color, even though the glare hit my nail art weird.

Hope everyone has a great day, and don’t forget chocolate goes on sale tomorrow 😉