MOB WEEK: Mattese Elite – Consigliere

I had no idea what a consigliere (or “counselor”) was until I looked it up on wiki.  Basically, it’s a position in the Mafia.  Depending on who you ask it’s either the Boss’s right hand man/adviser/confidant or it could be the number three person in a three man administration consisting of the boss, the underboss, and the consigliere. The Consigliere is most definitely an important figure in any Mafia.

Moreover, Consigliere the nail polish by Mattese Elite totally rocks and should be an important part to your collection especially  if you’re into these types of colors.  It’s a really pretty light blue creme with greyish undertones.  Just look at the picture!  So lovely.  I actually put this on before putting on Whack and was very very (extremely) sad to take it off.

1 coat Poshe basecoat
3 coats Mattese Elite – Consigliere

See it more macro’d after the jump!

I am pretty

It is a three coater however it’s a very manageable three coater and it definitely covers after three coats with no bald spots.  I guess the polish (like Mel would say) requires a bit of babying but really, it wasn’t too bad for me.  The color is what makes this polish worth it.  I don’t have anything like this and usually it takes me a while to “get used to” a color that I don’t wear very often.  Not this time, I loved it immediately after the 3rd coat.  I think it works for most seasons (especially spring and winter).  I can’t wait to wear this again soon!

Consigliere as well as the rest of the Cosa Nostra Collection can be found on


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  1. I did a test coat of this, and I was slightly worried. seeing a complete manicure, it looks much better!

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