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Wet N Wild- Poison Ivy

I’m not going to go on and on about Wet N Wild’s Poison Ivy, because you have eyes. You can see how gorgeous it is. I really love the formula on WNW’s Megalast polishes, this is 2 coats, but you can get away with one. Poison Ivy has that “glow from within” quality that I am loving right now. A small word of warning, the brush on this is not my favorite. I like a wider, stiffer brush, but this brush seems stiffer than normal, and it’s too wide for my pinky finger ūüė¶ I shall deal with it.

Poison Ivy is part of the limited edition Pick Your Poison collection, and retails for $1.99. I picked up several polishes from this collection during CVS Wet N Wild BOGOFREE sale earlier this week. Good luck finding these, the WNW limited edition collections are notoriously hard to find, but eventually they start popping up. Definitely pick this one up!


Spoiled- Tip Your Waitress

I spent Labor Day at the beach, and I decided to wear one of my favorite neons for the weekend. This is 3 coats of Tip Your Waitress and the formula is great. Even the brush is good with this bottle! God I love a good neon. And a $1.99 neon? Even better! This is one of the few polishes I can wear for several days. It does shrink a bit with Seche Vite, but I’m not bothered by it. More pics behind the cut!

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Happy Ho Ho Holidays!!

Today we have another mani inspired by my friend Gina. She was a fellow reindeer at Santarchy¬†this weekend, and she did some awesome nail art for the occasion. I’m not ambitious or talented enough to attempt the reindeer art, but even I was able to attempt the Santa suit portion of the manicure. I happen to resemble a candy cane with my outfit today, so between that, and my nails, I am possibly the most festively dressed person in the DMV area. For a tutorial, and an “artsy fartsy” shot of my manicure, hit the jump!

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Wet n Wild Color Icon – Rockin’ Rubies

Another gorgeous Ice baby polish for you today…

1  coat Seche Rebuild (base)
1 coat Wet n Wild Wild Shine – Red Red
2 coats Wet n Wild Color Icon – Rockin’ Rubies
1 coat Gelous (glitter tamer)
1 coat Seche Vite (top)

This one is not as dense as Back Alley Deals or Believe Me, It’s Real but still a pretty glitter with easy application.¬† I layered about 2 coats over a Wet n Wild red called Red Red that regularly retails for 99 cents.

More under the cut…

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Wet n Wild Color Icon – Believe Me, It’s Real

1  coat Seche Retain (base)
1 coat Essie – Sexy Divide
1.5 coats Wet n Wild Color Icon – Believe Me, It’s Real
1 coat Wet n Wild Color Icon  РBack Alley Deals (ring accent nail)
1 coat Gelous (glitter tamer)
1 coat Seche Vite (top)

*cue Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby*

*whispers* Ice Ice baby!

The song was stuck in my head EVERY.TIME I walked into a Walgreens.¬† The search for Wet n Wild’s Ice Baby collection was long and hard (like most awesome Wet n Wild collections) but this was worth it. I’d do it all over again if it meant the end result were these gorgeous polishes.

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I’m not sure if you are like me, but I already have my routes planned out for Black Friday. Technically, I had them planned out last week. It’s not like every other week when you can walk into a store and buy what you want. You have to limber up, practice your boxing out routine, and work on your sprinting. And you have to be comfortable making some snap purchase decisions that can carry some serious financial consequences (I accidentally bought a $120 hockey sweater last year. oops.) Black Friday is serious bidness man!! So I wanted to get these deals up so you, too, can plot your routes like a shopaholic crazy person. Don’t worry, there is no judgement here. Unless you don’t go. Then we *might* judge.

ULTA (doors open at 6am)

  • OPI Ulta Exclusive Deck the Halls 4-mini bottle set, $7.50. Regularly retails for $12.50.
  • Ulta 4-bottle Glitterati set, $2.99, regularly $7.99.
  • Certain items are 5 for $5, including Ulta nail polish, and some facial ¬†scrubs (my new obsession)
  • B2G2Free, including Ulta Nail Polish
  • 190 other deals available in store and online.


  • Eucerin lotions: $9.99 with $4 Register Rewards. I use Eucerin as part of my hand care regimen.


  • The¬†Wet n Wild Little Luxuries nail polish mini set will be $3 w/ $2 +UP Rewards. $1 for nine minis and there are some GREAT colors in this set. Minis are fantastic for traveling.
  • BOGOFREE all Borghese nail polishes and Sally Hansen Diamond Strength nail polishes. I LOVE Aisle Be There, from the new collection!!
  • ALL Revlon nail enamel (no exceptions) are $2.99 with $2 +UP Rewards (limit 2). That’s $.99 a bottle!! ¬†Better yet,¬†print the $2 off Revlon Top Speed coupon from the Video Values website and get a free bottle!!


  • Sally Hansen Salon Effects will be sold in sets of 2 for $12.97. This evens out to $6.50 a box!


  • Color Theory Makeup sets, which include nail polish, are on sale for $2.88 and $6.88
  • The¬†Wet n Wild Fast Dry mini set is on sale¬†$2.88 with $2 back in Extra Bucks (limit 1). The regular price of this set is $5.99 so $0.88 for all those minis is a great deal!! Included are Saved by the Blue, Silvivor, Party of Five Glitters, and several others.
  • Revlon nail color (excluding Top Speed) will be $4.99 with $4 back in Extra Bucks (Limit 6)


  • 30% off your ENTIRE Purchase coupons for Thursday (11/25) and Friday (11/26) including sale items. 20% off your entire order coupon for Saturday (11.27)
  • 50% off one Regular Priced Item, one for Friday, one For Saturday.
  • Scrapbook Storage is 50% off. Use the 30% off coupon for additional discounts. See my review of my Melmer here.
I will be sure to update this post if/when I see new deals pop up this week. Remember, these are NOT the regularly scheduled weekly drugstore deals. These sales don’t take effect until Friday, 11/25. Good luck in your polish hunting!!

Core Collection of Color

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Whether you are just starting out your collection, or you’re a polish pro, there are definitely staple colors that every girl (or guy!), should have in their collections! There’re certain color genres that are timeless; classics that will never go out of style despite the constantly changing styles in the world of fashion.Nail polish is also a cheap accessory. I can’t afford Louboutin shoes, but I could do the Louboutin¬†mani (in theory, if my nails were long enough). We’ve been asked by a lot of our friends who are fairly new to the lacquer game what colors they absolutely NEED in their collections. After some fairly extensive research, I’ve put together a list of colors every collection should have. I’ve tried to provide a variety of brands and price ranges that will appeal to every type of nail painter. If it’s been previously reviewed on the blog, you can hit the link to be linked back to our review. But if you don’t see a color that should be listed, drop a comment! We’re always open to suggestions!¬†

True Red– nail polish was invented by the Chinese around 3000 B.C. Royalty is thought to have worn silver and gold polish, but red is also one of the earliest colors. And no wonder it’s stood the test of time. There are so many different shades of red, and in a pinch, it can go with almost everything. It can be dressed up or dressed down. Because red is a timeless color, there is usually some variation of it in every line released by every lacquer brand, from the affordable Wet n Wild, to the mildly over expensive Butter London, to the it will make your wallet cry Chanel. I operate under the motto “You can never have too many reds!” and that’s why it’s the most extensive color in my personal collection. Its also a year round color, giving you more bang for your buck! Berry reds work best on fairer skin, bringing out the pink undertones, while strong reds work best on darker skin tones, and wine/burgundies work best on medium skin tones.

Suggestions: Butter London- Saucy Jack, $14; Sinful Colors- Ruby Ruby, $1.99; Essie- Russian Roulette, $8

Pretty in Pink– Pinks are the most feminine colors and a must for pretty much any collection. Like reds, there is a very broad spectrum of pink, and some look better on certain skin tones than others. Blue based pinks work best on fair skin, yellow based pinks work best on darker complexions. To determine this, hold the bottle up against your inner wrist, and see what the reflection color is. Pink is the other most extensive color in my collection, and I mean extensive. If I could take any color to a desert island, it would be pink.

Suggestions: Rimmel- Posh Pink, $4; Sinful Colors- Beautiful Girl, $1.99; Essie Knockout Pout, $8; Chanel- Morning Rose, $25

Grey– I am aaaaaaalllllll about the greys/slates/carbon colors this fall. This is probably one of the colors with the widest spectrum of shades. And therefore, it’s one that will always be in style. It’s a good color if you are afraid to go really dark, but are willing to experiment.

Suggestions: L’Oreal- Raven’s Strength, $5; Mattese Elite- Capo, $6; Essie- Power Clutch, $8; Chanel- Graphite, $25

Neutral– As the one in The Clique with the traditional federal government office job, I am always on the lookout for colors to add to my neutral collection. While it’s not explicitly stated that I can’t wear wild and crazy colors, I have been in the awkward situation of being called into meetings with high level officials with neon green nails. So I try to keep it tame¬†Mon-Thursday, and then get a little rebellious on Fridays, or half days. There are definite benefits to wearing neutral polishes. They keep your nails looking cleaner and healthier, while being non-flashy. Chips also aren’t obvious and it goes with everything. When I travel, if I bother painting my nails at all, I go with a neutral. If you’re skin tone has yellow undertones, you’ll want a beige polish, where those with pink undertone will want a pink leaning polish.

Suggestions: confetti- paradise pink, $2; Essie- Mademoiselle or Lady Like, $8; OPI- You Don’t Know Jacques, $8; Butter London- All Hail The Queen, $14

Purple– We are HUGE fans of purple here at the blog. It’s a great color and there is such a wide spectrum of colors. There are red leaning purples, and blue leaning purples, and everyone has their favorite shades.Generally, lighter colors work best on fairer skin, and darker colors on darker skin. However, when it comes to purple, I don’t follow these rules. I buy the colors I like and wear them with swagger, even if they don’t look good. Because we love this color, I’m going to give more suggestions than I have with other colors, because I don’t think I could narrow it down.

Suggestions: Sinful Colors- Verbena, $2; wet n wild fast dry- Ready To Pounce, $2; Revlon- Modern Grace, $6; Mattese Elite- Whack, $6; Essie- Splash of Grenadine, $8; OPI- Honk If You Love OPI, $8; Butter London- Queen Vic, $14

Blue/Green– I’m putting these together, mostly because I personally wouldn’t put these in a “Staples of a Collection” but I know Sandy and Jess would literally kill me if I left them out! There are some gorgeous shades under both colors and if you can pull them off, more power to you! Most of the colors I have in my collection that fall under blue and green collection I bought thinking “That’d make a great pedicure color!” however, they have their place and can be great fun when worn in the right situation.

Suggestions: Blue/ Zoya- Cynthia, $8; OPI- Dating a Royal, $8; China Glaze- First Mate, $6 / Green: Sinful Colors- Open Seas, $2; China Glaze- Emerald Sparkle, $6; Butter London- British Racing Green, $14

Vampy Dark Color – Vampy colors look most chic on short nails, so this is something to keep in mind when selecting a polish. They also require a great deal more maintenance. But done right, they can look really sophisticated. Deep plums work best on those with darker skin tones. Really dark colors are tricky for fair-skinned people, because they can make you appear washed out, and even more pale than you were to begin with. But these colors are seductive and sexy, and a must have.

Suggestions: China Glaze- VIII, $5; OPI- Lincoln Park After Dark, $8; Deborah Lippmann- Bitches Brew, $16

Black– Black polish isn’t just for punk and goth kids. Black is a staple for any collection. It makes an excellent base for many layering polishes, and it can be sleek and stylish when done right. It also goes with EVERYTHING. Much like the Vampy Dark Colors above, it looks best on shorter nails. Otherwise you risk looking like Elvira. Balcony polish also requires more maintenance. It’s a little difficult to clean up, and even the most minor chips are glaringly obvious. You will also need a really good top coat for a black polish. You will want a glossy finish if you want a professional look. Because I don’t want to post just straight black cremes, I am including blacks that have glitter and shimmer to them in this category.

Suggestions: wet n wild fast dry- Ebony Hates Chris, $2; L’Or√©al- Owls Night, $5; Butter London- Union Jack Black, $14

Makes you happy- these are the colors that maybe they fall under one of these other categories, or maybe they don’t. I have a bunch of colors that make me happy, but I would never consider them timeless or classic. But they are colors that I wear when I’m having a bad day, or I’ve got the grumps, or I’m feeling like I wanna have a party on my tips or my toes. They are my go-to colors when I can’t decide what I want to wear, ones I KNOW I love, and can wear for days on end. It’s that polish you know you will like until the end of time, and you don’t care if it goes out of style or not.

Wet N Wild Megalast- Bite The Bullet

Wet N Wild might be my favorite nail color brand. They make fun glitters, classic colors, are inexpensive, and, for the most part, have pretty good quality formulas. Apart from one horrific color, I can’t think of a bottle that I’ve tossed. And for $1.99, I’m not too picky.

I Used:
1 coat Wet N Wild Clear
3 coats Wet N Wild Megalast- Bite The Bullet
No top coat

Bite The Bullet is a grey leaning lavender creme. I found the formula a bit thin and runny, so being heavy-handed in polish application isn’t the way to go here. However, there aren’t any streaking issues, so a third coat only proves problematic if patience is not your virtue. I was surprised how much I liked this color since I sort of bought it on impulse at Walmart. Being a lighter purple, it goes well with my skintone, and is just dusty-dirty enough that I would qualify it as a fall purple in addition to being a springy purple. For $1.99 it’s an unbeatable greyish lavender, a color that is pretty popular right now.

Wet N Wild Polishes run between $1-$2 in most drug store, and Target/Walmart/Kmart. However, they are currently on sale 30% off at CVS and BOGO1/2OFF at Rite Aid. It’s a great time to pick up some items from the new lines, or stock up on some old favorites!

Mel’s Five Fave Fall Shades

Butter London- Saucy Jack: a bright blood red cream

Since today is officially the first day of Fall, we felt that we should share what our 5 favorite shades for the season are going to be. I’m really excited about this as Fall is my favorite season. All my sports teams are starting their seasons, boots can be worn without your feet sweating, I can wear my hair down, and there are some AMAZING nail polish lines that are released. In order to not overload our readers with pictures and text since there are going to be 3 posts today, we’ve ¬†provided a picture with a sentence or two recap. If you see a color you’re interested in and want to read more about, you can click the picture and it will link you back to the original review of that polish!! Easy peasy!!!

My #1 favorite color this fall is Butter London’s Saucy Jack. To see the other 4 (in no particular order) and my honorable mentions!!! Read the rest of this entry

The X-Factor!! (wet n wild fast dry- teal of fortune)

Time for a Fun Mel Fact!! After living in England for a year in 2007-2008, I’m a huge fan of their reality television series, The X-Factor. This year, Kelly Rowland, of Destiny’s Child fame, is on the panel of judges. I think she’s been doing a great job taking over for Danni/Cheryl. She’s talented, funny, knowledgeable, and a fantastic style. I’d noticed over the past two episodes that she has this really cute, semi-unique manicure. Some fairly shallow research led me to learn that her’s is a Shellac manicure (something I really want to try!) but I figured I could find two colors in my somewhat extensive collection to recreate this super cute manicure!

I used:
1 coat Seche Base Coat
2 coats Wet N Wild- Teal Of Fortune
2 coats Sinful Colors- Beautiful Girl
1 coat Seche Vite Fast Dry Top Coat

I think this turned out pretty well, don’t you? The colors aren’t exactly spot-on, but they are pretty close considering I used what I had and I didn’t go out and buy anything to attempt this look. As you can see in the picture of my inspiration, on Kelly’s one hand, she has the accent nail on her index finger. Scandalous! I stuck with the traditional ring finger here. Jess already reviewed Beautiful Girl, which I’ve linked you to. I will admit, I disagree with her review, but only because I AM a plain old pink kinda girl. This is 2 coats of Beautiful Girl, and I think it’s near perfect. The formula wasn’t difficult for me, and I like this shade. But that’s why we have 3 girls with 3 different opinions on here! I think the only thing I would do differently next time would be to use 3 coats of Teal of Fortune, which I have reviewed below the jump.

Also, the US version of The X-Factor debuts tonight on Fox at 8pm. The concept and format is miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiles better then American Idol, so watch it if you can! I’m hoping Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger can provide more manicure inspiration!
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