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“My name is Barack Obama and I endorse this… nail polish?”

Okay, yes, I work in politics. And, yes, this post pretty much reveals which side I’m supporting this November. And yes, I am loving that, thanks to members of the beauty industry like Marie Claire, and Anna Wintour, and the other gazzilion “go get ’em!” girls who have been rallying the troops this year, being politically informed is now in full fashion.  But, really, all I’m here about today is to say that Obama has his own nail polish. And I want it.

According to the “Runway to Win” website, which is part of Obama’s campaign store, the set, designed by Richard Blanch includes: “Red-y To Win Red – A delightfully deep red, a bold pop of color that makes a statement; Victory White – A soft, clean white perfectly polished for every day wear; and Bo Blue – A shimmering sapphire blue, a fun take on the classic navy.” And to seal the all Americana feel, four little words: “Made in the USA”. It’s even on sale, marked down from $40 to the totally splurgable amount of $25.

I know, I know, we all have like 20 dupes of these colors in our collections, but I need this. If POTUS puts his seal of approval on these colors, that’s like an executive order on nail polish trends or something, right? (You know, I type these things and then I realize I come across like Elle Woods, before she realized smart was sexy too…) I’m sure non-polish addicts will look at this and go, “uh, really? why would a campaign seriously sell that?” But since I am, in fact, a polish addict, I’m pretty sold on it being a fabulous concept, and I am seriously considering getting it. Basically, the real reason I need this is because I love the fact that I can support something with my weekly nail polish splurge for once, and I love the fact that I can wear it long-term. If someone wants to say something about it being silly, I’ll gladly quote the NYT discussion on how nail polish is the new lipstick of economic indicators and that, really, it’s kind of an ingenious move. The fact that it’s not a metal button with “made in china” on the back is a perk too.

Who am I kidding, my debit card is already in hand. I’ll let you know how a political polish turns out 😉

xo- Jess

Essie Spring 2012 Collection- Navigate Her


Navigate Her (pale green with a high shine)
A Crewed Interest (peach creme)
To Buy or Not to Buy (lilac shimmer)
Tour de Finance (magenta with ultra fine silver shimmer)
Ole Caliente (fiesty coral)
Orange, It’s Obvious! (orange-tangerine jelly)

I chuckled to myself with the names of some of these polishes. My new year’s resolution is get my finances stabilized and to finally start building my savings… While still funding a nail polish habit, a travel habit, and paying off my credit cards. So the fact there’s a line of polishes coming out with financial names amused me. Especially after I spent 3 hours last night plotting a credit card payment plan and tweaking my budget.

I’m personally excited about Ole Caliente. Y’all know I’m anti-orange but love red and pink, so coral is a nice compromise!! What colors are you excited for?

Sally Hansen Salon Effects- Snow Bunny

Shocking discovery of the century, these work better when your nails a bit longer and past the tips of your fingers. You may remember with my last attempt at SEs, I was complaining about it feeling weird having the tips wrapped and the excess shoved up under my nails. Well wouldn’t you know, when your nails are a little bit longer, this issue disappears. You may also be wondering why you’re getting a picture of my left hand? It’s because I messed up my index finger nail, and just because I have to look at it does not mean that YOU have to! Much as I expected, practice makes perfect and my second time applying Salon Effects was much easier than my first. You sort of learn little tricks that work for you. Like I barely use the nail file that’s included in the set and trim excess with nail scissors. And don’t use Orly- Bonder as a base coat as it’s slightly sticky, making cuticle alignment and placement a bit tricky. For reference, I used a coat of Orly- Bonder as a base coat, and no top coat.

I absolutely LOVE the Snow Bunny pattern, so I’m really pleased I only needed to use one of the two packets of nail strips included in the box. I can either save these for next year, or wear it again a little later in the winter. I love the shiny shimmer effect of these strips. I remember, this was the pattern that seemed to be sold out everywhere, and props to Sandy for spotting a box when we were in a Target together back in October. I’ve waited THIS LONG to wear them because I wanted to save them for Christmas week! I’ve seen them around since then, so they are definitely still available. I may have to pick up another box!! I must confess though, I’ve resisted the urge to file my nails down so I could have them a bit long for this manicure. However, this has resulted in me repeatedly scratching myself this week. So I cannot wait to have my nubbins back if/when I ever take this manicure off!

What polishes do you have on your list? I have Frock Star/Misbehaved/Kitty, Kitty for Salon Effects, as well as several of the new Complete Salon Manicure colors. I gave my mom a really detailed list, and to improve my chances, sent her copies of our DEAL ALERTS posts so she’d know where to shop 🙂 I hope y’all have a great and wonderful holiday!

Butter London- Knees Up, A Traditional Holiday Manicure

I’ve shared a glitter bomb mani, and I’ve shared some fairly simple nail art for Christmas manicures this week, so I wanted to take the chance to share a simple, traditional manicure. Butter London’s Knees Up is a GORGEOUS red foil and this is the 3rd time in two weeks I’ve worn it. I picked it up at Ulta in the BOGOFREE Butter London deal they ran back in September, and I’ve been saving it to share for the holiday season as it’s a perfect Christmasy red.

I Used:
1 coat Orly Bonder
1 coat China Glaze Ridge Filler
2 coats Butter London Knees Up
1 coat Seche Vite

God, this color is gorgeous. It’s totally impossibly to catch the perfectness “on film” but this, and the “artsy fartsy” shot capture it best. The formula is wonderful. I used two coats because I was taking pictures, but one coat is totally adequate and fully opaque. And the brand lives up to its name as this polish literally goes on like butter. It’s super pigmented, but cleans up really easily, which is always nice. If I had one complaint on this polish, it’s that streaks can be visible, but that is a hazard of foily metallicy polishes. I really can’t stress how great of a polish this is for the holiday season. It’s shimmery due to the finish, but still office friendly. It can be dressed up, or dressed down.  I personally like the way it looks on my shorter nails (see right) but I’m keeping my nails a bit longer than normal at the moment for a manicure later this week. I hate it. I keep scratching myself like a newborn.

You can pick up Butter London- Knees Up at Nordstrom’s, Macy’s, Ulta, or on the Butter London website for $14. I would definitely encourage spending $14 on this color.

Some Rockefeller Glitz: Milani – Red Sparkle and NYX Girls – Gilded Glitter

It’s Christmas time in the cityyyyy… New York to be precise, and I thought I should do a little exploring. To get in the spirit before I went out wandering, I took a cue from Mel and did a festive mani 🙂  I did one layer of Milani One Coat Glitter – Red Sparkle topped with NYX Girls – Gilded Glitter and a little floral stamping in Sinful Colors – Snow Me White all sealed with Seche Vite. My nails were glittery explosions that went quite well with all the holiday sparkle 🙂 I love Milani One Coat Glitters because they ABSOLUTELY live up to their names. They also aren’t total top coat eaters! Gilded Glitter really added a little pop to it too. It’s a great layering glitter, no need to fuss with where flecks end up being placed and I love the effect. I’ll have to share it again soon on a mani that highlights it; in this instance it really made the red glitter pop because of how it caught the light, but it didn’t stand out too much on it’s own. Despite me being lazy and not doing a basecoat (didn’t think I’d end up wearing it to work… glad the “festive” clause worked in my favor 😉 ) it wore like iron and lasted three full days with minimal wear, mainly just the tip area.

Now, my “nail adventure” pics that had my nails in them turned out like crap, buttt that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna share some NY Christmas magic 😉 Here’s a few pics from my holiday explorations! Enjoy!


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Happy Ho Ho Holidays!!

Today we have another mani inspired by my friend Gina. She was a fellow reindeer at Santarchy this weekend, and she did some awesome nail art for the occasion. I’m not ambitious or talented enough to attempt the reindeer art, but even I was able to attempt the Santa suit portion of the manicure. I happen to resemble a candy cane with my outfit today, so between that, and my nails, I am possibly the most festively dressed person in the DMV area. For a tutorial, and an “artsy fartsy” shot of my manicure, hit the jump!

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L’Oreal – Lady Luck

Blog, it’s been a trying two weeks for me. No, not because I moved to NYC and started a new job, that part is pretty fan-freaking-tastic. It’s because, well, I quite literally moved up here in 2 suitcases. On Megabus. Which means… I only brought about 10 polishes with me. I’ll let that sink in for a minute. A girl who owns over 300 polishes and loves it enough to write on a blog about it brought TEN polishes with her to start her new life.

Needless to say, I lasted all of 3 days here before I went into Duane Reade and picked up a rather large handful of polishes, haha. This was one of them. And the one I put immediately on 🙂 It’s my “I just landed in the big apple!!” polish, and it’s perrrrffffeeeccctttt for that occasion!

taken with flash

L’Oreal – Lady Luck is a classic red with an amazing formula. The pic was taken after wearing it two days, so I did a quick “freshen up coat” and you can see it’s nice and glossy all on it’s own. Granted, I’m too impatient to ever wear nail polish without the magic drying powers of Seche Vite, but if it’s your virtue, this polish is completely rockable on it’s own. I sort of feel about Lady Luck how I think Mel feels about Butter London – Saucy Jack. It’s a classic, always looks awesome, go-to red. And I feel like it’s the perfect color for me to explore New York in; it’s sultry, fun, adventurous, classic, and powerful. All traits a good red should have.

(sorry for the blur, but it showed the color most accurately)

If I have to live with a limited supply of nail polish until I can move all my stuff up from Maryland (and Michigan…), I’m very glad to have this baby in my stash. I foresee it getting TONS of use!

Wet n Wild Color Icon – Rockin’ Rubies

Another gorgeous Ice baby polish for you today…

1  coat Seche Rebuild (base)
1 coat Wet n Wild Wild Shine – Red Red
2 coats Wet n Wild Color Icon – Rockin’ Rubies
1 coat Gelous (glitter tamer)
1 coat Seche Vite (top)

This one is not as dense as Back Alley Deals or Believe Me, It’s Real but still a pretty glitter with easy application.  I layered about 2 coats over a Wet n Wild red called Red Red that regularly retails for 99 cents.

More under the cut…

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Essie- Bungle Jungle

Y’all. I think I have a new favorite red. I picked up Bungle Jungle when the Chinatown Bed Bath and Beyond was having a $3.99 Essie sale. They were clearing out a bunch of whites, pinks, and reds and so I went in and picked up a few. Side Note: The Chinatown BB&B is one of my favorite places to shop for Essie polishes. They always have the latest lines as well as the entire core collection. This is a fire engine red, but what makes it different from other polishes I own is the metallicy shimmer finish!! I’m not really sure how long this has been sitting around in the BB&B because the polish was really thick, there was some evaporation, and there was paint around the outer part of the neck. I chose to overlook all of this, mostly because I didn’t realize until I opened it to do my manicure, because I like the color so much. Besides, the thickness of the polish wasn’t something a little polish thinner couldn’t fix. I also think the thickness helps with this polish. This is only 2 coats, and it’s fully opaque without a visible nail line. It went on smooth without streaking. There is a gold shimmer in the bottle that is very subtle on the nail. I have two red Essies, and I’ve been impressed with both of them. You can see my review of Russian Roulette here. I think this is a really great red, and one I’ll get a lot of use out of, being a fan of red teams. It also looks like my favorite drink from 7-11, the wild cherry Slurpee. Great. I think I’m going to have to go get one today.

OPI Muppet Collection- Excuse Moi


First of all, please let me apologize for the totes awkward swatch shot. This is a mini bottle that came in the OPI Muppet Mini Collection, and do you know how difficult and awkward it is to shoot a mini bottle? Really effing awkward. They are hard to hold, position, and get a nice picture of. I think this turned out aight though!

When I first saw the Muppets Collection, I was drawn more to this glitter than any of the others. Because it’s the subtle one. But I wasn’t ready to commit to it. So when it came in the mini pack, along with several other colors I wanted to try, I was really excited. Natch, I love it. Excuse Moi is a sheer reddish-pink jelly with silver microglitter and small multicolored hex glitter. I used 3 coats here, and I definitely think that was enough. For a glitter, it’s one of the best formulas I’ve come across, it applies soooooo smooth. My only flaw with it, is that it chips like a mofo. I had it on for less than a day before half of my ring finger chipped. It’s definitely not a long-lasting formula. This polish also eats top coat. I put on two fairly thick coats of Seche Vite Top Coat, and it still wasn’t smooth. I don’t really consider this a flaw so much as a fact of life. Glitters tend to eat top coats, it rains whenever I DON’T take my brollie with me on errands, and there’s always going to be a REALLY GOOD SALE when I don’t have any money. Since I’ve worn this two or three times since it arrived from AVEYOU, I think I’m probably going to get a big girl sized bottle of this polish.