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Essie- Your Hut Or Mine

Essie’s Your Hut or Mine is part of the 2011 Resort Collection. After stalking occasionally checking my TJ Maxx for the $3.99 Essies I kept hearing about, I finally came across them last week while running errands on my day off. Naturally, I sat down and painted my nails with it immediately, rocking it for On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. I used two coats for this manicure as I could still see visible nail line after one coat. If I’m staring really closely, you can still see it after two coats as well, but it’s not nearly as noticeable. It’s a great formula as Essies normally are. I love the pink shimmer!! This is a great all-purpose color. Great for work, great for fancy events, great to wear because you feel like wearing pink!

Essie is available pretty much everywhere, retailing between $7.50-$8.50, and for less on many e-tailers, such as Trans Design.


Spoiled- Tip Your Waitress

I spent Labor Day at the beach, and I decided to wear one of my favorite neons for the weekend. This is 3 coats of Tip Your Waitress and the formula is great. Even the brush is good with this bottle! God I love a good neon. And a $1.99 neon? Even better! This is one of the few polishes I can wear for several days. It does shrink a bit with Seche Vite, but I’m not bothered by it. More pics behind the cut!

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China Glaze- Dress Me Up w/ Essie- A Cut Above

I have many mixed feelings about this manicure. Dress Me Up was one of the colors from the Colours From The Capitol collection I was most excited about, a brownish rose color that’s right up my street in terms of an office friendly polish. And A Cut Above was second to last on the list of polishes I would buy from the Luxeffects collection (after its silver glitter sister). However, I’m left unsure on how I feel about DMU on its own, but really like it with ACA. So much so that I needed a reminder from Gina about how much of a PITA it is to remove glitter to keep from doing a full mani with ACA.

Dress Me Up is a brownish leaning rose-pink creme. I rarely say this, but I found this formula to be frustrating. It’s runny and takes a lot of patience to apply to the nail. Because it pooled in the crevices, cleanup also took longer. I like the color on my skin tone, and it is definitely an office appropriate color. This is two coats.

I added A Cut Above after looking at DMU on its own for an hour or so. I never would have bought this glitter myself, but I was surprised to find myself semi-excited to get this bottle in my March Teen Vogue Birchbox. I decided to test an accent nail, and found I really liked the combination! It’s just the right touch of sparkle to a neutral color. It’s a rose-pink hex and microglitter in a clear base. What I like about this glitter is the base is thick enough that it doesn’t have a lot of texture. One coat of Seche Vite was enough to smooth this glitter out. I am now excited to try this glitter with a bunch of other base colors, and will probably attempt a marshmallow mani with it in the near future.

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OPI- Pink Friday


Confession: I love Nicki Minaj. Love. Her. As I told Jess last week, I don’t trust people who don’t like Nicki Minaj (this was a reference to a specific person, and an obvious exaggeration). I think she’s fun, has great ‘tude, and I wish I had that wig. I’m actually listening to her album as I were this on the bus home from visiting Jess in NYC! So when I heard she was doing a nail polish line, I knew I was going to need at least one of the colors. And Pink Friday it was.

Pink Friday is a baby pink creme. I have several of these shades, but none are really dupes for each other. They all lean more pink or more white than the others, so I struggle to purge any of them. The formula in PF is really good, and it covers in 2 coats (on my index finger I have three due to user error). Its a teensy bit on the thick side, but this is easily solved by using thinner coats and a lighter hand when polishing. One of the most important factors in a polish to me is how well it cleans up. This cleans up excellently and with very minimal effort. As I’ve been doing recently, I wore PF for 4 days. Sometimes life gets in the way of doing your manicure.

I also have Fly from this collection, which I’ll review soon. I’m currently wearing it on my toes with Essie’s Shine of the Times and I loooooooove it! Now I just have to decide how bad I really want Did It On ‘Em… Read the rest of this entry

Revlon – Starry Pink (now released as Popular) gets Color Club – Orna-Minted!

When Starry Pink was first released, I think all three of us were excited. Then we put it on and were all a little mehhh. Mel did the first write up, here, and we both wondered if using it as a top layer over something else would make it more user friendly.

revlon - popular nail polish swatch swatching mani manicure

Well, the answer to that is yes, at least when it comes to formula. I layered it over two coats of Sinful Colors – Easy Going and it worked much better as a top coat. The glitter was easier to maneuver and it made it a normal thickness on my nail instead of the 3-4 coats of goopy thickness it was on it’s own. However, still not sold on the color. The shade is just nqr on my skintone. Since it’s original release, it’s been renamed as Popular and is out in the new Revlon displays that include all sorts of other goodies like Whimsical, Stunning and Naughty. All colors the Clique LOVESSSS.

To jazz it up a little, and because I felt like smelling minty fresh all day, I did an accent nail with Color Club – Orna-Minted. Loved the pop it gave to my ring finger and how it brought out the silver on my other nails too! I loovveeeee the smell of Orna-Minted. It’s a perfect mint smell, and a perfectly proportioned smell. It’s not over powering like some scented nail polishes I’ve tried, and it doesn’t fade super fast either. Lasted through my whole work day 🙂 Also, added relatively scientific bonus? Spearmint is an aphrodisiac, and this def has some spearmint scent mixed in 😉 I didn’t get to use that particular bonus, but hey, maybe one of you will get the chance to haha.

Essie Spring 2012 Collection- Navigate Her


Navigate Her (pale green with a high shine)
A Crewed Interest (peach creme)
To Buy or Not to Buy (lilac shimmer)
Tour de Finance (magenta with ultra fine silver shimmer)
Ole Caliente (fiesty coral)
Orange, It’s Obvious! (orange-tangerine jelly)

I chuckled to myself with the names of some of these polishes. My new year’s resolution is get my finances stabilized and to finally start building my savings… While still funding a nail polish habit, a travel habit, and paying off my credit cards. So the fact there’s a line of polishes coming out with financial names amused me. Especially after I spent 3 hours last night plotting a credit card payment plan and tweaking my budget.

I’m personally excited about Ole Caliente. Y’all know I’m anti-orange but love red and pink, so coral is a nice compromise!! What colors are you excited for?

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Madame X

I recently picked up Madame X at Rite Aid once it hit my local branch, and they were running a BOGO50%OFF sale. It’s been one of the colors from this line of CSMs (for Prabal Gurung’s Fall 2011 Runway Show) that I wanted since the beginning, I now have a sense of calm having acquired it. I’m really glad I did finally pick it up, because it’s taken the place of Frutti Petutie as my favorite CSM color. It’s a reddish pink and absolutely gorgeous. After a month of wearing dark colors, nudes, and some “weird” Christmasy nail art, I was ready for a pop of color. I’m currently on day 4 of wearing it, and I’m not in any hurry to take it off despite some tip wear. Here I’m wearing two coats and it’s fully opaque. The formula is great. It’s not streaky, and just the right consistency. It does dry a bit flat, and even with a coat of Seche Vite top coat, it’s not super shiny. I personally don’t mind this. Sometimes, I want a nice cream with a flatter finish and that’s what this is. I forgot how much I love the CSM brush too. A lot of people hate it, but I find it really easy to do my manicure with it, probably because I have wider nails than most. And because it’s not a flexible brush, it’s the easiest brand/line to paint my toes.

You can find Complete Salon Manicure polishes pretty much anywhere nail polish is sold, and it ranges in price from $6.50-$8. I’ve seen the Fall 2011 line at Rite Aid, Ulta, and Duane Reade.

OPI- Animalistic w/ Essie- Matte About You

It’s taken me a while to get into matte polish. I used to think it looked weird. Nail polish is supposed to be shiny!!! However, I’ve come around. I think it just took the right polish. Animalistic, from the OPI Muppets Collection, is that polish to me. It’s awesome on its own. But when I mattefy it, it has that suede finish that I like much better than a flat, matte finish. Look at that shimmer!! I want Jess to review Animalistic in full, because she’s been lemming it for such a long time. But I wanted to share this manicure because I am loving it. A matte top coat gives a polish a whole new dimension. More importantly, it’s a quick way to update a manicure! Instead of redoing my manicure every day, or every other day, I can use a matte top coat for a quick update! Plus, it dries super quick. I mattefied my nails and 20 minutes later I was assembling my Christmas tree!!

You can pick up Animalistic at Ulta, and many e-tailers for $8.50-$10. Essie Matte About You can be found at most drugstores, Ulta, Target, etc, and online for $7.50-$10 depending on the store.

OPI- Give Me a Coral Sometime

I picked up OPI’s Give Me A Coral Sometime a few weeks ago when ULTA was running their 2/$10 deal on a few discontinued colors. It was a consolation color as one of the ones I had wanted was sold out already. Luckily I really love this color, so I’m not too heartbroken I didn’t get that other color whose name I don’t even remember now!

I Used
1 coat Orly Bonder
3 coats OPI- GMACS
1 coat Seche Vite Top Coat

Give Me a Coral Sometime is a coral jelly base with a fuschia shimmer, something I was definitely able to capture in my picture. When the light hits it, it flashes! It’s a bit thin and sheer, so even with 3 coats there is a bit of a visible nail line. This doesn’t really bother me as I have accepted the fact that I have unnaturally white tips and they will shine through any polish that isn’t a particularly dense color. However, 3 coats doesn’t feel thick as its a thin formula, and it does go on even and smooth. It’s not problematic, just more a building up issue.

I really can’t get over how much I like this color of coral. Most corals lean too orange but this leans more pink, which works for me. I can see this color getting a lot of wear in the summer! You can get OPI polishes at most e-tailers and at ULTA for around $8.50-$10.

Revlon- Stunning over Essie- Real Simple

3 days ago, Twitter went a flutter as several people tweeted about having found Whimsical, the new Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air dupe by Revlon. I took to the interwebs to see if this was a random one-off polish, or if it was part of a larger line. Well, it has a sister polish, Stunning. I added both to my list, and went off to the one convenient Bed Bath and Beyond that carries nail polish. I spent a good 20 minutes digging through all the nail polish displays, and was 50% successful. But perhaps this was the better half to find immediately? Everyone else is going gaga over Whimsical (which I DEFINITELY want) but no one has really mentioned Stunning. And Stunning it is 🙂

I Used:
1 coat Orly Bonder
3 coats Essie- Real Simple
1 coat Revlon- Stunning
1 coat Seche Top Coat

Stunning is a multi-colored micro and hex holo glitter in a clear base. To the naked eye, in the bottle, you can’t really tell it’s multi-colored. It just appears silver with a hint of black. When the light hits it though, its sooooo pretty. It’s also really subtle, so I’m wearing this one to the office tomorrow. Coverage is good, and glitter placement is effortless. It’s possible this is my new favorite glitter. I can’t wait to try it over some other colors, such as blue and purple. I was already wearing Real Simple. And it’s one of those days where I kept falling asleep if I sat down for more than 10 minutes. But I got lucky and I think it looks great! Definitely a girlier holiday manicure. You can pick up Stunning and Whimsical at Bed Bath and Beyond for $3.79. Read the rest of this entry