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L’Oreal Rainy Piccadilly w/ Zoya- Fei Fei

The only reason I picked up Rainy Piccadilly was because I had a coupon. That’s how many of my nail polish purchases happen. I can preach how I’m on a no-buy but I see a sale and I just can’t resist. I’m really glad I picked this up though. It’s named after one of my favorite places in London, so it’s extra special. The formula is excellent, opaque in two coats. To add a little bling, I did an accent nail is Zoya Fei Fei (photos below the jump), from their Fall 2012 collection. Expect a full review on that in the future, because it’s awesome!

Rainy Piccadilly is part of the British Invasion collection and can be found at Target, Walgreens, Walmart, and other major drugstores. It can retail between $4.50-$6 depending on where you purchase it.  Read the rest of this entry


DEAL ALERTS: Week of November 13-19, 2011

I’m not sure if this is totally fair, but it’s kinda a “meh” week for nail polish deals. It seems like all the drugstores are running the same deals!! I hope this is because they are gearing up for Black Friday. I’ll be posting those deals later this week. Maybe you can resist these deals and save your pennies for next week?? Yeah, me neither. I’m going to TRY and control myself, and only get some WnW stuff at Rite Aid. In addition to their nail polish, I LOVE their eyeshadows and eye liners. Of course, I’m probably going to go back to CVS and get a couple of those Sally Hansen Gem Crush polishes too. And maybe some new Salon Effects? I mean, they are on sale…


  • BOGO1/2OFF ALL Revlon Cosmetics and Beauty Tools


  • 40% off all Wet n Wild cosmetics. If you spend $10, you get $3 +UP Rewards with Wellness Card.
  • BOGO1/2OFF all Rimmel cosmetics
  • BOGO1/2OFF all L’Oreal cosmetics
  • BOGO1/2OFF all Revlon cosmetics and beauty tools; Spend $20 get $6 +UP Rewards with Wellness card.


  • BOGO1/2OFF all Sally Hansen cosmetics, nail products, and hair removers. An excellent time to try out some of the new Gems Crush colors, or the new Salon Effects!!
  • BOGO1/2OFF all Rimmel cosmetics. I still love their polish, even if I haven’t reviewed any recently!
  • BOGO1/2OFF all Revlon cosmetics, beauty tools. The new Holiday lines are out now, and really pretty colors. 
  • BioOil is 25% off. Jess LOVES this stuff. 
  • Spend $20 on Burt’s Bees products get $5 Extra Bucks with EC Card. I saw some super cute gift sets when I was in here on Saturday. Their lemon cuticle creme is great.

Sally Beauty (Month of November)

  • Free wallet ($12.99 value) when you buy any 3 Finger Paints Nail Enamels, on sale for $3.99. The FingerPaints Merry & Bright Collection has been spotted at Sallys and looks great this holiday season.
  • Free CINA Holiday Nail Decals with the purchase of a CINA Nail Art Pen
  • CHINA GLAZE- $1.99 Mini Bottles of Ruby Pumps, $7.99 Season Sparkles Set (includes Poinsettia, Holly-Day, and Twinkle Lights), Santa’s Little Helper Set $9.99
  • ORLY- $6.99 Mini 3pk Candy Cane Tube (incl Androgynie, Ma Cherie and Oui), $9.99 Birds of a Feather Gift Set (includes FULL SIZED bottles of Lucky Duck, Sweet Peacock, and Fowl Play, IN ADDITION TO a purple wristlet with peacock feather wristlet)


  • BOGO50%OFF On Revlon Cosmetics, Nail Polish, Beauty Tools, Brushes and Implements
  • BOGO50%OFF On NYX Cosmetics
  • B2G2FREE on ULTA Brand Cosmetics, Nail Polish, Beauty Tools, Brushes and Implements (part of Mix and Match promotion with several other items such as hand soap)
  • ULTA Brand items regularly priced at $1.99-$7.00 are part of a 5for$5 mix and match.
  • Currently running Free Shipping on orders over $25. I suggest using this to get the totally adorable Butter London Dressing Table set (Fairy Lights and Tart with a Heart OR Tart With A Heart and Black Knight) for $25, a $32 value.
  • 20% off One Item coupon available on the website, good until 11/19 online and in store.

ULTA HOT HOLIDAY AD (Deals good from 11/12-12/2)

  • Buy 2 Get a Free OPI Top/Base Coat with any OPI Purchase of $17 or more. OPI Muppets Collection is now available in store. $8.50
  • B2G1FREE on all China Glaze, Orly, and Nicole by OPI nail polishes. 
  • Butter London Dressing Table Duo is $25. See Details above.
  • Burt’s Bees Natural Manicure Set for $14.99. Includes Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream .6 oz, Almond Milk Beeswax Hand Creme 2.0 oz, Replenishing Lip Balm .15 oz, Buffing Emery Board, 2 Manicure Sticks and Burt’s Bees Signature Manicure Bag. Plus, a free BB Tote with any BB Purchase of $12 or more. 
  • Tweezerman Nail Rescue kit, $20
  • Sally Hansen CSM Sets, $7.99. 4 to Choose from!
  • Red Carpet Gel Manicure Starter Kit, $59.99.
  • SPI Manicure Desk, $19.99 IN STORE ONLY. Includes lap desk, nail buffer and nail dryer!


  • A GREAT DEAL!!! Zoya is running a People Magazine Promo, Use the code ZOYA4ME and you will automatically get FREE standard shipping on any order. IF YOU ORDER TWO OR MORE BOTTLES OF NAIL POLISH you will also receive: Free 2oz Remove Nail Polish Remover and Coupon Code* for $5 Off Your Next Zoya Order. See the fine print here. We’ve reviewed Ki and Cynthia on the site already, and I can personally vouch for Jem, Tao, Neeka, Sooki, and Edyta. Jess and I, and probably Sandy, will definitely be checking out the new FEEL Collection. Winter Neutrals FTW!!

Core Collection of Color

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Whether you are just starting out your collection, or you’re a polish pro, there are definitely staple colors that every girl (or guy!), should have in their collections! There’re certain color genres that are timeless; classics that will never go out of style despite the constantly changing styles in the world of fashion.Nail polish is also a cheap accessory. I can’t afford Louboutin shoes, but I could do the Louboutin mani (in theory, if my nails were long enough). We’ve been asked by a lot of our friends who are fairly new to the lacquer game what colors they absolutely NEED in their collections. After some fairly extensive research, I’ve put together a list of colors every collection should have. I’ve tried to provide a variety of brands and price ranges that will appeal to every type of nail painter. If it’s been previously reviewed on the blog, you can hit the link to be linked back to our review. But if you don’t see a color that should be listed, drop a comment! We’re always open to suggestions! 

True Red– nail polish was invented by the Chinese around 3000 B.C. Royalty is thought to have worn silver and gold polish, but red is also one of the earliest colors. And no wonder it’s stood the test of time. There are so many different shades of red, and in a pinch, it can go with almost everything. It can be dressed up or dressed down. Because red is a timeless color, there is usually some variation of it in every line released by every lacquer brand, from the affordable Wet n Wild, to the mildly over expensive Butter London, to the it will make your wallet cry Chanel. I operate under the motto “You can never have too many reds!” and that’s why it’s the most extensive color in my personal collection. Its also a year round color, giving you more bang for your buck! Berry reds work best on fairer skin, bringing out the pink undertones, while strong reds work best on darker skin tones, and wine/burgundies work best on medium skin tones.

Suggestions: Butter London- Saucy Jack, $14; Sinful Colors- Ruby Ruby, $1.99; Essie- Russian Roulette, $8

Pretty in Pink– Pinks are the most feminine colors and a must for pretty much any collection. Like reds, there is a very broad spectrum of pink, and some look better on certain skin tones than others. Blue based pinks work best on fair skin, yellow based pinks work best on darker complexions. To determine this, hold the bottle up against your inner wrist, and see what the reflection color is. Pink is the other most extensive color in my collection, and I mean extensive. If I could take any color to a desert island, it would be pink.

Suggestions: Rimmel- Posh Pink, $4; Sinful Colors- Beautiful Girl, $1.99; Essie Knockout Pout, $8; Chanel- Morning Rose, $25

Grey– I am aaaaaaalllllll about the greys/slates/carbon colors this fall. This is probably one of the colors with the widest spectrum of shades. And therefore, it’s one that will always be in style. It’s a good color if you are afraid to go really dark, but are willing to experiment.

Suggestions: L’Oreal- Raven’s Strength, $5; Mattese Elite- Capo, $6; Essie- Power Clutch, $8; Chanel- Graphite, $25

Neutral– As the one in The Clique with the traditional federal government office job, I am always on the lookout for colors to add to my neutral collection. While it’s not explicitly stated that I can’t wear wild and crazy colors, I have been in the awkward situation of being called into meetings with high level officials with neon green nails. So I try to keep it tame Mon-Thursday, and then get a little rebellious on Fridays, or half days. There are definite benefits to wearing neutral polishes. They keep your nails looking cleaner and healthier, while being non-flashy. Chips also aren’t obvious and it goes with everything. When I travel, if I bother painting my nails at all, I go with a neutral. If you’re skin tone has yellow undertones, you’ll want a beige polish, where those with pink undertone will want a pink leaning polish.

Suggestions: confetti- paradise pink, $2; Essie- Mademoiselle or Lady Like, $8; OPI- You Don’t Know Jacques, $8; Butter London- All Hail The Queen, $14

Purple– We are HUGE fans of purple here at the blog. It’s a great color and there is such a wide spectrum of colors. There are red leaning purples, and blue leaning purples, and everyone has their favorite shades.Generally, lighter colors work best on fairer skin, and darker colors on darker skin. However, when it comes to purple, I don’t follow these rules. I buy the colors I like and wear them with swagger, even if they don’t look good. Because we love this color, I’m going to give more suggestions than I have with other colors, because I don’t think I could narrow it down.

Suggestions: Sinful Colors- Verbena, $2; wet n wild fast dry- Ready To Pounce, $2; Revlon- Modern Grace, $6; Mattese Elite- Whack, $6; Essie- Splash of Grenadine, $8; OPI- Honk If You Love OPI, $8; Butter London- Queen Vic, $14

Blue/Green– I’m putting these together, mostly because I personally wouldn’t put these in a “Staples of a Collection” but I know Sandy and Jess would literally kill me if I left them out! There are some gorgeous shades under both colors and if you can pull them off, more power to you! Most of the colors I have in my collection that fall under blue and green collection I bought thinking “That’d make a great pedicure color!” however, they have their place and can be great fun when worn in the right situation.

Suggestions: Blue/ Zoya- Cynthia, $8; OPI- Dating a Royal, $8; China Glaze- First Mate, $6 / Green: Sinful Colors- Open Seas, $2; China Glaze- Emerald Sparkle, $6; Butter London- British Racing Green, $14

Vampy Dark Color – Vampy colors look most chic on short nails, so this is something to keep in mind when selecting a polish. They also require a great deal more maintenance. But done right, they can look really sophisticated. Deep plums work best on those with darker skin tones. Really dark colors are tricky for fair-skinned people, because they can make you appear washed out, and even more pale than you were to begin with. But these colors are seductive and sexy, and a must have.

Suggestions: China Glaze- VIII, $5; OPI- Lincoln Park After Dark, $8; Deborah Lippmann- Bitches Brew, $16

Black– Black polish isn’t just for punk and goth kids. Black is a staple for any collection. It makes an excellent base for many layering polishes, and it can be sleek and stylish when done right. It also goes with EVERYTHING. Much like the Vampy Dark Colors above, it looks best on shorter nails. Otherwise you risk looking like Elvira. Balcony polish also requires more maintenance. It’s a little difficult to clean up, and even the most minor chips are glaringly obvious. You will also need a really good top coat for a black polish. You will want a glossy finish if you want a professional look. Because I don’t want to post just straight black cremes, I am including blacks that have glitter and shimmer to them in this category.

Suggestions: wet n wild fast dry- Ebony Hates Chris, $2; L’Oréal- Owls Night, $5; Butter London- Union Jack Black, $14

Makes you happy- these are the colors that maybe they fall under one of these other categories, or maybe they don’t. I have a bunch of colors that make me happy, but I would never consider them timeless or classic. But they are colors that I wear when I’m having a bad day, or I’ve got the grumps, or I’m feeling like I wanna have a party on my tips or my toes. They are my go-to colors when I can’t decide what I want to wear, ones I KNOW I love, and can wear for days on end. It’s that polish you know you will like until the end of time, and you don’t care if it goes out of style or not.

L’Oreal – Owl’s Night

L'Oreal - Owl's Night

1 coat Seche Rebuild (base)
2 coats OPI – Honk If You Love OPI
1 coat L’Oreal – Owl’s Night
1 coat Seche Vite (top coat)

I think know I have a thing for birds… I’m a fan of the Baltimore Ravens, Orioles, and my most recent fall polish love, Fowl Play was part of Orly’s Birds of a Feather Collection.  So a polish called Owl’s Night? Count me in!

Owl’s Night is a gorgeous dark olive shimmer packed with specks of foil-y goldish-green colored micro glitter.  I know, but just trust me on this one.   It’s AMAZING.  I actually think I like it better than Fowl Play because it’s the underrated one of the two.  Plus, application/formula for Owl’s Night is perfect where I had to thin out Fowl Play a bit for flawless application.

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