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Manis On The Go- The Travelin’ Gal’s Guide To Keeping Her Mani Fresh!!

A couple of days ago, Jess and I were discussing an opportunity she has coming up, and how that opportunity could lead to a lot of traveling. And she was wondering how she would be able to do manicure upkeep while on the road. I got really excited, possibly did my giddy seal clap, and asked if I could write a post on this. You see, I’m fairly well-traveled. I lived abroad for a year, traveled extensively within that year, and have gone back to Europe every year since then to visit my friends and see things I missed. Plus, I’ve got a trip to England in April (wedding) and Antigua in October (Birthday and World Cup Qualifying) and I will definitely want to keep my nails in tip-top shape. Trying to do this while traveling light is a challenge, but not impossible. You just need to apply the same rules of packing your suitcase to packing your mani kit. Especially if you are like me, and tend to travel carry-on only, and with just a backpack.

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