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Essie- Your Hut Or Mine

Essie’s Your Hut or Mine is part of the 2011 Resort Collection. After stalking occasionally checking my TJ Maxx for the $3.99 Essies I kept hearing about, I finally came across them last week while running errands on my day off. Naturally, I sat down and painted my nails with it immediately, rocking it for On Wednesdays We Wear Pink. I used two coats for this manicure as I could still see visible nail line after one coat. If I’m staring really closely, you can still see it after two coats as well, but it’s not nearly as noticeable. It’s a great formula as Essies normally are. I love the pink shimmer!! This is a great all-purpose color. Great for work, great for fancy events, great to wear because you feel like wearing pink!

Essie is available pretty much everywhere, retailing between $7.50-$8.50, and for less on many e-tailers, such as Trans Design.


Essie- Play Date & OPI- Spotted

Even though I am working my way through my untrieds and trying not to buy any new polish (special exceptions excluded, obviously), I picked up Essie’s Play Date this weekend because I knew I wanted it to be my Caribbean vacation pedicure color. I also thought it would make a great base for Spotted. I absolutely love this color. The formula is wonderful as Essies usually are, and it went on perfectly in 2 coats. It’s also super easy to control. I barely had to do any clean up because it doesn’t pool in my cuticles, or drag. This is a bit brighter than Rimmel’s Wild Orchid, but resides in the same family and are close enough that I may purge my Rimmel. I picked up Play Date at Target for $7.79.


I have to give a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge shout out to my friend Gina who sent this to me in a care package this week. She knew I was having issues with my eBay purchase of Spotted, while she somehow manage to bid and win two bottles.  So when I opened my package and saw a mini of Spotted, the sounds that came out of my mouth in excitement were not human. She poured some of her bottle into an empty mini and sent it to me!! Thanks Gina!! Obviously, I had to try it immediately, and I love the result. I definitely need some work on the application. You are supposed to put on a VERY THIN coat, and while I wiped my brush until I was sure there no polish on it, that still ended up not being thin enough. That’s why you are getting pictures that only have 2 and 3 fingers in them. My other fingers just look… special. I can’t wait to try Spotted over other colors and see the different combinations. You best believe there will be a DC United manicure done with this before the end of the season.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy OPI Spotted in the States at this time. You will probably need to find a kind and generous soul in France to purchase and ship it to you, or pay out the hoohah for it on eBay. That’s another reason I’m grateful Gina sent me this mini. I can’t really afford a full-sized bottle at the extortionate eBay prices so this is now my most prized polish!!

China Glaze- Dress Me Up w/ Essie- A Cut Above

I have many mixed feelings about this manicure. Dress Me Up was one of the colors from the Colours From The Capitol collection I was most excited about, a brownish rose color that’s right up my street in terms of an office friendly polish. And A Cut Above was second to last on the list of polishes I would buy from the Luxeffects collection (after its silver glitter sister). However, I’m left unsure on how I feel about DMU on its own, but really like it with ACA. So much so that I needed a reminder from Gina about how much of a PITA it is to remove glitter to keep from doing a full mani with ACA.

Dress Me Up is a brownish leaning rose-pink creme. I rarely say this, but I found this formula to be frustrating. It’s runny and takes a lot of patience to apply to the nail. Because it pooled in the crevices, cleanup also took longer. I like the color on my skin tone, and it is definitely an office appropriate color. This is two coats.

I added A Cut Above after looking at DMU on its own for an hour or so. I never would have bought this glitter myself, but I was surprised to find myself semi-excited to get this bottle in my March Teen Vogue Birchbox. I decided to test an accent nail, and found I really liked the combination! It’s just the right touch of sparkle to a neutral color. It’s a rose-pink hex and microglitter in a clear base. What I like about this glitter is the base is thick enough that it doesn’t have a lot of texture. One coat of Seche Vite was enough to smooth this glitter out. I am now excited to try this glitter with a bunch of other base colors, and will probably attempt a marshmallow mani with it in the near future.

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Essie- Turquoise and Caicos


Phew, it’s been a trying week and a half. Apologies for the lack of a Deal Alerts post, but with the office move this weekend, and the days leading up to it, I just didn’t have the time to do a comprehensive post. But they’ll be back next weekend, and coming at ya from NEEEEWWW YORK CITY. And also apologies for the oddly watermarked photos. I’m having some issues with camera-computer link up, and figured it would be better to do this than to not post at all.

So! Today we have Essie’s Turquoise and Caicos, a color I had wanted for a long time before finally picking it up with an ULTA coupon over the holidays. Turquoise and Caicos is a light pastel turquoise jelly-creme. Unfortunately, I’m not sure whether I love or hate this polish. My first attempt with it lead to me removing it after getting frustrated while giving myself a pedicure and practically throwing it into my melmer in disgust. This attempt went much better as a manicure, so perhaps it’s just not a formula that is meant for a pedicure (unless you take it to your professional manicurist!). This is three coats, and three coats are definitely NEEDED, and even then its not entirely opaque. I used to be a three-coater, but I’ve definitely come to appreciate a quick two coat and done type of manicure. Besides, if after 3 coats you’ve still got VNL and a bald spot or two, you’re lucky you’re not in the purge pile already. But the color, ohhhhh the color. It’s a great spring/summer light turquoise that I just love! So I’m torn. I may give it one more chance before officially throwing it in the purge pile. Third time’s the charm, right?

Hit the jump for an artistic shot of my T&C mani, with my new 8th Floor Cubicle with a Window! view 🙂 Read the rest of this entry

Sunday Brunch Mani! Essie Cocktail Bling w/ Pure Pearlfection

Yesterday I went for Sunday Brunch at my favorite restaurant, Volt. If you are a Top Chef Nerd, you may remember the owner, Bryan Voltaggio, was the runner-up on the season his brother Michael won. The food was phenomenal as always (see pics below) and girl talk was had. Naturally, I did a mani for the occasion and it looked great with my dress.

Essie once again has hit it out of the park with Cocktail Bling. It’s a perfect 2 coater, and applies like butter. The formula may be a bit thin for some, but I love it. It’s easy to work with and it doesn’t pool around the nail crevices. It’s a great winter neutral that has some color, but is cool enough it fits into the winter season. The picture shows it leaning purple, but it’s actually a blue leaning gray.

As for Pure Pearlfection, I’ve covered it before. I’d like to tell you that I wore it over CB to represent the frost and snow we got in MD this weekend or some crap like that. The truth is, I just really love this top coat. It gives a little bit of bling in a classy, not-in-your-face type of way. I have noticed there is a blue and pink shimmer I haven’t noticed before. I’m not sure if this is due to being layered over a blue polish or not.

Both of these polishes retail for around $7.50-$8.50 depending on where you shop. Cocktail Bling is from the 2011 Cocktail Bling Collection and Pure Pearlfection is from the Luxeffects line.

Essie Spring 2012 Collection- Navigate Her


Navigate Her (pale green with a high shine)
A Crewed Interest (peach creme)
To Buy or Not to Buy (lilac shimmer)
Tour de Finance (magenta with ultra fine silver shimmer)
Ole Caliente (fiesty coral)
Orange, It’s Obvious! (orange-tangerine jelly)

I chuckled to myself with the names of some of these polishes. My new year’s resolution is get my finances stabilized and to finally start building my savings… While still funding a nail polish habit, a travel habit, and paying off my credit cards. So the fact there’s a line of polishes coming out with financial names amused me. Especially after I spent 3 hours last night plotting a credit card payment plan and tweaking my budget.

I’m personally excited about Ole Caliente. Y’all know I’m anti-orange but love red and pink, so coral is a nice compromise!! What colors are you excited for?

Revlon- Stunning over Essie- Real Simple

3 days ago, Twitter went a flutter as several people tweeted about having found Whimsical, the new Deborah Lippmann Glitter In The Air dupe by Revlon. I took to the interwebs to see if this was a random one-off polish, or if it was part of a larger line. Well, it has a sister polish, Stunning. I added both to my list, and went off to the one convenient Bed Bath and Beyond that carries nail polish. I spent a good 20 minutes digging through all the nail polish displays, and was 50% successful. But perhaps this was the better half to find immediately? Everyone else is going gaga over Whimsical (which I DEFINITELY want) but no one has really mentioned Stunning. And Stunning it is 🙂

I Used:
1 coat Orly Bonder
3 coats Essie- Real Simple
1 coat Revlon- Stunning
1 coat Seche Top Coat

Stunning is a multi-colored micro and hex holo glitter in a clear base. To the naked eye, in the bottle, you can’t really tell it’s multi-colored. It just appears silver with a hint of black. When the light hits it though, its sooooo pretty. It’s also really subtle, so I’m wearing this one to the office tomorrow. Coverage is good, and glitter placement is effortless. It’s possible this is my new favorite glitter. I can’t wait to try it over some other colors, such as blue and purple. I was already wearing Real Simple. And it’s one of those days where I kept falling asleep if I sat down for more than 10 minutes. But I got lucky and I think it looks great! Definitely a girlier holiday manicure. You can pick up Stunning and Whimsical at Bed Bath and Beyond for $3.79. Read the rest of this entry

Essie Cocktail Bling- Bobbing for Baubles w/ Luxeffects- Pure Pearlfection

I’m strange. While the Luxeffects line is pretty, there weren’t any was dyyyyyyying to have unlike the other 99.999998854765% of the nail blogging population. Instead it was more of an “If I see them, maybe I’ll pick one or two up.” Once I saw swatches, I was drawn to Pure Pearlfection. Probably because it was the most low-key of line. Shine of the Times is pretty, but I wouldn’t get much wear out of it, mostly because it’s got an orange hue, and partly because it’s not really office friendly. Pure Pearlfection is a great holiday polish. It’s a very subtle silvery white micro shimmer top coat that gives a frosty finish. When you go out into the sunshine, there are glimmers of blue and purple. It is SO. PRETTY. I think one coat looks great over Bobbing for Baubles, and I can’t wait to try it over several other colors, both dark and light. Hit the jump to see Bobbing for Bauble on its own! Read the rest of this entry

Manis On The Go- The Travelin’ Gal’s Guide To Keeping Her Mani Fresh!!

A couple of days ago, Jess and I were discussing an opportunity she has coming up, and how that opportunity could lead to a lot of traveling. And she was wondering how she would be able to do manicure upkeep while on the road. I got really excited, possibly did my giddy seal clap, and asked if I could write a post on this. You see, I’m fairly well-traveled. I lived abroad for a year, traveled extensively within that year, and have gone back to Europe every year since then to visit my friends and see things I missed. Plus, I’ve got a trip to England in April (wedding) and Antigua in October (Birthday and World Cup Qualifying) and I will definitely want to keep my nails in tip-top shape. Trying to do this while traveling light is a challenge, but not impossible. You just need to apply the same rules of packing your suitcase to packing your mani kit. Especially if you are like me, and tend to travel carry-on only, and with just a backpack.

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Essie – As Gold As It Gets (the new gold glitter from the Luxeffects 2011 collection!)

Just to get this post up, I had to take off Shine of the Times after a little less than a week.  The sacrifices I make for this blog! haha.  But let’s just admit it: we saw the Cosmoprof 2011 preview for the Essie Luxeffects 2011 collection and were like OMG ESSIE FLAKIE!!! (referring to Shine of the Times) and then you looked at the others, and the second that caught your eye was probably that gold one.  We know it’s probably nothing we haven’t already seen but the idea of Essie glitters is exciting, and who doesn’t love a gold glitter?  I purchased both of these on the same day, they were together – you could say I struck gold 🙂 (yes I just about fainted from excitement the day I got them)

1 coat Seche Retain (base)
2 coats Essie – Decadent Diva (red in the bottle, practically brown on the nail)
2 coats Essie – As Gold As It Gets (gold glitter)
1 coat Essie – Good to Go! (top)

This, while not as special as Shine of the Times is pretty freaking awesome.  It’s a gold fleck glitter.   I hesitate to call it a flakie because I feel like a true flakie should be kinda holo and glow-y (like SotT) but the flecks are of various sizes and shapes, which are similar traits you see in a flakie.

More under the cut!!

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