RESWATCHED: OPI- Warm & Fozzie

Warm & Fozzie, from the Muppets Collection, was one of my favorite colors to come out last year. I even did a post on it when I had gotten the mini set. When I had the idea to do a re-swatch post, I went back to look at the previous swatches and had a really good laugh with Jess about how nubby my nubbins were when I did that post. It was early on in our blogging days, and I have gotten much better at swatching since then. And, as Jess said, I’ve “embraced a little length” with my nails.

Turns out, I still love Warm & Fozzie. It’s such a great fall color with the burgundy, gold, and copper flecks and one of the few “brown” polishes I’ll wear. I wore this to Philly last week for the DC United game (we won!) and got so many compliments on it. Here I used two coats, but I definitely think this is a three coater under normal circumstances. When I was looking at it in the sun, I felt like my nails were still a bit transparent. There is a bit of a shrinkage problem with Seche Vite as the top coat, so I definitely think I will try a different top coat next time.

You can still get Warm & Fozzie on Amazon and eBay!


A-England: Tristam

I love it. LOVE. IT. I ordered this back in July when Adina was running her 5gbp polish sale for hitting 5,000 fans on Facebook, and it just arrived this week. My original shipment got lost in the Olympic chaos and she had to resend them. Sidenote: Adina was really great about resending my order and answering my inquiries. Anyway, I ordered this and Galahad, both of which were on my lemming list. This polish is perfection. I used two coats, but it really only needed one. The holographic glitter is really subtle and shimmering. I believe this has taken over as the Most Complimented polish I’ve worn. And it’s definitely one of my most favorite polishes in my entire 460+ bottle collection. I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of Tristam this winter.  Read the rest of this entry

Ruby Wing – Meadow (New UV Color Change Polish!!)

Crackle, Caviar… Color changing? The newly released Ruby Wings line is a brand of polish that changes color when exposed to the sun. Now, I know, there’s been mood polishes for a while now, but this is the first I’ve seen of UV based color change. When I saw the colors the line would be carrying, there were about 5 on my “oh that looks awesome list”, but the color that stood out as a “I must try this now!” was Meadow.

Meadow is a beautiful silver as it’s base color, and when exposed to the sun (or UV light in general I would assume), it turns into a lovely lavender metallic. I know, I’m fawning over it. I can’t even disguise it, I wore it for 5 days. Here, let me show you why:

Got your attention yet? Hit the jump for my full review, more pictures, and an attempt at me getting a video of the color change! Read the rest of this entry

Butter London- Trustafarian

Butter London’s Trustafarian is not a Melissa color.  At least not typically.  But the more I saw swatches of it, the more I wanted it. I felt like it would be subtle enough that I could still wear it in the office and not be concerned about professionalism.  So I picked it up during the Ulta BOGOFREE sale last week. I’m so glad I did! I absolutely loved this polish and wore it for 4 days, which is a rarity in my world. The formula is a bit thin so I went with 3 thin coats for complete coverage. I really like the slightly pistachio color of this polish. It’s unique, and I got a lot of compliments on it. Especially when I was out in the sun. The holo qualities of Trustafarian are really subtle and my nails just sparkled. Removal was super easy, but there was a bit of shimmer left behind on my fingers. Let’s just say I temporarily resembled a Cullen. But I can’t wait to wear this again!

Trustafarian is part of Butter London’s Fall 2012 collection. You can pick it up on Butter London’s website, as well as Ulta, Ricky’s, Nordstrom’s and other sites. They retail for $14.

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Essie- Play Date & OPI- Spotted

Even though I am working my way through my untrieds and trying not to buy any new polish (special exceptions excluded, obviously), I picked up Essie’s Play Date this weekend because I knew I wanted it to be my Caribbean vacation pedicure color. I also thought it would make a great base for Spotted. I absolutely love this color. The formula is wonderful as Essies usually are, and it went on perfectly in 2 coats. It’s also super easy to control. I barely had to do any clean up because it doesn’t pool in my cuticles, or drag. This is a bit brighter than Rimmel’s Wild Orchid, but resides in the same family and are close enough that I may purge my Rimmel. I picked up Play Date at Target for $7.79.


I have to give a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge shout out to my friend Gina who sent this to me in a care package this week. She knew I was having issues with my eBay purchase of Spotted, while she somehow manage to bid and win two bottles.  So when I opened my package and saw a mini of Spotted, the sounds that came out of my mouth in excitement were not human. She poured some of her bottle into an empty mini and sent it to me!! Thanks Gina!! Obviously, I had to try it immediately, and I love the result. I definitely need some work on the application. You are supposed to put on a VERY THIN coat, and while I wiped my brush until I was sure there no polish on it, that still ended up not being thin enough. That’s why you are getting pictures that only have 2 and 3 fingers in them. My other fingers just look… special. I can’t wait to try Spotted over other colors and see the different combinations. You best believe there will be a DC United manicure done with this before the end of the season.

Unfortunately, you can’t buy OPI Spotted in the States at this time. You will probably need to find a kind and generous soul in France to purchase and ship it to you, or pay out the hoohah for it on eBay. That’s another reason I’m grateful Gina sent me this mini. I can’t really afford a full-sized bottle at the extortionate eBay prices so this is now my most prized polish!!

Milani – Hi Tech

You can’t go to a rooftop birthday dinner in Manhattan without fabulous nails. You also can’t go and not take pictures like this one to drool over:

But back to the nails haha. I wanted something a little crazy and playful but generally simple;  Milani – Hi Tech fit the bill. It is a light green holo, which I know sounds scary, but I feel like most skin tones could rock this. Butter London released a light green holo this fall, so it’s also a drugstore version of a on-trend color. It’s just a little brighter green than the BL.


I did two coats then sealed it with Seche Vite and it’s beauuuutttiiffulll. Kinda like this weather (seriously, can September last forever? this weather has been amazing, I want it around always). I love holos because somehow they capture fun and funky but somehow maintain a little bit of class. I know my version of professional nails is basically “if it’s a well done mani, why should I restrict my colors?” but I think this could be a widely accepted office color in business casual environments. Over all, it’s a quality polish, quality color, and I felt like my nails at least attempted to shimmer as bright as the lights of New York at dinner, so wins all around.

I did add an accent nail of Ying’s Nails – Starry Meteor because I picked it up at a street fair last weekend and couldn’t resist. This shot also shows Hi Tech with flash and all of it’s holo goodness.

Spoiled- Tip Your Waitress

I spent Labor Day at the beach, and I decided to wear one of my favorite neons for the weekend. This is 3 coats of Tip Your Waitress and the formula is great. Even the brush is good with this bottle! God I love a good neon. And a $1.99 neon? Even better! This is one of the few polishes I can wear for several days. It does shrink a bit with Seche Vite, but I’m not bothered by it. More pics behind the cut!

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Taxi Cab Nails: with Cover Bands – Sticks and Stones

I’ve been sick as a dog this week, which mainly means being curled up watching Netflix and painting my nails trying not to sound like I’m dying of consumption (I know, I’m starting off on a real upper!). But that meant I had time to sit around and think about what to start back on the blog with and I decided on doing a taxi themed mani! Something a little New York, even though I usually am more likely to be cheap and take the subway or call up a gypsy cab… Anyway!

I am in love with Sticks and Stones. I probably use it at least 3 times a month, and I always get rave comments when I wear it. The yellow I used is some random bottle I picked up at a beauty store on Flatbush, but it’s probably my favorite yellow ever. The brand is called “NK Nail Enamel” and the color is Amarillo. Formula is amazing; a two coater for coverage, but no hassle at all! and it’s YELLOW, not a neon yellow or a yellow leaning red or white. Why are good yellows so hard to find? haha. If I can find it again, it’s going to end up in Mel’s next care package.

Overall, I think I hit pretty close to my inspiration, don’t you?

I’m not sure where NK – Amarillo can be found, but Sticks and Stones can purchased at for $9. (expect to see it a few more times on here!) She also has the great feature where you can get email notifications for restocks, so sign up to keep tabs on it if you can’t score it immediately!

Revlon- Provence & Wet N Wild- Speak When Spoken To

This is one of several colors I purchased this weekend. I have seen many swatches of this color and thought it would be a nice neutral to add to my collection. Like I don’t have enough of those. But I had a coupon and that makes all the difference! It can be springy, or wintery and seems like it would be a nice base for the rare adventure into nail art. I’m transitioning into fall colors but I’m not quite ready to go into dark colors full time yet. I like Provence. Formula was decent at two coats, but its a bit runny. It’s nice, not loud, but has just enough purple in it that it doesn’t look mannequin handsy. But I was in the mood for a little something extra.

I made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t buy anymore polishes (after Wednesday when ULTA is doing their Butter London BOGOFREE deal that is) until I worked my way through some of my untrieds. As I was digging around in my stash, I found Wet N Wild’s Speak When Spoken To. CAN YOU BELIEVE I ALMOST PURGED THIS IN MAY WITHOUT TRYING IT?!? I told Jess that and she nearly killed me. It turned out to be just the right touch for a couple of accent nails. If I hadn’t spent any hour removing my previous manicure due to staining and glitter, and wasn’t planning to take this off tomorrow so I can do a USA themed manicure for Tuesday, I may have done all ten fingers in this glitter. It’s so subtle I don’t feel weird about wearing this into the office at all.

Revlon ranges from $4.99-$7.99 depending in where your buy it. Wet N Wild Color Icon glitter were $3.99 when they were released as a limited edition. You can still find the random one in stores, I picked mine up for $1.49 on clearance at Rite Aid.

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“My name is Barack Obama and I endorse this… nail polish?”

Okay, yes, I work in politics. And, yes, this post pretty much reveals which side I’m supporting this November. And yes, I am loving that, thanks to members of the beauty industry like Marie Claire, and Anna Wintour, and the other gazzilion “go get ’em!” girls who have been rallying the troops this year, being politically informed is now in full fashion.  But, really, all I’m here about today is to say that Obama has his own nail polish. And I want it.

According to the “Runway to Win” website, which is part of Obama’s campaign store, the set, designed by Richard Blanch includes: “Red-y To Win Red – A delightfully deep red, a bold pop of color that makes a statement; Victory White – A soft, clean white perfectly polished for every day wear; and Bo Blue – A shimmering sapphire blue, a fun take on the classic navy.” And to seal the all Americana feel, four little words: “Made in the USA”. It’s even on sale, marked down from $40 to the totally splurgable amount of $25.

I know, I know, we all have like 20 dupes of these colors in our collections, but I need this. If POTUS puts his seal of approval on these colors, that’s like an executive order on nail polish trends or something, right? (You know, I type these things and then I realize I come across like Elle Woods, before she realized smart was sexy too…) I’m sure non-polish addicts will look at this and go, “uh, really? why would a campaign seriously sell that?” But since I am, in fact, a polish addict, I’m pretty sold on it being a fabulous concept, and I am seriously considering getting it. Basically, the real reason I need this is because I love the fact that I can support something with my weekly nail polish splurge for once, and I love the fact that I can wear it long-term. If someone wants to say something about it being silly, I’ll gladly quote the NYT discussion on how nail polish is the new lipstick of economic indicators and that, really, it’s kind of an ingenious move. The fact that it’s not a metal button with “made in china” on the back is a perk too.

Who am I kidding, my debit card is already in hand. I’ll let you know how a political polish turns out 😉

xo- Jess