Hangin with Lil Jon at Ricky’s in Soho!

*Disclaimer: This post has pretty much nothing to do with nail polish, but it is full of awesome! To be fair, I had every intention of this being a “nail adventures” post, but patience was not on my side this morning and what is usually a quality polish turned into a blotchy mess, and well, it just wasn’t going to do it justice to post the polish. Hopefully all the pictures of the actual adventure make up for it!

When I got an email from Ricky’s earlier this week announcing that Lil Jon was going to be at their Soho location to promote his Halloween mask collaboration with the store, my first thought was “uh, heck yes”. Well, okay fine, it was “YYEEEAAAYYAHH, WHHHAATT” haha. I pretty much scheduled my whole Sunday around it.

And I wasn’t let down, it was a great event. I got a couple pictures with Lil Jon, got him to autograph a mask for my best friend Erin (who also visited this weekend!), got to shake THE Ricky’s hand (yeah, I’ll admit it, I was more awestruck meeting him than Lil Jon. I mean, come on, he’s RICKY), and got to meet the lovely LeAnna in person, which was quite the treat after basically being Ricky’s pen pals for the past year! (she’s the one that sends all the awesome Ricky’s blogger blasts, FYI) Pretty much the only thing that could have made it better would have been if Mel was in town to enjoy it with me 😉

Oh, and in case you were wondering, turns out Lil Jon likes a good “hello” haha. While being interviewed, he was asked if he was a little over people stealing his catch phrases. His answer: “Yeah, yeah I am. You know, you can just say ‘Hi’ you know, ya don’t have to scream at me!” Which made him seem really down to earth, but was then followed up with “It’s hard to be me” hahaha.

Jump below the cut for a gallery, or enjoy the slideshow below 🙂 If you want one of the Lil Jon masks, they are available at Ricky’s stores or online at Rickysnyc.com for $12!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.




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