Essie – Nice is Nice

So, a couple of weeks ago it was my bbbiirrfffddaaayyy and I made a trip home to MD to see my family and friends, including the lovely Melissa 🙂 The day before I left I also got a promotion (!!!) so I had a lot to celebrate. I ended up doing three different bday manis, haha, but this one wins the “blog official” bday mani.



Mel’s present to me was a basket of nail goodies and a rummage through her purge pile. Essie – Nice is Nice was in there, as well as Spoiled – Jewelry Heist, which I used as the accent. NiN is a nice jelly lavender that took two easy coats to full opacity. I think it’s actually going to go in my favorites pile! (Insert “one woman’s trash…” joke here, haha) I thought that Jewelry Heist’s color suited Nice is Nice really well, and that it gave it a look that could be classy or fun.

My parents took me to Renn Fest while I was down, and my nails looks fabulous toting around my cider and raspberry wine 🙂


Btw, these were the other contenders for bday mani, the second of which was done by my best friend Erin (with help from Antony!)




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