Obama Polish by Richard Blanch of Le Métier de Beauté

A couple weeks ago I posted that I had discovered that the Obama campaign was selling nail polish, and that I needed it. Wellll yesterday it arrived and I had to give it a try. Disclaimer: This post is not a review of his person, campaign, or politics. But it is a review of this polish. I suppose a more fair way to review it is to call it Richard Blanch of Le Métier de Beauté’s polish, seeing as he is the designer behind it.

The perks? The bag it came in is great. (My boss almost stole it haha) The bottles, while tiny, are a cute mini cube shape. The colors themselves are classics. And with the logo on them, they’re gonna look cute sitting on my desk at work, right next to my framed picture of Washington Capitals Captain Alexander Ovechkin sitting in the oval office. (I’m special, I’m aware) And the mani I did with it ended up pretty cute, I felt very patriotic and chuckled with coworkers a couple times about it being Obama polish. All the colors are glossy, and I have pictures of them without topcoat below the cut, but I used Butter London’s matte topcoat for today’s look.




The formulas? Well, if I was going for just the colors, I have ones I’d use in my collection first. Victory White is very sheer, and while I may end up trying to do a french mani with it, using it on it’s own it takes about 4 coats to get white nails. Red-y to Win is your basic red jelly, think Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby. Bo Blue is actually pretty fantastic, it’s a one coater, named after the First Dog of the United States and has a nice shimmer to it, but I’ve got similar blues and I’ll probably not use it that often and just save the set.


Overall, it’s a novelty item, and it’s amusement factor for me is great. Worth it for that fact alone 🙂










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