Ruby Wing – Meadow (New UV Color Change Polish!!)

Crackle, Caviar… Color changing? The newly released Ruby Wings line is a brand of polish that changes color when exposed to the sun. Now, I know, there’s been mood polishes for a while now, but this is the first I’ve seen of UV based color change. When I saw the colors the line would be carrying, there were about 5 on my “oh that looks awesome list”, but the color that stood out as a “I must try this now!” was Meadow.

Meadow is a beautiful silver as it’s base color, and when exposed to the sun (or UV light in general I would assume), it turns into a lovely lavender metallic. I know, I’m fawning over it. I can’t even disguise it, I wore it for 5 days. Here, let me show you why:

Got your attention yet? Hit the jump for my full review, more pictures, and an attempt at me getting a video of the color change!

So, here’s the skinny: Ruby Wing polishes sell for $12 a pop and can be found online and are now available Ricky’s stores. When you get into the sun, they change pretty immediately. Even in mild shade, I saw a lavender twinge to the silver. Once out of the light, they change back pretty fast. It actually makes for a kinda cool effect because your nails will vary in color depending on how the sun is hitting it (meaning each nail is different, but also it blends to different colors across each nail too). The formula was great, and the silver reminded me a lot of the Essie Mirror Metallics in finish.

My biggest recommendation: buy it for the base color. Let’s be honest, I walk everywhere, my local bar has a back porch that I am a frequent resident of, and I have a policy of going outside for every lunch break, even if it’s just to walk around the building, butttt even with all that, 85% or more of the time my nails were silver. Formula wise, and for when I could appreciate the effect, totally worth the $12. But if you buy it for the color it changes into, you’re not going to see it as often as you’d like. The plus side to that is a lot of the base colors are office friendly, so it’s something fun that you can sneak into work. There’s 20something other colors in the collection, including a glitter and flakie.

I attempted to take a video of the color change, but bear with me. One, glare was making my focus do crazy things, and two, I did it on day 4, so there’s a little bit of wear. Still, wanted you to get an idea of the change! Just watch it on mute because it was windy :/

I grabbed Mel a bottle of Horizon which I will be handing over to her when we have dinner together for my bday weekend trip back to MD (yyaayy!) so be on the look out for her review soon!! Hope she’s as pleased as I was 🙂


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