Butter London- Trustafarian

Butter London’s Trustafarian is not a Melissa color.  At least not typically.  But the more I saw swatches of it, the more I wanted it. I felt like it would be subtle enough that I could still wear it in the office and not be concerned about professionalism.  So I picked it up during the Ulta BOGOFREE sale last week. I’m so glad I did! I absolutely loved this polish and wore it for 4 days, which is a rarity in my world. The formula is a bit thin so I went with 3 thin coats for complete coverage. I really like the slightly pistachio color of this polish. It’s unique, and I got a lot of compliments on it. Especially when I was out in the sun. The holo qualities of Trustafarian are really subtle and my nails just sparkled. Removal was super easy, but there was a bit of shimmer left behind on my fingers. Let’s just say I temporarily resembled a Cullen. But I can’t wait to wear this again!

Trustafarian is part of Butter London’s Fall 2012 collection. You can pick it up on Butter London’s website, as well as Ulta, Ricky’s, Nordstrom’s and other sites. They retail for $14.

Click for more pics!

In yesterday’s post, Jess mentioned Milani’s Hi-Tech would be a good drugstore alternative for Trustafarian. It’s a bit more yellow than Trustafarian, but definitely a good alternative if $14 is a little too steep for your wallet. Of all my Butter London polishes, Saucy Jack is the only one I’ve paid full price for, and it’s one of my most favorite polishes of all time. Otherwise, $14 is too expensive for me as well!! I’m a baller on a budget, especially as I am working on saving up to move to downtown DC and I’m tracking every penny I spend. But I can definitely endorse spending your hard earned pennies on this polish!!

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