Taxi Cab Nails: with Cover Bands – Sticks and Stones

I’ve been sick as a dog this week, which mainly means being curled up watching Netflix and painting my nails trying not to sound like I’m dying of consumption (I know, I’m starting off on a real upper!). But that meant I had time to sit around and think about what to start back on the blog with and I decided on doing a taxi themed mani! Something a little New York, even though I usually am more likely to be cheap and take the subway or call up a gypsy cab… Anyway!

I am in love with Sticks and Stones. I probably use it at least 3 times a month, and I always get rave comments when I wear it. The yellow I used is some random bottle I picked up at a beauty store on Flatbush, but it’s probably my favorite yellow ever. The brand is called “NK Nail Enamel” and the color is Amarillo. Formula is amazing; a two coater for coverage, but no hassle at all! and it’s YELLOW, not a neon yellow or a yellow leaning red or white. Why are good yellows so hard to find? haha. If I can find it again, it’s going to end up in Mel’s next care package.

Overall, I think I hit pretty close to my inspiration, don’t you?

I’m not sure where NK – Amarillo can be found, but Sticks and Stones can purchased at for $9. (expect to see it a few more times on here!) She also has the great feature where you can get email notifications for restocks, so sign up to keep tabs on it if you can’t score it immediately!


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  1. Yay for yellow polish!!

    I love sticks and stones, but as I have P&P Valentino, I don’t really feel like I can justify purchasing this, with my new vow to be fiscally responsible *she says as she is planning a trip to Ulta in 2 hours*

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