We’re Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!


So it’s been 6 months since life creeped up on us, and we took a little breather from The Varnish Clique. Jess and I were talking last week about how we missed it, and how we felt things had settled down enough that we thought we could pick back up again. We’ve spent the past two weeks working on a design overhaul and discussing how we wanted to run the blog this time around. We’ve got that all hammered out and we are happy to announce we are back up and running!

In the meantime, here’s what we’ve been up to!

Melissa: I’ve been working. And traveling. I went to England in April for a friend’s wedding, and Montreal in August for a DC United. And I’m currently prepping for Antigua for 9 days in October. Phew! I’ve been hanging out with friends, going to DC United games, and just having a good time in general. I’ve also been spending time clearing out junk in my apartment and downsizing in anticipation for a move downtown in the spring. And the biggest thing I’ve been doing is eBaying! I’ve been working on paying down my debt, and part of that is selling stuff I’m not using or don’t have a need or room for. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, yes? I’ve still been painting my nails though, and have gotten several friends more into it as well. Every time I see them, they check out my manicure, or ask for advice. I’ve really enjoyed helping them out. I’ve also gotten back into my personal blog, Made In The 80s! I started posting polish reviews there, so I figured I could manage doing it here too. I’m excited to be back!

Jessica: I’ve been soaking up the good life in NYC! haha. But really, I’ve been working, and exploring, and making some fantastic friendships; basically settling into my life up here. I moved out of my old place, into a new apartment, with a month-long stay at Brighton Beach in between. I’ve spent some quality time nesting in the new place, but managed to squeeze in some BBQ’s, concerts, sight-seeing, shopping, and quality time with my NY loves this summer as well. Even made it back home for a couple of weekends, and introduced my parents to their granddog, finally. My nails have been a little adventuresome as well; I caved and went through a brief acrylics phase, but now I’m back to au naturale. My polish stash has been expanding, despite my constant promise to myself of restraint, but on the bright side I’m excited to put my lack of self-control back to work for the blog!

We hope you are as glad to see us back as we are to be back! We’ve got some great polish and some great stories to share 🙂 Let us know what you think of the updated VC pages and don’t forget we’re always on Twitter!

xoxo Mel & Jess



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I am awesomesauce. Just ask anyone who's met me.

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