China Glaze- Dress Me Up w/ Essie- A Cut Above

I have many mixed feelings about this manicure. Dress Me Up was one of the colors from the Colours From The Capitol collection I was most excited about, a brownish rose color that’s right up my street in terms of an office friendly polish. And A Cut Above was second to last on the list of polishes I would buy from the Luxeffects collection (after its silver glitter sister). However, I’m left unsure on how I feel about DMU on its own, but really like it with ACA. So much so that I needed a reminder from Gina about how much of a PITA it is to remove glitter to keep from doing a full mani with ACA.

Dress Me Up is a brownish leaning rose-pink creme. I rarely say this, but I found this formula to be frustrating. It’s runny and takes a lot of patience to apply to the nail. Because it pooled in the crevices, cleanup also took longer. I like the color on my skin tone, and it is definitely an office appropriate color. This is two coats.

I added A Cut Above after looking at DMU on its own for an hour or so. I never would have bought this glitter myself, but I was surprised to find myself semi-excited to get this bottle in my March Teen Vogue Birchbox. I decided to test an accent nail, and found I really liked the combination! It’s just the right touch of sparkle to a neutral color. It’s a rose-pink hex and microglitter in a clear base. What I like about this glitter is the base is thick enough that it doesn’t have a lot of texture. One coat of Seche Vite was enough to smooth this glitter out. I am now excited to try this glitter with a bunch of other base colors, and will probably attempt a marshmallow mani with it in the near future.

Hit the jump for a few more photos of this combo!


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  1. Hello, I was reading this post and seen where you hesitated to do a full mani with ACA cause its a pain to get glitter nail polish off. Am not sure if your aware of the way to remove glitter without the hassle going around online. If not its quite simple, I’ve bought easily 10 more glitter polishes cause this way of removal is easy. All you do is take 5 cotton rounds, cut all in half to make 10. Cut 10 square pieces of foil (2x2in works for me). Now what you do is start with one hand, take a half a cotton round, soak it in remover and place it on top of your nail and immediately cover with a piece of foil and squeeze tightly to where the cotton round is covered and no air can get in (to evaporate the remover) then move on to next nail. When your done with one hand, wait a generous 5 mins, then twist and remove the foil/cotton round off your finger. If you waited long enough, it should come off in one swipe, if not you’ll have just a few flakes left so just take the used cotton round out of the foil and use that to wipe the nail again, the remaining glitter will come off way easier. Once done, move to next hand. I hope you try this cause it works and I happen to love your manis and wanna see MOREEEEE 🙂 if you’ve tried this, plz forgive me for budging in but I always try and pass this technique along cause I myself am grateful for it. :). Good Luck.

  2. Super cute, and loving the party nail.

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