Mattese Elite – Baise Moi (still drooling over this mani!!)

Blog readers, I’ve been holding out on you. I want to say I’m sorry, but I’d like to think it’s a good thing on this one (and, you know, not just work/travel/life insanity haha). I’ve been holding out on this OH MY VARNISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GLITTER EXPLOSION from Mattese Elite. With all the spring collections that have hit, I hope my delay in posting makes you remember to add this to your list, especially if you are a glitter / happy birthday dupe hoarder like me 😉

Baise Moi is part of the Me Amour collection released in February from Mattese Elite. It’s a multi-sized multi-colored glitter that is super fantabulous. This is one coat over one of Mattese Elite’s new core collection colors Cream Me Up. I was torn between trying both colors the night I put it on, so I decided to rock them together and was BEYOND pleased with the results. The light color of Cream Me Up really made Baise Moi pop. Seriously, this was the mani that I was most sad about having to change during my Feb Mani-a-day challenge. I even wore it into work, profesh colors be darned, I was rocking a party on my nails haha. Pictured is one coat, and on the grand scale of layering glitters, it was really easy to get it how/where I wanted it. It also wasn’t much of a top coat eater, I did two coats of Seche Vite and was pleased with the smoothness. I know, this review is full of corny and non-dictionary superlatives but I really do love this polish. It may be the crown jewel of my multi glitter / happy birthday dupe collection. Cream Me Up is awesome as well, but I will show it in it’s full glory on another post. (side note: I’ve been falling in love with a lot of nudes lately… may have to challenge myself to finish my “favorite nude” polish quest for this blog and do a top 5 post soon!)

I do apologize for the slightly awkwardly cropped photos though, I um, had a minor incident of “crafting gone wrong” that involved lighting acetone on fire and consequently am trying to crop out the gross burns I got on my hand :/ Just appreciate the pretty polish, haha, my hands are nearly healed, no need to worry about me!

Since this was a polish I used during the challenge, I had to update it after one day of wear, so hit the jump to see it Marshmallowed!!

It really took on a whole different feel this way, but I still loved it. Made me crave Funfetti cake all day, but there’s really nothing wrong with that! haha.

Mattese Elite – Baise Moi and the Me Amour collection can be found in Ricky’s stores or online at while the collection is out, Mattese Elite – Cream Me Up is a new addition to their permanent line and should be around for a while!


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