Mattese Elite- Je T’Aime & Je T’Adore

Today I wanted to share 2 of the new shades from Mattese Elite’s new collection, Me Amour. I’m posting them together, rather than giving them each their own post like we usually we do, because I think they compliment each other really well.

Je T’Adore is a very basic nude color, which a really subtle shimmer. It’s so unfortunate that it gives me mannequin hands because as one who rocks nude shades a lot this would have been a really nice addition to my collection. that’s not to say that it’s not a great polish for one who was gifted with the right skin tone to pull this polish off. Per usual for a Ricky’s polish, the formula was pretty fantastic. 2 coats for full opacity and it goes on smooth and with out brush strokes. This is a really classy looking polish, something one would wear for a highly formal event.

Je T’Aime is an “iridescent Molten glitter,” which is a much more apt description than I could ever come up with! The silver and gold glitter will pair nicely with colors in the brown/taupe family, something I haven’t had much luck with. It applies really well for a glitter of its size and doesn’t eat top coat. I’m showing y’all a picture with flash, as well as a slightly unfocused natural light photo so you can get an idea of the true effect of the holo glitter. I thought this looked really pretty together.

I know Jess made it her mission in life to own this entire collection, so I shipped these two up to her earlier this week. Do NOT get the wrong idea, they are both great polishes, I just don’t think they work well with my Casper skin tone. So I think it’s better that they go to a good home where they will get a lot of use!  You can pick up the Me Amour collection at any Ricky’s NYC store, or online at for $5.99.


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  1. the glitter is gorg!!

  2. I love it with the glitter! Great combo!!

    • Thanks! I’ve seen 2 glitters recently that go with polishes in the brown family, this being one of them. I’ll be reviewing the other soon!

    • Thank you 🙂 I don’t usually like reviewing them together, but I was like “these look amazing together!”

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