A Polish A Day Keeps the Doctor Away?

Probably not!! But it was a great idea by Jess to do this challenge, and we’re really proud of ourselves for making it this far. Us I’ve gotten rid of several of the polishes used because I finally realized I hated them! You will notice some of the polishes showing up twice, and that’s because we decided adding an unused glitter/flakie on top of the previous day’s mani qualified. Sometimes life happens, and sometimes you just want to come home from work, get in your jams, and watch Smash!.

Jess shared some of her swatches last night, so I wanted to share some of mine. Can you tell I’ve got a new photo collage app? We’ll have reviews coming soon. I don’t know about Jess’ ambitious “Post a Day” plan, but there will indeed be a leeeeeeeeeetle more action around here on the posting front. Plus my Colours From The Capitol polishes shipped today, so I plan on swatching those babies this weekend and having them up next week!!




And don’t forget the blog sale! The link is at the top of the page by our names.


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