Happy Valentine’s Day!

So, I wouldn’t exactly call Valentine’s Day my favorite holiday, but we all know I love any excuse to do some nail art. I also happened to score the very appropriately named Revlon – Lovestruck (appropriately named for both the color and the holiday!) when Mel and I went to the Cosmetics Market during her visit to NYC. It’s such a dusty gorgeous color, subtle but amazing. The shimmer in it along with how well it complimented my skintone made me really really happy.

The nail art really popped on it too since it was a nice muted color. I will say however that hearts are not my nail art bff. I think I’m just too much of a perfectionist about them. (Actually, thinking about it, I’m that way with drawing them too… maybe I’m just ocd about hearts. Add that to my list of idiosyncrasies haha.) But over all I really loved how this turned out 🙂 I see me getting a lot of use out of this color, so I may have to go back and grab a back up.

This shot better shows the color, even though the glare hit my nail art weird.

Hope everyone has a great day, and don’t forget chocolate goes on sale tomorrow 😉



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