L’Oreal – Because You’re Worth It

Basic rundown of why I had to have this color: 1) the name; I’m a hair dye junkie as well as a nail polish addict, so I’ve been using L’Oreal products forever, and having the name in my collection made me ridiculously happy. 2) We’re big fans of L’Oreal polishes here at the Clique, and have been super excited about seeing all the new colors they have been releasing. 3) It was a metallic that I could.not.put.down. Massive rarity for me; Mel’s the metallic girl in this group, I tend to just assume it’s going to be streaky and make me sad, but something about this color made me not even consider that fear. And that was all before I even put the color on my nails!

When I put this polish on this past Monday I had no real intention of giving it a longevity test, but work was crazy exhausting this week, and it was still on by the time Friday night rolled around. I think wearing it for so long is what really sold me on this polish. Yes, it wore amazingly, the claim on the display that it’s a long wear polish (actually claims 10 day, I only rocked it for 5) is no lie. Little tip wear, but not a single chip.  But it was how much the color still caught my eye after that many days that really impressed me. Golds are notoriously hard to match to skin colors; some are too flashy, some too yellow, the list goes on. The muted, almost creamy finish to this gold and the fact that it’s a little more browned made it really flattering. It’s also a really nice work appropriate shade that didn’t make me feel like I had to give up fun in the office. Even at the end of the week I was looking at my nails with a quiet “oh my varnish” in the back of my mind. Only downside, which is a manageable one, is that being a metallic shade, it will show imperfections in your nails. It didn’t streak on me though, so having to buff a few nails didn’t bother me! I used two coats over Orly – Nail Armor and sealed it all with Seche Vite. Over all opinion: I think it’s a quality addition to any polish stash.  Totally lived up to all my reasons for buying it!!

Mel had sent me a nail care package and I had been dying to try out Wet N Wild – 24 Carat, so I did one coat of that on my ring finger as an accent nail. It really matched the color of BYWI well, adding a subtle glitter fix to it. I will admit though, this was one case where I wasn’t always drawn to my accent nail first. It was the whole mani that would catch my attention, speaking volumes to the wonders of BYWI!!

There are a couple more colors in the display that I found this in that were pretty too. The Color Riche line is $2 with Flex card at Duane Reade this week, an even better excuse to grab them! These are all colors from the core collection too, so be on the lookout for the full display!


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