Studio M – Neon Caution

This is the gloriousness that I woke up to yesterday 😀 My first NY snow day!! Loves it. Also love that fact that my newest flatmate, Katie, and I had a mini mani party Friday night and I decided to rock Studio M – Neon Caution as my “it’s the weekend and I can get away with anything” color haha. I’ve had this color in my stash since last summer, and used it a couple of times (without posting… oops…). I had initially planned to use a flakie over it, but Katie helped talk me out of it. Glad she did, it’s got so much wow factor on it’s own! I had done it matte and with nail art before, so I was glad she got me to use it on it’s own. Was a nice flashy touch on a snowy weekend.

The formula is great, especially for a yellow. 2 coater, and while I’ll probably thin it out a little next time I use it, that’s for personal preference. It wasn’t hard to manage as is. I will admit it doesn’t wear as well as some of my other polishes, but for the occasional one to two day eye catching mani, it’s a good choice. Yellow is a big color for this spring, so I foresee getting lots of weekend use out of it. I’ll need to pick up a back-up next time I’m in MI!! And maybe one for Mel, since she’s been tweeting about her lust for the perfect yellow 😉 Studio M is a Meijer’s brand polish, so if you’re lucky enough to live in a state with Meijers, I highly suggest picking this up.


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  1. this would look fantastical on my toes!

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