Revlon – Starry Pink (now released as Popular) gets Color Club – Orna-Minted!

When Starry Pink was first released, I think all three of us were excited. Then we put it on and were all a little mehhh. Mel did the first write up, here, and we both wondered if using it as a top layer over something else would make it more user friendly.

revlon - popular nail polish swatch swatching mani manicure

Well, the answer to that is yes, at least when it comes to formula. I layered it over two coats of Sinful Colors – Easy Going and it worked much better as a top coat. The glitter was easier to maneuver and it made it a normal thickness on my nail instead of the 3-4 coats of goopy thickness it was on it’s own. However, still not sold on the color. The shade is just nqr on my skintone. Since it’s original release, it’s been renamed as Popular and is out in the new Revlon displays that include all sorts of other goodies like Whimsical, Stunning and Naughty. All colors the Clique LOVESSSS.

To jazz it up a little, and because I felt like smelling minty fresh all day, I did an accent nail with Color Club – Orna-Minted. Loved the pop it gave to my ring finger and how it brought out the silver on my other nails too! I loovveeeee the smell of Orna-Minted. It’s a perfect mint smell, and a perfectly proportioned smell. It’s not over powering like some scented nail polishes I’ve tried, and it doesn’t fade super fast either. Lasted through my whole work day 🙂 Also, added relatively scientific bonus? Spearmint is an aphrodisiac, and this def has some spearmint scent mixed in 😉 I didn’t get to use that particular bonus, but hey, maybe one of you will get the chance to haha.


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  1. I do like this pink is this from the same range as whimsical?

  2. It took me awhile to find Whimsical, but I got the last one Kmart had! It’s popping up at Meijer now too and Ulta also has the full display (though they were all sold out of Whimsical). How pretty are the colors on that display? I still have a few more to pick up!

  3. I’ve been looking for Whimsical, but when in Ulta a couple of weeks ago I saw this and wondered if they were released as a small collection or something. I’ve tried looking Popular up on other blogs or google it, but had no luck because of the name. I went back today and bought it b/c I only saw 2 left and knew I would regret not getting it lol. Excited to try it out for spring.

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