Mattese Elite – Gold Glitter (and Blue Star) + Times Square = A Spectacular NYE

So, life since I moved to NYC has been a bit of a whirlwind, although most of it hasn’t been city livin’ related. I’ve been traveling to MD and MI to get my stuff, trying to organize my room, and settling into my job. Moving is hard work y’all!

BUTTTT all that craziness made my NYE weekend extra super special 🙂 One of my girlfriends from MD came up for the celebrations and scored us vip passes (read: we had an FBI escort, it.was.awesome. And only slightly ego inflating haha) to the Times Square festivities, and it was just an all around fantastic weekend. Of COURSE we had to have amazing manis for the night! So we busted out some Mattese Elite and had a mani party before we hit the town.

I rocked Mattese Elite – Gold Glitter, which is sheer amazingness. It does take a couple coats to get full coverage, 2-3 depending on how much patience you have moving the glitter, but with it being gold, small gaps only show up under a microscopic view. (I will admit in the photos below the cut that in my rush to get ready, it got pushed back on the tips a bit. Didn’t realize it until the photos though) Also, it could work as a top coat too! It’s a clear base with gold hex glitter and holo flecks. I’ve worn it several times since picking it up, and my roomie even added it to her lemming list. The holo flecks really add dimension and movement to the gold glitter; it makes the glitter dazzling. It’s been a while since I had a “OH MY VARNISH” glitter come into my life, this one certainly fits the bill! If you are a glitter lover, this should be on your wish list.

Tori had brought a polish with her, but seeing as she wanted little monster worthy paws to put up when Gaga came on, I let her raid my stash for something fun. She grabbed the new Mattese Elite – Blue Star crackle; her good taste is one of the many reasons we’re best friends haha. I suggested she put Funky Fingers – Sand and Stilettos underneath it, and when she said on the subway for the 5th time that she couldn’t stop staring at her nails, I knew we had chosen well 😉 Blue Star was one of the new ME crackles released in December and I had played with it a few times before doing Tori’s nails. It’s honestly one of the best crackles I’ve ever used. It’s super easy to put on; you can even play a bit if you want thin or thick coverage, both ways it will crack! It’s also just a unique color for a crackle, the gold microflecks in it make me stare at the bottle, let alone when it’s on a mani 😛

If you need a little vicarious NYC living, hit the jump for a gallery of my fave NYE pics as well as some shots of the Mattese Elite – Blue Star bottle and Mattese Elite – Gold Glitter in various lighting!



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