NEW! Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Greige™ Gardens

I took my Grandma on a shopping trip to Walmart today, like the good granddaughter that I am, and found this beauty. Because I always go look at the Complete Salon Manicure display in any store to see if some polish I don’t have and might want, I did a stroll by the polish aisle while we were grocery shopping. Boy, am I glad I did. I spotted Greige™ Gardens, and snatched it up IMMEDIATELY. I even did a quick Google image search to see if there were any swatches, and their weren’t, which meant I had a BRAND NEW CSM color on my hands. Also, I have no idea why Greige is ™ but it’s that way on the label. And I assume the name is a nod to the Grey Gardens documentary, or HBO Movie about the making of the documentary.  Anywho, the color is absolutely gorgeous, and the formula is fanfreakingtastic. GG is a two coat grey jelly-creme with a purple tint. I love it. It’s cool enough to be a winter neutral, but light enough to be a spring color. It’s a little less purple to the eye than in the picture above, but it’s MORE purple than in the picture below the jump. 

Because I can’t leave well enough alone, I added a rebel nail of Revlon- Whimsical. You may remember a few weeks ago when I tried it over Fashionista and was really questioning my life choices. Basically, it has been determined and made a Lacquer Law that Whimsical should be layered over a lighter color, such as a blue or purple. This looks incredibly similar to Sandy’s Whimsical mani in picture, but not so much in real life. You’ll see below that w/o flash, it’s definitely a grayish polish. But not so gray that Whimsical looks weird over it.

Complete Salon Manicure polishes are sold… pretty much everywhere. As I said, this is a brand new polish and I picked up a bottle at Walmart for $6.48. It looks a little similar to Commander in Chic, but I don’t have that polish to do a comparison…. GO BUY IT ANYWAY.


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  1. @leighelizabethd

    OMG!! Love, love, love it! I wish my Walmart had this color! I LOVE CSM! They are my FAV polishes!!!!!!!

    • Haha, I cannot tell you how fast I had it in my shopping cart. Like I said, I found it randomly, so check every so often!

  2. Saw this in Duane Reade week before last, didn’t realize it was new!!! it was in a whole display, I’ll take pics when I go back on Thurs!!

    • It’s definitely new. There isn’t a sticker on the bottle, but there was a label on the display. Plus there aren’t any swatches online, so it’s gotta be pretty fresh!

  3. Oddly enough, because of cashier error at Walmart tonight I got this for $1.97. I was buying this and Pure Ice Busted and he charged me the same price as both. Also, Pure Ice Busted looks AMAZING over Greige Gardens.

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