Polished Girlz: Varnish Lovers Doing Good

With Christmas just behind us but the festive giving spirit still in full swing, I’d like to share an organization I’ve recently come across with everyone. I know we can all attest to the joys that nail polish brings to our lives; the countless hours of painting, posting, hunting all for that moment where you realize you’ve been staring at your nails all.day.long. is, put plainly, the rush of the addiction haha. But thanks to the work of one young girl, our love, and our hauls, can be used to bring beauty and a smile to others.

Polished Girlz is an organization that was started in 2010 by then 10 year old Alanna J.Wall to share her love of manicures and nail art with other girls and women, specifically those in hospitals, support groups, chemotherapy centers, dialysis centers, and private referred clients. Added into their mission of beautification, Polished Girlz also teaches about hand washing and infection reduction. I think we should all be in awe of this young girls mission and the fact that in one short year she has enlisted the help of almost 100 volunteers across the United States, won awards from programs like DoSomething.org, begun a partnership with Orly (even releasing their very on Polished Girlz Pink polish!), and MOST IMPORTANTLY brightened and “polished” countless girls lives.

Some of you may have read on this blog that my Aunt is currently fighting cancer, and nail polish became something that really brightened our time together. Doing her nails helped her feel a little brighter and more feminine while going through chemotherapy, and watching me do my nails in crazy colors and designs brought some pretty big smiles and laughs too. I love the fact that Alanna and Polished Girlz are doing this on a much larger scale because I know how much a little bit of polish can make a difference in someone’s day.

If you read below the jump, I’m including contact information for them; their website, blog  twitter and facebook give some great information on who they are and what they are trying to do too. THEY ARE LOOKING FOR VOLUNTEERS AND DONATIONS!!!! I know you all have polishes in your stash that just sit in the bottle looking pretty but never come off the shelf or out of the melmer, so hit the jump to find out where you can send them (and what they are looking for) to help out a great cause. They’ve already got plans rolling for January with plenty of volunteer opportunities too.

This is what I'm sending 😀

Also, be sure to check them out as they get more press and partnerships! For the month of January Polished Girlz will be featured on Selena Gomez’s site as a “Do Gooder”!! We’ll help you keep tabs on them too of course 😉 Welcome to the Clique, Girlz! We’re glad we found ya!!

WHAT TO DONATE: “We use regular polish on our kids with special needs and we have to use new product on the children at the hospital. We are not picky on colors because we add glitter and art and stickers so the kids love it all. You would be surprised how many little one choose black with sparkle, which to many moms surprise comes out looking just as girlie as pink!”

WHERE TO DONATE: “Our address for donations is 1551 Cornell Dr Dayton Ohio 45406 and we are so very grateful.”
THE ORLY PARTNERSHIP: ORLY has partnered with Polished Girlz this year to spread Holiday Cheer! Polished Girlz is a non-profit organization dedicated to lifting spirits to special needs clients in hospitals for girls who don’t feel so “polished,” along with spreading the word on hand washing and infection reduction.”
http://www.polishedgirlz.org for more information ❤

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