Sally Hansen Salon Effects- Snow Bunny

Shocking discovery of the century, these work better when your nails a bit longer and past the tips of your fingers. You may remember with my last attempt at SEs, I was complaining about it feeling weird having the tips wrapped and the excess shoved up under my nails. Well wouldn’t you know, when your nails are a little bit longer, this issue disappears. You may also be wondering why you’re getting a picture of my left hand? It’s because I messed up my index finger nail, and just because I have to look at it does not mean that YOU have to! Much as I expected, practice makes perfect and my second time applying Salon Effects was much easier than my first. You sort of learn little tricks that work for you. Like I barely use the nail file that’s included in the set and trim excess with nail scissors. And don’t use Orly- Bonder as a base coat as it’s slightly sticky, making cuticle alignment and placement a bit tricky. For reference, I used a coat of Orly- Bonder as a base coat, and no top coat.

I absolutely LOVE the Snow Bunny pattern, so I’m really pleased I only needed to use one of the two packets of nail strips included in the box. I can either save these for next year, or wear it again a little later in the winter. I love the shiny shimmer effect of these strips. I remember, this was the pattern that seemed to be sold out everywhere, and props to Sandy for spotting a box when we were in a Target together back in October. I’ve waited THIS LONG to wear them because I wanted to save them for Christmas week! I’ve seen them around since then, so they are definitely still available. I may have to pick up another box!! I must confess though, I’ve resisted the urge to file my nails down so I could have them a bit long for this manicure. However, this has resulted in me repeatedly scratching myself this week. So I cannot wait to have my nubbins back if/when I ever take this manicure off!

What polishes do you have on your list? I have Frock Star/Misbehaved/Kitty, Kitty for Salon Effects, as well as several of the new Complete Salon Manicure colors. I gave my mom a really detailed list, and to improve my chances, sent her copies of our DEAL ALERTS posts so she’d know where to shop 🙂 I hope y’all have a great and wonderful holiday!


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    • I agree! I wore it for 4 full days before it started to chip. And in the SE defense, I was pretty rough on my nails over the holiday.

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