Fun with Stamping: LEOPARD PRINT!!

So this is the part of my post where Mel gets really excited, then gets really mad, then kicks herself for not picking up the stamping kit when I got mine haha. (Love you Mel!) She’s been lemming over a leopard print konad plate for a while now… and I didn’t actually realize I had one until like 2 days ago. Oops. But when I realized I had it, I decided to try for a “work friendly” leopard print mani. I’ve been trying REALLY HARD for the past few weeks to abide by typical office standards for my nails, but sometimes, a girl’s just gotta get a little creative 😉

I decided on a compromise, I’d go for work friendly colors and try to create a more subtle print. I used Claw Polish – Phantom for the base, doing 2 coats and then using my Nail Life Aromotherapy Drop On Polish Dryer to set it. I wore this for a day before adding the stamps, or I probably just would have used a quick dry top coat so that there wasn’t oil between the stamp and the base polish. I also was *gasp* on my last dredges of Seche Vite, so the drying drops bought me a little time before I had to go to the store.  For the print, I used Essie – Lady Like, then sealed it all with Hard Candy – Matte-ly in Love. Up close, you could see the print, but not glaringly. With a little distance, the print wasn’t very noticeable, it just looked like the gray was a little mottled. The matte top coat also softened it up a bit. I really loved the look; it made me stare at it all day, but wouldn’t make everyone in the office do the same. Mission accomplished!!

lighting sucked, but it really showed the pattern

I will make one note about the leopard stamp… you have to be mindful of where you place the pattern. If you hit the same part of the stamp on every nail, it looks too contrived and uniform, not very leopard like. Other than that, it was actually one of the easier stamping experiences I’ve had. The print was good for hiding minor errors 😉


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    Im actually going to stop and get one today, after my movie!

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