Some Rockefeller Glitz: Milani – Red Sparkle and NYX Girls – Gilded Glitter

It’s Christmas time in the cityyyyy… New York to be precise, and I thought I should do a little exploring. To get in the spirit before I went out wandering, I took a cue from Mel and did a festive mani 🙂  I did one layer of Milani One Coat Glitter – Red Sparkle topped with NYX Girls – Gilded Glitter and a little floral stamping in Sinful Colors – Snow Me White all sealed with Seche Vite. My nails were glittery explosions that went quite well with all the holiday sparkle 🙂 I love Milani One Coat Glitters because they ABSOLUTELY live up to their names. They also aren’t total top coat eaters! Gilded Glitter really added a little pop to it too. It’s a great layering glitter, no need to fuss with where flecks end up being placed and I love the effect. I’ll have to share it again soon on a mani that highlights it; in this instance it really made the red glitter pop because of how it caught the light, but it didn’t stand out too much on it’s own. Despite me being lazy and not doing a basecoat (didn’t think I’d end up wearing it to work… glad the “festive” clause worked in my favor 😉 ) it wore like iron and lasted three full days with minimal wear, mainly just the tip area.

Now, my “nail adventure” pics that had my nails in them turned out like crap, buttt that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna share some NY Christmas magic 😉 Here’s a few pics from my holiday explorations! Enjoy!


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  1. It looks like pointsettas!!!

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