Lush – Handy Gurugu

After my love affair with Helping Hands and Lemony Flutter, I thought the next logical step was to continue completing my collection of Lush hand care. I mean, it’s totally logical, not just addict justification.  When I went in to get my hair dyed (Lush’s Caca Rouge – 3wks STILL red. L-O-V-E! but I digress…) I got a sample of Handy Gurugu from Sarah, my favorite sales girl. I’m so glad I was logical and decided I needed the whole collection! Plus, since I sold Mel on Helping Hands formula but not smell, I now have a back up suggestion for her 😉

Mel’s issue with HH wasn’t the initial smell, but the after-smell (like after-taste, but a smell, if you follow me). I think she’ll be pleased with Handy Gurugu. It’s a different kind of smell, one I have yet to completely be able to describe; a little earthy, a little crisp, a clean smell with a subtle something extra. I also happen to think the smell fades faster from Handy Gurugu than Helping Hands, which depending on your preference could be a plus. Efficacy is pretty much the same top quality level. There’s an instant quenching feeling, a prolonged level of softness and used over time some serious damage control for beat up hands. The formula is another one of Lush’s “less is more”; they tend to not dilute their stuff unnecessarily, so you have to adjust to how much you actually need of things. Start with a small amount and build up; on your hands it thins out a bit and can easily be moved over the whole hand, so it’s better to have to add a little more to spots than to gob it on and then be greasy from user error. Their website says it’s their thickest hand creme, but I think that it soaks in faster for me than HH if used in a good proportion, and that makes it my “on the go” hand lotion. I’ve been using my sample size as a “always in my purse” lotion and at 3 weeks of using it at least once a day, I’m only half done with it if that gives you a better idea of how little you need to get results.

I think the average person isn’t going to be a gotta-catch-them-all fiend about it, so between Handy Gurugu and Helping Hands I’d say choose between which scent fits you more. And test it out! Sometimes, like with Mel, you don’t know how you think of a scent or formula until you do a real wearability test. Thankfully Lush will give you an in store hand treatment to show you all the products and if you bat your eyelashes just right you can get a sample of this too to try out for a bit before you buy. Although if you’re anything like me, you’ll be more than pleased to just grab and go! Haha 😉


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