Lush – Helping Hands

I’ve been on the hunt since last summer when we started the blog for an awesome hand creme. Back then it was because I was working at an Oncologist’s office doing my phlebotomy externship and washing my hands with ridiculous frequency, but as fall came around I still wanted something that would make my hands feel happy and healthy (and look great for photos on here haha). Once I discovered Lush, Helping Hands was high on my want list, and it definitely fulfilled my hand lotion desires. It’s a lavender and chamomile scented hand creme, although after a few minutes you mainly smell the chamomile. It does take a few minutes to really soak in, but I mean that in how it takes a little to feel like it’s fully in your skin. Pretty much as soon as you rub it in, you lose the greasiness that would transfer to things you touch, but it feels like it’s just on your skin not in your skin for a few minutes. One good finger swipe will cover both your hands, keep in mind. My hands have been so much happier since I started using this; nice and soft and healthy. I even recommended this to Mel, who liked the formula but the smell wasn’t quite her thing. Thankfully, Lush also has Handy Gurugu which is another awesome hand  creme with a very different smell.  Look out for that review tomorrow (and the eventual tweet from Mel that she had a Lush attack and bought it haha)


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