Mattese Elite Crackalacquer – Deep Purple

1 coat Seche Rebuild
3 coats Mattese Elite – Intoxicating (magenta shimmer)
2 coats Mattese Elite – Passion (glitter)
1 coat Gelous
1 coat Seche Vite
1 coat Mattese Elite Crackalacquer – Deep Purple
1 coat Seche Vite

I had a very Mattese Elite Thanksgiving holiday which is why there’s so many layers.  I literally did not have time to do my nails again after I had on Passion. It was an extraordinarily busy holiday, and if I can offer some advice: don’t offer to host Thanksgiving… ever! lol

But Thanksgiving is an awesome holiday and the Ravens were playing that night so adding on this deep PURPLE Crackalacquer on top of the many layers I had seemed logical.  Honestly, even though there are so many layers, it didn’t really feel abnormally heavy or thick.

I know the crackle polish trend is heading south, but if your nail polish is chipping and you don’t have time for a full manicure, buck the trend and slap on some crackalcquer!  The effect is always cool. Seriously, how does it work?!?  How does it separate and make your nails look like a dinosaur egg?!!  lol  I actually love how this polish didn’t crackle toooo much so it looked like a solid purple with a hint of glitter peeking out in some angles.

My favorite thing to layer under any crackle polish is glitter, of course.  Mattese Elite just came out with some good ones *wink*  😉  Crackling with this polish requires a medium thick coat, and after a few minutes like magic, it crackles.  The crackle itself dries matte so a shiny top coat is a must on top of it all. 🙂

Deep Purple Crackalacquer is new crackle polish by Mattese Elite.  You can pick up Mattese Elite online, or at any Ricky’s NYC location for $5.99.


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  1. I’m really liking this with the glitter. May try with some of my crackles.

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