Lush – Lemony Flutter

Readers, I have a confession to make. I’ve semi-recently discovered an addiction that rivals my varnish one, and that addiction is all things Lush. My bathroom has basically become a mini shrine to the store. So let me take you back to where my addiction began: Lemony Flutter.

I guess it could be argued that my love of Lush is a tangent of my love of nail polish, seeing as that’s what led me to love Lush was testing out Lemony Flutter. It’s pretty much my cuticles best friend. Considering I beat the hell outta my fingers with straight acetone every other if not every day, they need a best friend. And with it in my arsenal, I’m not worried about my claws surviving the winter months which tend to wreak havoc on everyone’s hands. Lemony Flutter is a super thick, super rich, super luxurious cuticle creme. It soaks in like a dream and has a sunny lemony scent (didn’t see that one coming did ya? haha). I love this product, and like Mel, I take it e.v.e.r.y.where with me. I even asked the girl at Lush the last time I went in for an empty sample container so I could have a mini portable stash. (yeah, Lush gives samples, so you have no excuse not to try this stuff!!) It only takes a LITTLE bit to do wonders. Seriously, just a touch of the stuff is enough. The few reviews I’ve seen of it saying it’s greasy are probably people who gobbed it on like hand lotion; there’s a reason they call it cuticle butter people. It’s super rich and thick so that it thoroughly saturates and conditions your cuticle area.  This also means that the tub of it will last you amazingly long.  I use it 2-3 times a day, and I’ve barely made a dent in mine. Also works great for those tough areas on your feet. Before bed, rub some in and throw on a pair of socks. Thank me in the morning 😉

I would also like to point out that this is a NATURAL product 🙂 I know, you could say I’m silly for caring about that when I use such colorful chemicals on my nails haha, but part of my love of Lush is that I have temperamental skin and Lush makes me look and feel fabulous. And I feel like it’s my way to say sorry for the “beauty is pain” ritual I put my hands through on a regular basis. I’ve also been using Hand Gurugu and Helping Hands lotions from Lush as a whole hand regimen, so I’ll review those for you guys in the coming days as well!

❤ Jess




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  1. Seriously, I had to go fake “wanting to try it” so I could get a sample size. I do slather it on, but only before bed. It’s all soaked in by the time I wake up. Any other time, just a dab!

    The lady at “My Lush” said it’s also great for elbows.

    Can’t wait for the review on Hand Gurugu, thinking I might pick some up this weekend (payday!!)

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