We’re Making Our Lists… And Checking Them TWICE!

IT’S A DOUBLED UP GIVEAWAY!!! What better time than the holiday season to thank all of our lovely readers (and twitter followers!!) with a giveaway! And, to make it even more exciting and festive, there will be TWO winners!!

We’re a young blog, but our readers have made it so much more fun than when we were just sharing with each other. So we’re giving you all a chance at some holiday goodies, Varnish Clique style. To honor our followers that have been with us through it all, from theme weeks to a minor hiatus, those of you who follow us on twitter, have made comments, and subscribed to our blog* are ALREADY ENTERED for the first set! You’ve been as much a part of the clique as the three of us and we want to thank you for it 😀 Wanna enter for a chance at the second set? Better yet, want to see what we’re giving away?? Hit the jump to unwrap!

Set One: Wet 'N Wild - Jungle Fever, Confetti - Tazmanian Devil, Studio M- Shabby Drab, So Charmed angel nail file

Set Two: Wet 'N Wild - Jungle Fever, Jack O' Varnish moon glitter, Studio M - Alter Ego, So Charmed snowman nail file


1) Comment on any post in our archive, but make it a count! Tell us what you liked, what you’d want to see, or what you thought about the polish if you have it! (Limit 2 entries via comments)

2) Follow us on Twitter and tweet a nail polish commandment or confession!  Add “@varnishclique  #varnishcommandment” or “@varnishclique #varnishconfession” to the END of your tweet and your name will go in the drawing. (You MUST be following to win. One entry for each option, although I may give extra entries for truly stellar tweets ;P I’m trying to make it a llliiitttttlllleeee more fun than your average RT haha.)

Winners will be announced this Sunday with Mel’s deals post, so all entries must be in by MIDNIGHT FRIDAY DECEMBER 9TH!!

It’s just a little thank you to you all, so I hope you have fun with it 😉

❤ The Varnish Clique


*Entries for the first drawing were finalized a 11pm on Dec. 5th


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  1. Jealoussssssss. I wish I could win one of these 😦

    Also, these nail files are my favorite. They do such a good job!

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